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November 27, 2015

NATO May Be On The Way To Breaking Up As The Whole Thing Falls Apart - Insider Warns Russia Has New Technology That's Left The US Terrified While NATO's Left 'Shaking In Their Boots'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the president of Turkey tells Russia they better not play with fire, the Russians are dominating the West in every way, shape and form in the Middle East while the West destroys itself, completely losing any semblance of moral high ground they may have had left after being exposed for supporting terrorists ISIS.

With even a former US General now saying Turkey should be kicked out of NATO after the Russian warplane was shot down, we learn that Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has personally admitted to ordering the shoot down as Turkey declares a Russian bombing run on a Turkish convoy carrying ISIS oil is an 'act of war'.

With cowardly Turkey now hiding under the wing of NATO and their president Erdogan's madness threatening to either provoke World War 3 or simply bring all of NATO down to their knees as they realize they too have now being outed as backing ISIS we have to ask, where will all of this 'Mideast madness' go from here?

In the 1st video below, former Ronald Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joins the Richie Allen show for an eye opening discussion about Russia, Turkey, NATO and where Dr. Roberts believes that all of this will go next and he drops a few bombshells that leave us scratching our heads as we're told this information from an inside source might change the entire future of warfare.


Telling us that all of these global events could lead to a partial breakup of NATO, we're also told Turkey is causing problems for NATO (could they be on their way out?) after being caught in a lie of the Russian plane shootdown and reprimanded by the Vice Chancellor of Germany who stated publicly that the unstable element wasn't Vladimir Putin but Erdogan of Turkey.

Roberts tells us that Victoria Nuland was recently in Turkey which could show a US hidden hand in the plane being shot down, we're also told that the reason behind the shoot down could very well have been Turkey's anger that Russia is bombing ISIS oil and Turkey's cash flow is being destroyed because of the bombings.

Finally, we're told something very interesting that if true, changes the future of warfare. Roberts tells us that according to a source of his, the Russians have a new technology system that allows them to shut down the communications systems of any other country's military and according to his source, they've already used this new technology several times against the US military, terrifying them and leaving them completely in the dark.

Roberts tells us that this Russian technology can shut down our Army, our Navy, our Air Force and there's nothing that we can do about it, leaving us completely helpless. "They have the ability to make everything a total sitting duck" Roberts warns. Allen reminds his audience that Roberts isn't just some 'conspiracy theorist' but a former US Cabinet member for former Republican President Ronald Reagan.


So, where does it go from here? Roberts tells us that one possibility would be most unexpected; due to all of the pressure that NATO is under, this could all end up in 'Peace' as NATO may be forced to break up. He also tells us that NATO is now shaking in its boots because of the 'idiot in Turkey who shot down the Russian plane' and NATO doesn't want to get blown up by the Russians to defend Turkey.

He also tells us that he doesn't think that Mr. Putin will take this to war and this whole thing could have a very happy outcome with the US no longer able to bully the entire world while covering up its warcrimes. As we know though, things don't always go the way that we might hope and if the West is chomping at the bit for war, there will likely be very little that Putin can do to help the world avoid it.

In the 2nd video below we hear former US General Paul Vallely tell us that Turkey should be kicked out of NATO due to their actions shooting down the Russian plane while in the 3rd video we hear reasons from foreign policy expert Keith Preston why these latest events in the Middle East could quite possibly lead to a major world war or World War 3.

At the bottom of the story is an eye-opening political cartoon from a friend of ANP that ties in perfectly with this story.

The following cartoon was sent to ANP by our friends at Indifference Curved with the following description.

In light of our NATO “ally”, Turkey, using an American supplied F-16 to shoot down a Russian jet over a potential border dispute where NATO forces routinely breach the sovereign airspace of Syria without Syrian permission AND WITHOUT Russia OR Syria shooting NATO planes down, this “ally” of ours has moved the entire world yet one step closer to WWIII since retaliation for this provocation would be retaliation against BOTH NATO and the US itself.

Its seems that with this reckless behavior of an allied nation whom we are obligated to defend, that we could very easily be drawn into major conflict by dangerous and uncontrollable actions of another government, whose military we don’t control, BUT must defend.  (For those of Biblical background, see Ezekiel 38 as Gog is drawn into battle with a hook in its jaw).

As such I find it ironic for these things to be happening in this particular week.  After all, it seems possible that THIS Thanksgiving, TURKEY could be “cooking” US for “dinner”.    

These are serious times and we all need to be aware of the true tension that exists in the world at this moment.  Be thankful for every day we have here, share love and kindness with one another and additionally, everyone should make sure they’re confident where their soul will rest after everything is said and done because tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.  Be prepared always.

May the Lord bless and protect you all. 


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