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August 9, 2017

Government Asks Funeral Homes To Prepare For Pandemic While Warning Of Possible 'Nightmare Scenario' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the August 7th story over at The Star titled 'Funeral Homes Warned To Be Prepared In Advance Of Possible Pandemic' they report 'a pandemic might not be a problem in some communities, but funeral homes in larger cities may not be able to cope with the increased demand'.  Also warning within their story 'in a pandemic, each individual funeral home could expect to handle about six months’ work within a six- to eight-week period', the Star story was one of at least three that just came out over the last few days from different news websites in Canada covering this exact same topic.

Also reporting that in some cases should the pandemic outbreak get bad enough, ice skating rinks might have to be converted into massive morgues to hold all of the bodies and refrigerated trucks, normally used used to transport ice cream and other cold foods, might have to be used to transport bodies, we found it strange that several different outlets are now running very similar stories. 

According to this recent story over at the Telegraph Journal (saved on, simply scroll down past 'welcome' message for story), in extreme cases, there are other options they would have to consider to keep up with the number of bodies coming in.  

“Of course, if you look at other countries that have mass deaths in the hundreds of thousands -- as impersonal as it sounds -- you would start looking at other solutions like mass burials and mass cremations.

“You would have to dispose of the bodies quickly in order to manage the pandemic in a society.”


The third story was published August 8th and comes to us from Global News which reports that according to volunteer grave diggers, the Canadian government is asking funeral homes to prep for a pandemic. Do they know something that we don't know or is this all just good, smart preparation for something that will eventually come, though it may be years away? The first video below from FreeRadioRevolution REVIVAL! takes a look at these bizarre stories coming out of Canada.

While Canadian health officials have extensive plans to ensure people survive a future influenza pandemic, they’ve also made macabre recommendations for the nation’s funeral homes for those who don’t. One of its recommendations is that funeral homes make advance plans for what to do if their own staff get sick, including making arrangements with volunteers from service clubs or churches to dig graves.

“Funeral service providers, I can assure you, throughout their history, have responded to these sorts of tragedies and would do so again to the very best of their ability,” says Allan Cole, a board member with the Funeral Services Association of Canada and president of MacKinnon and Bowes, a company that provides services for the funeral industry.

But finding a funeral home that’s willing to talk about their own pandemic planning is difficult. The Canadian Press reached out to numerous funeral homes in several Canadian cities and asked whether they were prepared for a pandemic, but not one returned the calls.


While each of the above mentioned stories references a report that was written by the Public Health Agency of Canada that was written back in December of 2015, they also each reference the possibility of 'mass fatalities' during a pandemic or flu and how such a tragedy would need to be managed for government and society to stay ahead of the worsening crisis.

Possibly not coincidentally, back on July 31st, the NY Times published a story titled "Only Six Nations Have Evaluated Readiness For Global Pandemic" (linked via while back on July 13th, Gov Tech's Emergency Management published a story titled "A Flu Pandemic Is Coming, But When, And How Bad Will It Be?" 

The Gov Tech story reads like an apocalyptic horror movie:

Imagine closed schools, overwhelmed hospitals and people dying by the thousands — or even millions. That’s the nightmare scenario for a flu pandemic.

But how likely is a pandemic to happen — and if it does, to develop into this worst-case scenario?

Pandemics are “like earthquakes: You know it’s coming, but you’re not quite sure exactly when,” said Joshy Jacob, associate professor of microbiology and immunology at Emory University.

“The seasonal flu appears predictably annually. Pandemics happen unpredictably and often catch you by surprise.”

“You get this monster virus that is half human, half bird, and when it infects you, you are totally unprepared because it has changed so drastically,” Jacob said. “When you get such big changes, that’s when you get pandemics.”


While the GovTech story mentions that pandemics happen on the average about every 20 years, it's been a very long time since most of the civilized world has been hit by a bad one yet as we hear in the final video below, a February 2017 video from Infowars, top globalists have been foreshadowing an engineered pandemic or an apocalyptic biological attack throughout 2017.

As Jeremiah Johnson reported over at SHTFPlan back on July 27th in his story "Governments and Corporations Can Unleash Deadly Weapons On Our Population And Our Greatest Danger Is Denial That Such Things Are Possible”, "governments are run by power-hungry madmen who only use their populations as taxable revenue to support the machinery and will cull them in the blink of an eye."

In fact, according to this July 8th story from Gizmodo, the 'black death' that killed millions back in the1300's had one surprising and beneficial side benefit, it massively cut down upon pollution. As we read within their story, for one of the first times in recorded history, lead pollution was nearly non-existent according to ice core samples due to the fact that population was dying off 'en masse'.

Knowing that there are those who seek to cull the planet, getting the global population down to 500 million according to the Georgia Guidestones, down a huge amount from the 7.5 billion living here now, might they unleash an engineered pandemic to help them reach their goals? We wouldn't put anything past them.   


On August 7th, Catholic Online put out a story which takes a look at an apocalyptic pandemic scenario that is all too possible, though they also claim we're much better prepared for such a pandemic in 2017 than we were in 1918. Their scenario begins with 'you' as a sick patient suffering from breathing problems. As we see outlined here, 'you' eventually turn into 'patient zero' in a pandemic that ends up 'locking down' most of the world.:

Within the next week, it's clear something serious has started. Hospitals around the city are slammed with coughing patients. The CDC is called and there's talk of drastic measures. The news catches wind of the story. People across the nation buy face masks and even gas masks out of fear.

In another week, it's obvious the infection has spread to other cities. A week later, the globe.

Within three weeks, the world is locked down, international travel is banned and domestic flights are restricted. There's not much anyone can do within the country, so the disease just spreads. Only half the people bother to work, the rest stay home out of fear. Public services are intermittent. There's some rioting and looting, but the military is called up to restore order. Its measures are harsh, but effective.

The pandemic lasts almost a year, but a vaccine is made available just three months after the start. Not everyone gets the vaccine right away. After a year, it claims over a billion lives.

In the aftermath, scientists identify you as patient zero, it's an unfortunate legacy.

This is the scenario for which we must prepare because according to scientists it's inevitable, and we're overdue. Pandemic diseases spread rapidly because they are newly developed and people have no natural resistance to them. On rare occasion, a virus can mutate in such a way as to make it more infectious and more lethal. Scientists know how this happens, but they aren't sure why.

While we won't be holding our breaths waiting for the next pandemic to arrive, there are many positive steps that we can take to build up our bodies immune systems and get ourselves and our families ready should that worst case scenario arrive. Both the 2nd and the 3rd videos below from Natural News look at some suggestions. And while we of course don't have all the answers, we welcome your suggestions on how people can prepare themselves to deal with any and all such health emergencies in the comment section below. 

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