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October 31, 2020

New 'Pandemic Predictive Programming' Movie Suggests They're Setting Us Up To Be 'Cooked' Like Frogs In A Slowly Boiling Pot Of Water As Deagel's Population Reduction Forecast Accelerates

- With 'Songbird', The Globalists Aren't Even Bothering To Hide Their Satanic Agenda Anymore

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story over at NBC News couldn't be any more of a blunt and in-your-face warning of what may be ahead for America, though as we'll see in the new trailer for a movie to be released at some point in the future, the NBC News story is just a tiny glimpse of the blatant 'predictive programming' being thrown in our faces in 2020.     

With the NBC News story titled "Top Trump Health Official Warns Of 'Draconian Measures' If America Doesn't Mask Up", their story reported that according to Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary of health and the Trump administration's 'Covid-19 testing czar' (see how they keep using that tyrannical, Soviet terminology!), it'll be local government's that begin to impose those 'draconian measures', not the federal government (though all that changes if Joe Biden is elected!)

With Biden specifically calling for a nationwide mask mandate and repeatedly calling for more 'lockdowns', the trailer for the new movie 'Songbird' hints at what is surely ahead for America should Biden win with the IMDB 'story line' for the movie being: "In 2022, a pandemic ravages the world and its cities. Centering on a handful of people as they navigate the obstacles currently hindering society: disease, martial law, quarantine, and vigilantes."

This Daily Mail story gives us an even better look at 'Songbird' and to call it 'totalitarian' and a predictive programming warning of what may be ahead for America would be an understatement. And with the 'frog in a boiling pot' scenario we've been cast into, we're surely watching 'incrementalism' being carried out before our eyes.

In dramatic scenes, army vehicles and soldiers are seen taking over the city as an ominous voiceover tells those in LA: 'Curfew is now in effect, all unauthorized citizens must stay indoors.' 

The news is not any more cheerful, as a reporter says: 'Tensions rise as we reach week 213 of lockdown', while another says 'a grim new reality emerges... COVID-23 has mutated.' 

The dangers of the virus are clearly being taken seriously, as armed soldiers are seen stopping KJ's character in the streets, but before being taken into custody he informs them he's immune from the virus. 

Rather than being brought to hospital to be taken care of if they get the virus, the government are heard warning citizens: 'All infected Americans are being forced into quarantine camps.'

So before we continue, let's go ahead and take a look at a couple of the top-rated comments on the video that is embedded below. And as we'll see, many of these people 'get it'; but is it too late? 

"This is predictive programming. They are setting us for what's coming. This pandemic grows into something bigger all the time, they are cooking something".

"Yup, 'predictive programming.' 

"The trick to TV / Movies is that when you recall a personal experience & a movie scene in your mind it looks the same. So this experience is planted into your mind. When they do it to you, they want you to react like the movie, afraid, cower, let them have control, OBEY!"

"I'm not saying they aren't hiding it anymore; but they're not hiding it anymore."

Please let us know what you think about this movie trailer in light of everything else going on in America today in our comment section below.

As one person pointed out and asked in a question on this IMDB page about 'Songbird': "This looks absolutely disgusting. My question is: do the people who made this actually think this is a good thing to put out into the world right now?"

With the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) issuing a "Do not work" order on Songbird, telling it's members to refuse any work on the film hinting that a whole lot more people think this movie is in very bad taste to be putting out while a pandemic is ongoing, are you ready for over 200 weeks of 'lockdowns' in America as this movie is seemingly 'forecasting'

And with the film also forecasting 10's to 100's of millions of deaths in America and taking place in the year 2022, it puts us right on track towards accomplishing the 2025 America that Deagel is warning of, forecasting less than 100 million living here in 2025, down from the 327 million of 2017. 

With Bloomberg recently publishing this story titled "Covid’s Third Wave Is the Worst Wave Yet - The virus is more out of control than ever" also hinting at what is ahead for America if the democrats/globalists get their way, their story warned that things will continue to get ever more dire as winter fully arrives and the freezing cold weather sets in. 

Less than a week before the election, President Donald Trump’s closing argument to the American people is that the coronavirus pandemic is “rounding the turn.” 

But that turn leads right into a brick wall, apparently. 

Two weeks ago we wrote the pandemic was entering a scary new phase. It turns out this new phase is already the worst one yet.

The numbers are troubling throughout the Northern Hemisphere as the weather grows colder, with new daily records being set in Italy, Spain and elsewhere. Hospitals are filling up across Europe, warns Lionel Laurent.

And with the nation of China more than happy to sit back and watch and wait before they pounce as any further extended lockdowns in America could see the US economy obliterated, Americans all across the country should be taking a very close look at the tyranny unfolding now in Western nations such as New Zealand and Australia to see what surely awaits us here if we stay on the same path that we're now on. From the Butler Eagle.

Here in America, we used to be willing to take risks to preserve our way of life. Now, we are apparently willing to destroy our way of life in a futile effort to eliminate risk. Every life lost is a tragedy, but the virus is not the civilization-ending threat that the politicians used to justify vastly increased control over our lives. 

Experts and politicians have been given the benefit of the doubt as they dealt with a largely unknown disease. That excuse is no longer tenable. Provide the vulnerable with the means to protect themselves, but give us back our freedoms to congregate, to run our businesses, and to breathe fresh air. Americans must demand the right to assess their own risks and make their own health choices.

Yet while Democrats are happy to allow people the 'freedom to make their own health choices' when it comes to slaughtering innocent, unborn babies, they're the first ones to crack down upon the 'health choices' that people are making during this 'planned-demic'

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And 'Songbird' is by far not the only new series or movie coming out that offers us 'predictive programming' surrounding Covid-19 and 'global elitists propaganda' and 'satanic agenda'

Another new program that came out in 2020 is titled "Brave New World" and as this IMDB page for the program tells us, "In a utopia whose perfection hinges upon control of monogamy and privacy, members of the collective begin to question the rules, putting their regimented society on a collision course with forbidden love and revolution." 

And from Vigilant Citizen we learn about more predictive programming going on in a new Amazon tv series called 'Utopia'. An excerpt from that Vigilant Citizen story titled "A Pandemic, a Vaccine and Mind Control: The Prophetic Messages of the Series “Utopia”" is directly below.: 

The Amazon series “Utopia” involves a deadly pandemic, a suspicious vaccine, mind-controlled slaves, and a massive conspiracy. And it was all filmed before COVID-19. Is “Utopia” some sort of warning? 

Watching Utopia in the midst of a pandemic is a surreal experience. That’s because the series was filmed in 2019, before the emergence of COVID-19. Despite this fact, Utopia is mind-bogglingly timely (or untimely according to some) in 2020 as its story revolves around a pandemic, a rush for a vaccine, and a massive conspiracy by a big pharma company

The nefarious plans of the villains are however thwarted by a ragtag group of nerds who discovered that an underground graphic novel has been predicting the emergence of several viruses through enigmatic symbols. 

What’s mind-boggling about this story is that the series itself appears to have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Utopia depicts a system of mind-controlled slaves carrying out murders and false flag events to advance the villain’s agenda, combined with a whole lot of mass media manipulation and cover-ups. 

The series is so close to our reality in 2020 that one cannot help but think: Is Utopia some kind of warning? 

The series is centered around enigmatic graphic novels titled Dystopia and Utopia which consist of highly symbolic images describing weaponized viruses and a massive MKULTRA system surrounding it. 

While some believe it is all fiction, some “conspiracy theorists” believe that the book is actually predicting real-world events. One protagonist says: “Dystopia appeared in 2014 and, if you’re smart, if you’re really really smart, you can study it and decipher all the real life epidemics it predicted.” 

He adds: “Why do we keep feeling like its the end of the f***ing world? Because someone is ending the f***ing world!”

Please read this entire Vigilant Citizen story here. In the next video below, we see how Hollywood uses predictive programming to control the masses, with this video specifically referencing several different 'pandemic' movies that have come out over the past several years that seemingly 'forecast' this covid-19 'event'And in the final video below, we hear more about the 'predictive programming' that is going on in the previously mentioned series "Utopia".

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