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May 16, 2015

Pentagon Prep For Breakdown Of Society Seen Across Country


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the Pentagon admitting that they are preparing for the breakdown of society as shared in the 1st video below, Americans all across the country have been sending pictures and videos to All News Pipeline of military preparation and convoys that they are seeing in their own home towns and highways, including the picture seen above of more active denial systems in Texas and the 1st picture below of a trainload of tanks sent to ANP in Pennsylvania, a state that is not known to be participating in Jade Helm. At the bottom of the story is embedded DoD document 3025.21 which totally explains why the DoD is so involved in America now; they are preparing for the collapse of our society. Begin at page 25 and read to 42 before coming back to page 1. It all makes sense now, doesn't it?

We also get a huge look at why the state of Texas is likely being declared 'hostile' in Jade Helm as the state has recently fired a huge warning shot at the United Nations: keep Agenda 21 out of Texas. Is Texas bucking the world government the reason why Texas is suddenly in the bullseye? Why is a foreign tank in Texas?

The pictures and videos we've received in the last few days alone paint a picture of an America preparing for a HUGE 'event' and the US military and other governmenment agencies are in the middle of it all, preparing to ensure the continuity of government survives through whatever event they are clearly preparing for. The 2nd video below shows a military convoy with one vehicle that may have been stuck off of the side of the road on highway 21 in Lincoln, Texas.

While a tank train is seen in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as seen in the 2nd image below while the 3rd image shows a rocket launcher being driven down a Texas highway. In the 4th image below we see what our reader believes may be a FEMA-shackle train though there is evidence that these are merely trains carrying cars, or so they say... Much more below.

Why would there be foreign tanks in Texas as seen below and why might Texas be considered hostile in the upcoming Jade Helm 15 'military drills' that some fear may lead to disarming Americans and worse? Consider this.:

The state of Texas used to be its own country and is both bigger and more populous than many of the nations in the rest of the world.

So if any state is going to fight the power-grabbing agenda of the United Nations, it’s likely to be the Lone Star State.

Texas is doing just that by introducing Senate Bill 445, legislation that would ban implementation of the controversial United Nations “Agenda 21″ program within the state’s boundaries.

It’s a bold step forward in the fight against the overreach of the international organization.

The bill, introduced by State Sen. Bob Hall, will not only prohibit the state of Texas from enacting any reforms from the Agenda 21 protocol, but also ban individual cities and counties from doing so, as well.

The bill reads, in part, “A governmental entity may not enter into an agreement or contract with, accept money from, or grant money or other financial aid to a nongovernmental or intergovernmental organization accredited by the United Nations to implement a policy that originated in the Agenda 21 plan adopted by members of the United Nations at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in June 1992.”

The Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Bridge in Harrisburg, PA sees a trainload of armored vehicles being moved to who knows where.


This rocket launcher was seen on a highway in Texas. Is this one of the same units previously seen in this story?


Is this one of the dreaded FEMA shackle car trains or just a car carrier?


White government bus seen on a train in Colorado. Notice the blacked out windows.


Another white government bus with blacked out windows in Colorado along with an entire line of portable generators. Is this a sign they are expecting the power to go out?


Military Preps For Civil Unrest In America - DoD Instruction 3025. 21

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