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April 26, 2019

Did The War Upon President Trump And America Begin With This 'Islamic Sleeper Agent' Who Infiltrated The United States Government At The Very Highest Level? 

- Progressive Socialists only goals are to destroy Conservatives, President Trump and America


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

In the eight years of the Obama administration, there were members of deep state cadres of supporters put in place throughout the government. The sole purpose of these Obama sycophants in conjunction with the mainstream media was nothing more than to make sure that Donald Trump would be brought down. 

CIA former director John Brennan, an Islamic sympathizer, and Mike Morrell, the principal instigator of the Benghazi cover-up have been tapping into the large number of Obama holdovers left in the vast agencies of the government to seek and pass on information to the press in an effort to embarrass and negate any progress that President Trump would attempt to make. They will use or make up any information to establish a beachhead in the subversion of President Trump's agenda and policies.

The damage to the conservative agenda would not have moved forward without the assistance of Barack Obama and the financial incentives of George Soros. The progressive socialists in Congress have worked together with progressive socialist organizations in an attempt to bring the conservative agenda to its knees.

It was Obama who said he was heartened by the anti-Trump protests and signaled to his activist troops that they had Obama’s approval to agitate against the President and his agenda at every turn. It is Obama who is training young cadres of low information students to ensure that enough troops will be available for the progressive socialist insurrection. It has been the legacy of activism that Obama has fomented that has lead to the battles over immigration, climate change and other subjects including the extensive damage on race relations in the country that Obama instigated while in office.

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Organizing for Action (OFA) is the continuation of the administration of Obama that works behind the scenes and trains activists in disruption of government on a local and national level. It grew out of the Obama for America campaign in 2013 and continues to use the extensive database of the 2012 Obama campaign. It was designated a 501 (c4) so that the donors by law do not need to be disclosed. With over $40 million in donations the OFA, and in coordination with the group Indivisible, claims to be training young followers in organizing skills. Obama told the OFA troops shortly after leaving office that they would see him early the next year and that they would be in a position to “cook up all kinds of good stuff.”

OFA is featured on the Obama post-presidency website along with the instructions for the distribution of the anti-Trump manual used in the OFA training. Informative parts of the manual instruct the followers to disrupt GOP followers townhalls and meetings that would be used to discuss Obamacare, illegal immigration and even the building of the border wall for the security of the country. The OFA members have been trained to take the front seats and enter the conservative meeting quietly, to spread out in pairs to give the impression of a large group whose sole purpose is to ask hostile questions.

This is all done to provide the attention needed to impress the media to cover the story. The major talking points, lavishly reported by the media is that the Trump administration is racist, corrupt and bigoted and that conservatives do not represent their districts. These are the chaotic talking points that they use to disrupt the meetings that you see on the news reports every night to make you believe that they are the consensus of the American people.

Jason Chaffetz was in the middle of one of these disruptive meetings. The OFA group gave the footage of the chaos to MSNBC and CNN, who ran it for days giving the impression that Jason Chaffetz needs to defend himself from the lies that the media spewed forth. They have called the conservatives racist, white supremacists, and bigots which has been dutifully repeated by the mainstream media with no proof, no corroboration, and no evidence that any of it is true. But it doesn't have to be true, the low information voters and indoctrinated bobbleheads will lap up whatever the mainstream media feeds them.

Over 250 OFA offices across the nation are still in the process of training and recruiting activists that have been taught through the media and academia that socialism is the only response to our country moving forward. It boasts of 32,000 organizers and 25,000 activists in training as community organizers who are protected by a “social welfare” non-profit that does not reveal donors. This training and indoctrination, coupled with the teachings of Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven help ensure that the chaos continues.


With a larger group of Soros funded non-profits such as Media Matters and Indivisible, both funded by George Soros, the agenda of the Trump administration is under constant attack in the media, in entertainment, and even in academia. It has been responsible for the approval of the progressive socialism that is being implemented to indoctrinate our children. It starts with Obama being a better organizer in chief than a commander in chief. He has found it easier to start a personal counterrevolution against the conservatives and President Trump than anything he tried to do in the White House.

An organizer in chief does not need to follow the proscribed rules to attain the policies and decisions that he alone has made for the direction of the country. The first step in Obama's shadow government is to control the institutions that have served our county well for all these years without the constraints that those institutions place upon him. After the fall of these institutions, the new radical socialists on the left will continue to become more progressive and extremist in their move to a more centralized government.

Obama will use the present position of the progressive socialists who run the Democrat party to sow discord and chaos on both sides of the spectrum. Only in that chaos can the fear be used to radicalize the progressive socialist base into the violence and bomb throwing that he hopes will lead to the destruction that will be to the benefit of the Obama agenda.

Much like his tenure in the White House. Obama has a political belief in his infallibility. Using the top-down organization that he put together with OFA he will be the impetus for funding, coordination, and directions for the anti-Trump agitators to disrupt the actions of the conservative federal government.

There is no useful purpose to any of this. The only goal is to destroy the conservative base, the good and virtuous base of our country, and the destruction of the non-conventional President Trump.

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