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December 26, 2020

'Techno-Cannibalism' Is Here - 'Human Meat Steaks' Made From Human Cheek Cells And Donated Human Blood Coming To A Town Near You Soon!

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Between science, research and zombie movies we have become inundated with images and themes meant to indoctrinate human beings collectively into accepting, first the idea, then the reality, of consuming human flesh.

Of course they do not want us calling it "cannibalism," even though that is what humans consuming human flesh/meats is.

November 2020 was a busy month, between the presidential election, the legal battles stemming from massive voting irregularities, among other news dominating the nations attention, a few things slipped through the cracks, yet this type of news, should never go ignored.

(Human cell meat steaks - Ouroboros)


When referencing cannibalism we generally think of humans eating other humans, which we have seen in some form or fashion for decades in movies, television and books. 

Anyone remember Soylent Green

In a term coined by Steve Quayle, "Techno-cannibalism" isn't just ripping flesh of your neighbor for a midnight munchie, but rather lab-grown human meat. Now a company is working to mass produce Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits where people can use their own human cells to create miniature "human meat steaks."

Note: For the record, this is not satire, nor a parody  and we triple checked to be sure this is not a hoax either. 

New York Post, Techno Times, MSN News and many, many others have addressed this "DIY meal kit," which was named one of Beazley designs of the year in 2020, the story was just buried under an avalanche of other news.

Below is the description over at Design Museum:

 Ouroboros Steak is a DIY meal kit for growing gourmet steaks from of one’s own cells. It comes as a starter kit of tools, ingredients and instructions that enable users to culture their own cells into mini steaks, without causing harm to animals.

This "product" is not yet available to buy, but the goal is to mass produce these kits to be sold around the world.

Via the New York Post:

Growing an Ouroboros Steak would take about three months using cells taken from inside your cheek, the magazine reported. For the collection of sample steaks on display in the museum, the team used human cell cultures purchased from the American Tissue Culture Collection and grew them with donated blood that expired and would have otherwise been destroyed. They preserved the final products in resin.

“Expired human blood is a waste material in the medical system and is cheaper and more sustainable than FBS, but culturally less accepted,” Knight told Dezeen.

OuroChef shared a number of images on social media of their upcoming "product," one of which is shown below:

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Of course the designers would prefer this not be referred to as "cannibalism," as reported by Techno Times:
According to one of the designers known as Grace Knight in the statement given to Dezeen Magazine, people think that the thought of eating oneself is considered as cannibalism, which is still technically not. Before thinking if this product should be tried or not, it is worth noting that it is still not available to buy.

OuroChef's website reads like a badly written horror movie, starting with their introduction which says "Your Cultured Self."

At Ourochef our goal is to supply everything you need to create cultivated food at home from your own cells. We provide the nutrients for growing healthy cells, scaffolds to make delicious textures and all the required kitchen consumables, tools and appliances you will need to care for your luxurious creations. Growing yourself ensures that you and your loved ones always know the origin of your food, how it has been raised and that its cells were acquired ethically and consensually.

Reporting on this feels like writing a script for a B (maybe C or D) rated horror flick. 


In almost everything I have read about this while researching this piece, they continually claim this is not "technically" cannibalism, because the human meat being eaten was created using a person's own cells, but that is nothing more than semantics.

First, if anyone other than you eats the meat, that is another person eating your human meat... aka cannibalism.

Secondly, because these human meat steaks use other people's blood to culture, that is also a form of cannibalism.

They can call it what they want, it doesn't change the truth.


The bottom line here is very simple: They are trying to normalize cannibalism.

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