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December 4, 2020

Nationwide Revolt Against Tyranny Has Begun: 'I'm Not An A**hole, The Governor Is' - It Is An Open Rebellion And It Is Glorious To Behold 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While the left spent the last four years screaming "#Resistance, as Antifa groups ran around destroying property, terrorizing citizens, burning buildings and cars and vandalizing everything they could, we see a true grassroots resistance springing up on the right, against the tyranny of over-reaching liberal (includes RINOS) governors and their plans to shut businesses down again, without the rioting  and violence the left has been so fond of lately.

A New York Post piece called it an "open rebellion," and , that is an appropriate description of what we are seeing.

Some of the hardest hit have been restaurant owners, first forced to close totally, then limitations put on how many people they could allow to dine in their establishments, then ordered to just serve outdoor diners, and now those same governors want to do it all over again.

In some states they want to ban outdoor dining again as well, and some businesses owners are standing up and saying "No."

Not just no, but HELL NO.

(New York Post December 4, 2020 Cover)


Starting with Chef Andrew Gruel, Owner of Slapfish seafood restaurants, 27 locations, and frequent judge on Food Network, who decides to offer a video response to those criticizing him for refusing to close his outdoor dining again.

On Thursday, December 3, 2020, CA Governor Gavin Newsom, issued more dictates for certain parts of California, namely a  3 week "Regional Stay-At-Home Order, with a list of businesses he deems essential and can stay open, with limitations of course," and those deemed non-essential in a region where the Regional Stay-At-Home has been announced.

The message with the video stated "My message for all the haters. Please share the logic. Sorry, haven’t had a haircut since March."

At the very end of Gruel's response video, he points out that there is nothing indicative of worsening COVID-19 numbers caused by outdoor dining, so "Screw that, we're staying open, outdoors. It's that simple. I'm not an a**hole, the governor is."

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In Michigan, Dave Morris, the owner of D&R Daily Grind, has already accrued $6,000 in fines ($1,000 a day) for refusing to allow his restaurant to be closed again. 

A local network was covering the story live on-air, when Morris stepped right in and explained clearly why he was staying open, as he encourages everyone to "stand up," stating "Wake up, this is America."

Morris says he received a cease-and-desist letter from Kalamazoo County health department, but he said business was booming so he would be staying open.

“They want me to go down and be quiet and never hear from me again. I am not going to put up with it. It’s time to rise up. Shut it all down or don’t shut any of us down. That’s the only way to get control of a virus,” Morris said.

I love that his customers are being as supportive as they are. 

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In Louisville Kentucky, restaurants are planning to reopen on December 14, at 50% capacity, no matter what they governor decides about extending the closures.

The restaurant owners are banding together after seeing the example of Richard Hayhoe, owner of Beans Cafe and Bakery in Dry Ridge, who refused to shut his restaurant down when the governor ordered it just a week before Thanksgiving.

"Come hungry, come inside," said Hayhoe, the owner of Beans Cafe and Bakery in Dry Ridge, a rural community about 50 miles north of Lexington.

Instead of complying with Beshear’s order, Hayhoe opted to keep his restaurant open, saying the governor’s order was not about public health.

"This is no longer just about health, it is about control," Hayhoe wrote in a social media post.

His social media post shown below:

USA Today reports that dozens of Louisville restaurants announced they will reopen their doors on December 14, regardless of what Beshear does. 

In the very, very, VERY liberal Beverly Hills California, the natives are restless as well. City leaders are demanding L.A. County repeal its ban on outdoor dining. They are even discussing the creation of their own city health department, to bypass the states tyranny.

Via FEE Org.:

Across the United States—from Beverly Hills to Louisville to New York City and beyond—Americans are finally resisting. In doing so, Americans are channeling the tradition of civil disobedience that is part of our DNA and was used by figures ranging from Sam Adams to Henry David Thoreau to Susan B. Anthony and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“This is a form of mass civil disobedience like nothing the country has seen since the 1960s," Riley notes. “Some of it is born of Covid fatigue, to be sure. But the endless parade of politicians flouting their own rules surely has also played a role. It began shortly after the spring lockdowns and if anything has become more commonplace, even farcical.”

People are getting sick and tired of these hypocritical politicians banning dining out, while they dine out themselves (Newsom). They tell people to not travel to see family for Thanksgiving, then jump on a plane to visit their own family (Hancock). They shut down beauty salons, yet are captured on camera in one that was opened just for them (Pelosi).

The list goes on and on and on.

In the next short video, Tucker Carlson has Co-owner of Mac’s Public House, Keith McAlarney on to explain why he is keeping his bar open, and slapped a sign up on the window calling it an "autonomous zone."


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There is page after page of this type of open rebellion occurring from coast to coast, and seeing Americans standing up to the tyranny in both conservative areas and liberal, is a glorious to behold.

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