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December 23, 2020

OUR TURN!!!  Patriots Fighting For Freedom Teaching A Bunch Of  Basement Dwelling Antifa Dweebs How It's Done - A Call To Arms To All Patriots

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The liberal media is all freaked out over freedom loving patriots protesting at the Oregon State Capitol during a special session which lawmakers locked the citizens out refusing to let their voice be heard.  Some were armed, others carrying America flags, one amusingly had a pitchfork, all making it clear they will not tolerate being ignored as others make life altering decisions for them.

The police declared it an unlawful assembly, a few were arrested, and cops used blue smoke.

Unlike the Antifa/BLM riots over the past few years, there was no massive damage to properties ( I believe a window was broken when state lawmakers locked protesters out of the Capitol building while discussing how to lock down the state again), cops were not attacked and injured, cars were not seen burning in the streets, and businesses were not torn to the ground, yet the media act like this protest is somehow over-the-top.

Ha! They ain't seen nothing yet........

Lesson for the basement dwelling dweebs
: "Nothing needs to be totally destroyed to get the message heard loud and clear.

There are more lessons about to be learned by not only those dweebs, but Democrat politicians and the establishment media have some things to learn as well.

First and foremost, I will repeat: They haven't seen anything yet.

Time for the freedom loving patriots to show the basement dwelling dweebs of Antifa exactly how it is done.


For four long years, that sometimes feel as if it were twenty, we have heard liberals all across the internet scream, screech and howl that Trump was "not my president," yet now they urge conservatives to "accept" the results of an election where voting fraud was caught in a  number of states.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, recent wrote an op-ed as to why he will not accept Joe Biden as his president, explaining what he has witnessed over the past four years before detailing why he is fighting against accepting the results of a rigged and fraudulent election.

Via Washington Times:

Given this environment, I have no interest in legitimizing the father of a son who Chinese Communist Party members boast about buying. Nor do I have any interest in pretending that the current result is legitimate or honorable. It is simply the final stroke of a four-year establishment-media power grab. It has been perpetrated by people who have broken the law, cheated the country of information, and smeared those of us who believe in America over China, history over revisionism, and the liberal ideal of free expression over cancel culture.

I write this in genuine sorrow, because I think we are headed toward a serious, bitter struggle in America. This extraordinary, coordinated four-year power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American.


In that same time-frame we saw Democrat politicians, along with the media, big tech, and radical liberals across the nation, label conservatives everything from racist to deplorable. 

They threatened conservatives, especially Trump supporters, censored, attacked both verbally and physically, vandalized their homes, protested at their homes, scaring the children, and a whole host of other antics.... but now they claim that conservatives should just sit back and "unite" with them?

I don't think so.

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Antifa and some BLM members caused chaos and destroyed everything in their path with their seemingly never-ending protests, to which no one has actually been able to explain what they expected to accomplish with their protests.

What good does burning down a building or a car do? What does it get them? What changes are going to be made for a bunch of basement dwelling dweebs that vandalize and destroy a bunch of minority owned businesses, when they claim to want to help them? 

None. Nothing. They have no endgame, they have no purpose other than to show their butts, attack innocent bystanders, harass and injure law enforcement, and tear down entire towns.

It is noteworthy to remember that the basement dwellers protested and destroyed their own towns, or other towns run by liberals because conservative towns would have arrested them in a second flat for their crimes.

The reason that is noteworthy is because unlike the cowards that will protest and destroy liberal towns because they know they can get away with it, the freedom loving patriots shown in the video above protested in Oregon, a liberally run state.

They aren't scared of no stinkin' liberals tyrants.

Also, unlike the basement dwellers, the patriots have an endgame, they are fighting for their freedom not to be forced into isolation, locked down in their own homes, businesses shuttered because they were deemed "non-essential," causing tens of thousands to be jobless and forced to go to food banks just to survive.

Another absolutely huge difference, is that the Antifa basement dweebs' anger comes from being spoiled little brats that think stomping their feet and screaming with no real hardships causing them pain, where the patriots are getting angrier and angrier because they are being forced out of work, unable to afford living costs, feed their families without help, pay their utilities.

Because they do not have a job to go thanks to power-hungry politicians, they have plenty of time to get out there, protest and show the Antifa toddlers how it is done correctly.

The main difference succinctly put would be: Antifa groups are out protesting because they have nothing better to do. They don't work because no job would allow someone to spend days on end protesting rather than punching the time clock at work. 

The patriots, as the sign above from the Oregon protest says, "have nothing left to lose," because their lives have been destroyed by the politicians they are protesting.

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A piece over at the UNZ, has a decent essay on what 2021 could bring, but the concluding paragraph speaks volumes:

And, of course, violence could beget violence. If denigration of Trump supporters followed by a real purge does take place it will impact on the tens of millions of voters who still believe President Trump should have won re-election but for fraud. They are ready for a fight, and not necessarily limited to the metaphoric. As I said in the beginning, it could be an interesting year here in America.

The headline and sub-header of that piece is "The Revenge Agenda - Is it really a dish best served cold?"

Why yes, it is. Frankly there are a number of people, politicians, media personalities, radical online liberals and so-called "celebrities," that all deserve a bitter taste of their own medicine.

It is beginning to look like conservatives think it is about time they be forced to swallow that medicine.

Nancy Pelosi called for uprisings, Kamala *HeelsUp* Harris encouraged more protests, Maxine Waters demand forcing "crowds" to harass Trump admin and supporters, Ayanna Pressley urged more violent protests and riots, just to name a few radical liberals pushing for civil war.

I say we give them what they want and exactly what they have spent four years giving conservatives.

Conservatives need a call to arms to show up at meetings like the one in Oregon, make their voices heard. 

Confront liberal politicians that tell their constituents they cannot celebrate the the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) with family, then rush our to spend it with their own family.

Protest election fraud and the refusal of the Supreme Court to even look at the evidence compiled, including voting machine forensics,  hundreds of affidavits of witnessed fraud and irregularities, and basically the theft of an election.

Protest the lockdowns being re-implemented.

Protest the business closures by supporting those that resist the tyranny of dictator wannabe governors.

 For those that cannot get out and protest, support those that are, even if just a comment on a forum in support f and encouraging those able to step up and fight back.

NOTICE: Please note that unlike the call to arms from Antifa groups and radical liberals, including the media, we are not urging any violence, any destruction, and vandalism or attacks against law enforcement, but rather protesting "patriot style," which seems to be scaring the heck out of the media and liberals across the board.

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Lets show them how it is done.

The devil can never go unchallenged, otherwise he wins by default.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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