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April 15, 2019

The Globalists Sinister Agenda Is Working To Perfection - Turning Alpha Men Into Beta Boys Is Leading To Western Civilization's Extinction

- Normal Does Not Exist Anymore And It Is Killing America

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Yet another day where browsing the news has me shaking my head and realizing that "normal" simply doesn't exist anymore. The small group of examples discussed below shows us that if we do not reverse certain trends, human beings are headed for extinction.

(Men's cuddle group aims to 'redefine masculinity')


All this media promoted talk of "toxic masculinity," is producing a nation of pussified men, yes, wimps, betas and outright soy boys, where watching a Star Wars trailer reduces on beta-soy-boy to tears, while others have decided they need men-only cuddle groups to "redefine masculinity."

When I first saw a short and disturbing clip over at Infowars, I thought it had to be a troll, or a parody, but then while searching YouTube for an version to embed I ran across others, from two and three years ago, where grown men thought it was a good idea to video tape and upload clips of themselves literally crying over Star Wars trailers.

Below ladies and gentlemen is the result of years of American men being chemically castrated by chemicals in household products, and the effect of decreasing amounts of testosterone, in conjunction with the attacks on maleness and masculinity.

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Anyone doubting the authenticity of the video above, just go to the YouTube search page from keywords "men crying over Star Wars trailer," and see how many there are... it appears to be a "thing" now, and it is cringe-worthy how many of them there are over the last 4-5 years.

Along with that type of strangeness, we also have been noting talk of another new thing being pushed, where groups of men are gathering for "cuddling" sessions. Via Campus Reform, we see a "Pennsylvania university is promoting the concept of men cuddling as a way to help them deal with stress and "redefine masculinity."

Dr. Christopher Liang, a counseling psychology professor at Lehigh University’s College of Education, recently came out in support of a Philadelphia area “Men‘s Therapeutic Cuddle Group,” a function advertised by Lehigh University in a news release. The page for the group currently has 69 members and the group has held 46 events so far. The meetups are held once every other week.

Organizers have established quite an expansive set of guidelines for attendees. The men attending must be “hygienically sound” and “remain fully clothed at all times.” The group’s organizers state that all cuddling is “non-sexual.” However, they do note that participants may become aroused during cuddling and that if that occurs, it should be treated as a normal thing.

I disagree, if men become "aroused" by cuddling other men, it is not a normal thing unless the men are gay. PERIOD. The description is a perfect example of the LGBT agenda being pushed by the media in an attempt to create a "gender neutral," society, which will guarantee the extinction of the human race.

As I have heard Steve Quayle say on multiple occassions, "normal doesn't exist anymore," because  we are constantly being hammered with the notion that what was normal is bad, and the examples above are the new "normal."

They aren't.

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There is a reason that feminists and their media cohorts continuously attack masculinity, calling it "toxic," and promote a narrative that Beta males are more acceptable to society. Feminists used to only want "equality," but modern day feminists want to rule the world, but in order to do that they have to emasculate the Alpha males and create new generations of soy boys or beta males.

In an excellent article at the Popular Man website, the writer gives an in-depth description of the "Beta Male," as well as detailing the common traits and characteristics, which includes a lack of assertiveness, a follower mentality, being the prototypical 'nice guy,' doesn't understand the dating game, can be needy, whiny, week and sometimes goofy.

The less testosterone a man has, the more those traits tend to show up.

Towards the end of the article, they linked to an older but interesting Forbes piece, which described a study that concluded that "managers who had greater leadership responsibility had higher levels of the hormone testosterone, which stimulates the development of male sex organs and has been shown in numerous studies to be associated with leadership qualities like aggressiveness and risk-taking."

In another Forbes article written on April 15, 2019, we see the traits and characteristics of Alpha males, such as dominance, leadership, strength, confidence, described as "charismatic leaders, who energize those around them with “authoritative strength and passionate motivation."

So, if you are a modern day feminist, not just looking for "equality," but instead wants to be the dominant force, who would you rather compete with, the Beta or the Alpha?

That right there explains this huge push by feminists and their media cohorts to emasculate men, treat their masculinity as "toxic," and turn Alpha men into Beta males.

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While it is almost impossible to completely avoid the chemicals in household items that lower testosterone and increase the estrogen, called Xenoestrogens, there are ways to naturally increase testosterone levels, which include exercising and lifting weights, eating enough protein, fat and carbs, minimizing stress and Cortisol levels, and get plenty of rest. Vitamin D is also known for boosting testosterone levels, either naturally by getting some sunlight, or taking Vitamin D capsules. According to Healthline's "8 Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally," Zinc also boosts testosterone in athletes that show a deficiency. 

Other natural herbs mentioned in that Healthline article are gingerhorny goat weed, Mucuna pruriens, shilajit and tongkat ali.


My bottom line is a message to the men out there.  Ignore the "masculine toxicity" rhetoric. Research Xenoestrogens and avoid as many of those products as you can. Boost your testosterone with natural supplements and exercise and proper rest. Don't let feminists or the media emasculate you.

BE MEN!!!!!

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