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January 11, 2016

'The Problem From Hell': 'Doomsday' Passes Over America Several Times Almost Every Day - Experts Warn: 'There's Nothing We Can Do To Stop It'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Several times almost every day, many times every week, North Korean satellite KMS 3-2 passes over North America and the US. Capable of carrying a hydrogen bomb as detailed in the video below, we can see this satellite's continuous passes over America in the screenshots seen in this story. Called by one expert 'the problem from hell', we see this satellite often sneaking up on America from the south where we're told we're quite vulnerable as that is our 'blind side'. Now, we learn US troops are on highest alert over North Korea.

Flying at approx 300 kilometers, we also learn in this extremely informative video that 300 kilometers is the perfect height for North Korea to release a weapon capable of ending almost all life in America within a year after the weapon is employed. You can track satellite KMS 3-2 at the SATFARE website here to see just how many times this satellite ventures over the US; maybe even right over your house.

Before we discuss the recent 'mysterious' hydrogen bomb test by North Korea that ties right into this, we need to go back in time a bit. Back in 2004, members of the Congressional EMP Commission met with two Russian generals, Russia's top experts on EMP technology. The generals disclosed that Russia had a 'decisive new nuclear weapon', a 'Super EMP warhead'. The generals also disclosed that the design information for this weapon had 'accidentally' been 'leaked' to North Korea.

Ballistic missile defenses (BMD) of the sort that we are half-heartedly pursuing are largely ineffective against an EMP caused by a simple nuclear weapon in a small satellite launched into low- Earth orbit.

One reason for BMD’s lack of effectiveness is that our defensive systems face north and the Russians have admitted to us that they have not only developed, but have passed on to North Koreans, the approach towards launching satellites or missiles called a “fractional orbit bombardment system.” This is simply launching a satellite to the south into orbit instead of on an arcing ballistic trajectory over the North Pole, so the satellite’s first approach comes at the U.S. from the south, and would hit us with a surprise EMP attack from our blindside. The United States has no Ballistic Missile Early Warning Radars or missile interceptors facing south.

Whether it is a ballistic missile targeted on the U.S. and designed to proceed immediately toward a target on land, or is the first orbit of a satellite carrying a weapon able to be detonated whenever the launcher wants, our defensive systems are not focused on such a southern-hemisphere bound launch. Even if they were, how could we tell if a North Korean launch of a small satellite contained a harmless communications package or a small nuclear weapon that could be exploded at any time over the years to come?

This last threat described above is not merely theoretical, but may already be real. North Korea is orbiting its KSM-3 satellite over the United States, regularly passing over the U.S. from our southern blindside, at the optimum trajectory and altitude to place an EMP field over the 48 contiguous United States--if KSM-3 is a small nuclear warhead disguised as a satellite.


According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who you'll hear in eye-opening detail in the video below, the H-bomb recently detonated in a test by North Korea fits well within the requirements of a 'Super EMP', a device that could nearly instantly send America back hundreds of years and wipe out our electrical grid over a huge portion of the country according to this story from the Washington Examiner. In fact, according to Pry, the US is not only totally defenseless against such an attack but North Korea has practiced such EMP attacks against America already.

Dr. Pry previously served on the 'Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack' and his warning to us helps to explain much of the mystery that has surrounded this latest North Korean nuclear test that some experts said was nowhere near powerful enough to have been a hydrogen bomb test. We learn here of a 'different kind' of hydrogen bomb that would indeed have such a 'low yield' as was detected.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened a 'merciless sacred war' against its enemies and as we learn here, a 'Super EMP' weapon would be much more dangerous to the United States than the most powerful H-bomb ever built due to its potential to kill off 90% of the US population - the masses dead through starvation and the collapse of society. Forget a massive bomb that could completely destroy cities; this one could be far more devastating to America.


The video below takes a look at this very real danger and the very real possibility that it may be an EMP strike that brings America to our knees as we nearly instantly lose everything that we daily take for granted each and every day.:

A big H-Bomb could blast New York or Los Angeles into rubble. But an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack could blackout the North American electric grid and all the life sustaining critical infrastructures for months or years, according to the Congressional EMP Commission, killing up to 90 percent of the American people through starvation and societal collapse.   

During their 2004 demarche, the Russian generals warned the EMP Commission that North Korea could develop a Super-EMP nuclear weapon "in a few years." A few years later, in 2006, North Korea conducted its first nuclear test, of a device that looks suspiciously like a Super-EMP weapon. Because the North Korean device had a very low yield, about 3 kilotons, most experts dismissed the nuclear test as a failure, despite claims by North Korea that the device worked as planned.

However, a Super-EMP weapon would have a low-yield, like the North Korean device, because it is not designed to create a big explosion, but to convert its energy into gamma rays, that generate the EMP effect. North Korean overt nuclear tests in 2009, 2013, and now in 2015 all had low yields, in the neighborhood of 3-10 kilotons.

These tests were hailed as successful by North Korea, but dismissed as failures by many in the West, despite warnings from the EMP Commission and others that North Korea is developing a Super-EMP warhead.


(Yes, KMS 3-2 appears to pass directly over All News Pipeline as seen in screenshot above!)

There is a very real possibility that North Korea has now successfully tested 4 times a 'Super EMP' weapon that could be used to kill off 90% of the US population. In the video below we hear directly from expert Dr. Peter Vincent Pry exactly why all Americans should be concerned about this latest development.

Capable of ending life in America as we know it, instantly, imagine life without any running water, without access to food through our automated systems, without access to transportation systems, without access to medical needs, without access to our communication systems, without access to sanitary bathroom conditions. As we learn here, conditions that even the most hardy preppers would consider a challenge. The entire interview is well worth listening but turns to EMP and how this would likely effect America (as well as much of Canada and Mexico we're told) at the 10:45 mark.

If the electric grid goes down for a period longer than emergency backup power is available - as was the case e.g., for some electricity consumers during Hurricane Sandy two years ago - affected electricity consumers aren’t just transported back into the mid-80s, pre-internet. They are, rather, transported back into the 1880s, pre-electricity. Very few of us have enough wells, hand pumps, plow horses, and seed stocks to live in an 1880s world.

The problem is not just that some things wouldn't work. Nothing would work. Not water purification. Not food storage. Not medical care. Not transportation. Nothing. Estimates from the Congressional chartered EMP Commission indicate that those killed by such effects could total, within a year, somewhere between two thirds and 90% of the U.S. population.

Does KMS 3-2 fly over your house? You can find out here. Why so many passes of this satellite capable (when armed with a Super EMP weapon) over North America and particularly the US? Let's pray that Kim Jung Un cares about North Korea and the North Korean people as much as most Americans do about America. The screenshots within this story show passes over the US and North America this week, until Friday, and not all of the passes it makes over the US have been captured.









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