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July 1, 2015

Time Is Up!! We Have Passed The Point Of No Return - Visions And Warnings Of What Is Coming Now


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On June 29, 2015, Author and researcher Steve Quayle and Aaron Brickman joined the Hagmann and Hagmann Report  for one of the most important shows to date. Quayle and Brickman share specific visions and warnings of judgment with listeners and instructions on what must be done now.

There is no way to encompass the importance of the messages you will hear below in simple text, so listen closely because as Mr. Brickman states in an SQ Alert from June 30th, 2015..... Time is up!

Full alert shown below:

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has rendered its verdict as to the constitutionality of one of Gods oldest covenants. Yet, is that all there is to this latest step in moral decline? Will God respond? What does God have to say to the United States in this hour? God has been warning this nation through many voices about the hour we are living in. Early in June He began speaking to me in anticipation of the verdict that would be rendered. During the first week of June while in worship the Lord spoke within my spirit and said “The Supreme Court will render it's verdict soon and then I will roar over this nation”. As He said this, I could feel the force, almost like vibrations that would cause one to tremble, to go through me. At the time He spoke these words, I knew God was the lion of Judah but I did not have any specific verses in mind. It was during the course of that first week in June when He began to show me what He meant.

Friday morning around 10am I received a text announcing the Supreme Court decision. I immediately heard in my spirit the following “Ichabod. The glory of the Lord has departed.” I immediately knew in my spirit He wanted to speak to me more about this. As I sat quietly in my living room, over the next 30 minutes, He specifically gave me 9 statements and instructions for what I should do in this hour. He was very clear that there will be no more delay. Time is up! He immediately confirmed His word to me by answering a prayer of mine. Between Friday morning and Saturday evening he has further clarified what time it prophetically is, what the response of the people should be and what He promises to do for the remnant. I will address each point specifically, as He gave me further understanding subsequent to speaking these things to me.

Ichabod – The glory of the Lord has departed.
No weeping for the U.S. Weep over the breaking of the covenant with God.
Time to enter into the ark. Accelerate the plans.
4 generations have despised God. We will see this 4th generation come into that fullness.
There is now no middle class because there is now no middle ground. 2 kingdoms to choose from.
It is now time to walk in the kingdom of God and not the kingdom of man. Do not walk or war in the flesh. For to long we have walked in the kingdom of man while enjoying the benefits of walking in a “Christian nation” The “Christian “ nation and its benefits no longer exist. We must now solely walk in the kingdom of God if we are to enjoy any blessing. The kingdom of God is radically different from even a “Christian” nation. We must quickly learn Gods (the King) ways, protocols, commands, judgments etc.. We must learn to walk by faith and not sight, seeing and hearing the Father, or our hearts will fail for fear and grief at looking at those things that are coming upon the nation.
The captivity is about to accelerate.
1 Samuel ch 4-5 record a)the defeat of Israel, b)the loss of the ark of the covenant, c) the destruction of the priestly leadership. The Philistines were judged for a period of 7 months. Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).
It is critical we run into the kingdom of God and forsake the kingdom of this world and country. Get your citizenship quickly decided! AARON BRICKMAN

We have personally seen warnings coming from those commenting, feelings that time is running out, people trying to describe the heaviness and weight they are experiencing on a daily basis now from the time they awaken to the moment their head hits the pillow at night. 

Listen below..... you are not alone.


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