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February 26, 2015

Newsweek's 'New Red Dawn' Warning - Is Russia Preparing An Invasion? Building Massive Military Presence In Arctic With 10 New Bases By 2016


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While those who have been paying attention to history have long warned of a possible coming 'Red Dawn-style' Russian invasion with the collapse of America, including Henry Gruver who had a vision of Russian submarines attacking America with nuclear weapons as shared in the 4th video below, Newsweek ventures into the fray by asking in this new story: "What's Putin up to in the Arctic?" while warning us that since no one knows what Putin's end game is, "the worst is a mystery". 

While this new story from the Diplomat warns us that Russia plans on adding 10 new Air Force bases to the Arctic region by 2016, why Russia needs to have 14 military bases in the Arctic region, and are putting more resources into this area than areas now seeing conflicts of war such as Ukraine, remains a mystery.

When asked about the increased attention Russia has been paying to the Arctic regions recently as shared in the several new videos below, Colonel Arvid Halvorsen who is the Mågerø base commander on Oslo, Norway said: “We haven’t seen this kind of activity for many years” and “the missions are also more complex lately,” he tells us, with bigger and bigger groups of bombers being escorted by MiGs, tankers and surveillance aircraft.

While Newsweek tells us that Moscow isn't threatening the West as they did back in the cold war days with the sheer volume of warplanes running sorties deployed back then, they coincidentally title one section of their story: 'New Red Dawn?'

While memories of the Nazi invasion 75 years ago remain fresh in the minds of  Norwegians, a soon to be released political thriller called 'Occupied' is soon to hit Norwegian TV along with this surreal warning that reminds us of present day events.:

The weekly drama “follows events in the close future” when Russia has carried out a “silk glove invasion” of Norway “in order to take control of its oil resources,” according to a news release.

Henry Gruver joins in at the 4 minute mark in this must hear video if you haven't heard it yet.


Images below from ITAR-TASS show Russian strategizing in the Arctic as well as their 2015 defense order.



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