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July 27, 2018

Shocked Farmer Warns: 'Nobody's Prepared For This' - More Evidence SHTF Can Happen Real Fast 

- A Refresher Course On Socialism: Are They Planning On Starving Us Into Submission? 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this very important new story from Ray Gano over at Prophezine that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Wednesday, Ray reports on one of the reasons our civilization has become so vulnerable and why he 'prepares': Most have forgotten where our food comes from with some actually believing it 'magically appears' at stores such as Wal Mart. 

Warning within his story that there are several 'big picture' factors that are largely being overlooked in 2018 including the still exploding US national debt, physical limitation's upon food and other resources, and any number of possible 'wild cards' that could come into play within a moments time, Ray's story hits the nail on the head when he tells us: "The time to prepare is now, while we still have the time and resources at hand."

And while according to this September of 2017 story over at they report that our planet could run out of food within 10 years according to Gro Intelligence, an agricultural data technology company, as we hear in the first video below from videographer Ice Age Farmer, food production is already collapsing in numerous locations around the world with the nation of Finland posting its worst grain yield this century while huge parts of parched Europe are hit hard due to exceptional drought and record heat. As one farmer warns in his video, "nobody is prepared for this". 

And as we see in a recent SQAlert that we've republished below from a well-connected insider, it appears that even some of those who are growing their own food have a problem to deal with outside of the birds, deer, rabbits, chipmunks and bugs: 'Monsanto terminator crops' are sterilizing other crops via pollinators.


And while so far, America has fortunately avoided what's now happening in Socialist Venezuela where people are starving, resorting to hunting down dogs in the streets and some even killing zoo animals for their next meals, as we see in the crop loss map at this link and the screenshot of the map below created by Ice Age Farmer, there are still huge crop losses happening here to American farmers as well in 2018. , 

And although widespread crop losses aren't as pervasive here in the US as they are in Europe and elsewhere around the world, and the next meals for most Americans are as still as close by as our refrigerators or the nearest fast food restaurant (we try to avoid such food like the plague), as we hear in the 2nd video below, a new one from Canadian Prepper, SHTF can happen in a moments notice and should people not be prepared when for it when it does, it will already be far too late for them.  

So while the economy is kicking along for most, there is no better time to prepare than now. 

You can go to the map below at this link and click on each marker for individual 'event' with source links. 


And if the crop losses in Europe and the UK aren't bad enough, the Daily Caller recently reported that BREXIT has triggered concerns in many that food shortages could be happening in the UK should the UK leave the European Union without negotiating an exit deal due to the fact that the UK gets 30% of its food from the EU. 

And Amazon's UK country manager Doug Gurr recently warned that a no-deal BREXIT exit could spark civil unrest across the UK "within a fortnight" claiming that "anything disrupting established food supply chains – which are currently governed by EU customs arrangements – would have 'significant consequences'”.

As we've previously reported on ANP, our food supply chain here in America and around most of the civilized world runs on a 'just in time' schedule, largely relying upon today's modern technologies to get from the farm to the store shelves with computers involved nearly every step of the way. So as Gurr mentioned, even here in America, anything disrupting established food supply chains could trigger disaster, especially with 'the masses' of Americans totally unprepared for any long-term disruption of the food supply chain. 


With food long being used as a weapon against people of the world perfectly illustrated in the words of Henry Kissinger and the actions of Joseph Stalin, who starved more than 7 million to death in the early 1930's, it's not out of the realm of possibility to suggest that government's will use food as a weapon against the people again, even in the 21st century and the age of Monsanto. 

As Natural News reported back in March of 2016, the history of socialism is littered with mass starvation and extreme human suffering events, with people starved into submission not only in Stalin's Russia but in China, Nazi Germany and Turkey with the Armenian Genocide back in the early 1900's. 

And as this November of 2017 story over at Forbes reported, while potentially millions of American millenials call for socialism in the current day, how quickly they've forgotten the horrors of the past where Stalin's forced famine upon the Ukraine just over 100 years ago showed how deadly socialism is at its very core. 

As the Foundation for Economic Education reported back in 2016 in what they call 'a refresher course on socialism and starvation', while socialism is 'in vogue' with many of America's college educated young people, that doesn't change the fact that socialism is a political ideology that has led to the starvation deaths of tens of millions.

So might government use food as a weapon against the American people? As we read in the recent SQAlert which we've republished below, it may already be happening with 'robot bees' allegedly programmed to avoid heirloom crops while Monsanto's poisons continue to terrify the farming world. Steve Quayle's SQAlert.:


I am not sure,if, I have mentioned this but just in case, they have figured out a way to put plants in stasis and to intentionally not allow heirloom crops to grow. The new robot bees will be programmed to avoid heirlooms. I am mentioning this because what people are getting at the grocery store looks beautiful and abundant but it is synthetic. Nothing from nature. So it looks like food but either dispenses drugs or kills down the road.

This years garden...everything is miniature, not small, miniature. Stan Deyo mentioned the same thing where he is at. Small fruit (if any at all), and scarce 10% of last year. That is a 90% reduction and I feed and water the crops all the same. The crops also appear to have been zapped with a nitrogen hit in the air. They are acting like I fertilized them with a high nitrogen fertilizer but I did not, only compost which means they grow tall, lots of green but they do not bear fruit. It has to be atmospheric manipulation.

Decapitation of flowers is back. It is the weirdest thing. These plants are hydrated and pollinators are going to them. They only thing I can think of is a spin off of the Monsanto Terminator crops that sterilized other crops via pollinators.

The harvest is going to be nil this year. If I do not get a harvest next year I will be dipping into the prepped stuff.


As has long been warned, only 9 meals separate civilization from anarchy and as the people of Venezuela have found out, once a nation is already in such a calamity, having the opportunity to prepare for it has already long passed. With millions migrating out of Venezuela to search for better opportunities for themselves and their families elsewhere, what has been happening in Venezuela should be a loud alarm to those paying attention. 

And with many millenials calling for socialism in America despite what is happening now in Socialist Venezuela and their very obvious ignorance of 'true history', should through vote stealing or a flooding of the voting booths with illegal immigrants voting 'D' put a Democratic president back in office in 2020 who pushes socialist ideologies, Americans might be out of time to prepare as well within a few short years.  

As our videographer 'Ice Age Farmer' tells us in this first video below, with the situation growing more dire across large parts of Europe with orange peels and sour watermelons the only thing keeping some livestock alive in Australia and farmers there growing more desperate every day, those who are waiting for the government to save them will probably be waiting for a very, very long time.  

With a huge amouth of crop damages due to weeks of rain in Japan, causing more than 120 billion yen worth of losses there, our videographer also shares reports with us from farmers on the ground, with one farmer claiming "there's nobody is prepared for this, nobody's prepared", making it clear why we should all be preparing now.

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