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October 30, 2015

Have You Noticed People Around You Are Changing? There Is A Reason.....


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Keen-eyed ANP readers have noticed what many others are noticing across the country.... people are changing, becoming more violent, angered at the smallest things and acting in a manner that is not consistent with their normal personalities. 


An example from just this morning, via the ANP comment section is shown below:

clockwork angel -  Not meaning to get away from the article ...sitting here at work fri morning at 7:09--99% of call coming in are people either screaming, threatening, swearing and just plain acting evil over something so stupid ...a newspaper its not the price or the articles but simple crap like "my paper wasnt exactly where i want it delivered 'next to the purple frog on the right side of the hanging plant " im sure you people get the drift of it ...some of the employees are so upset some are ready to either walk or quit . seems like over the past couple months I have seen and heard people becoming so angry and violent over the smallest of things the grocery store, over the phone, on the road, in public, over a parking spaces so on and so on...some one please tell me what is going on so I dont start loosing it.

UndrtakerYou know....... I have noticed that same exact thing.... Getting all worked up over nothing....

The last example of what we are seeing more and more of comes from an October 9, 2015 ANP article where commenters related how their own neighbors have "changed."

tinfoilhattttI'm a 64 year old guy and that STILL happens to me a lot. In the last 2 months I've had a neighbor of 15+ years [with whom I've always gotten along just fine] serve a letter from her attorney on me out of a clear blue sky warning me not to trespass on a driveway which we own 50/50, and ANOTHER neighbor begin to complain about excessive noise from my wife and dogs [we live 10 miles from town] when nothing had changed.

Yet another neighbor up up the hill who used to always wave has begun speeding through my property [gravel county road bisects my land] since I became friends with HIS neighbor with whom he has had an ongoing feud over a woman...

A quick look at just a few recent headlines show these observations to be completely accurate as we see a woman beat with a blunt object in a road rage incident, another woman strikes someone else during a separate "road rage fit," cops being shot at regular traffic stops, a 25 year veteran cop caught on camera punching a 16 year old student over a hall pass, a student attacks a teacher over a cell phone, teenagers arrested after a crime spree that involved capital murder, and Indy  experiencing an increase in criminal homicides and a 22 percent jump in nonfatal shootings over last year. 

Again, just the tip of the iceberg of what is being seen in local and national news with increasing frequency.




From the air we breath via chemtrails, to the medications prescribed to patients from doctors, there are a number of mind-altering, personality-altering substances being put into our bodies on a daily basis.

DRUGS - Before getting into some recent revelations about the prescription drugs that are being pumped into the bodies of millions on a daily basis, please watch just one example of an actual commercial for a drug to quit smoking, where seconds are spent telling us what the drug does and then a minute is spent rapidly listing all possible side effects.

Carefully note where it states "Changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping CHANTIX. They go on to state "hostility, depression or changes in behavior, thinking or mood that are not typical for you."

Once again, that is just one example out of hundreds where a drug, in this case one to help you stop smoking, can change your behavior and turn you into a suicidal or homicidal (hostility!) maniac and the best part is where they recommend you stop taking it if these changes occur and contact your doctor.... you know, the same doctor that prescribed this for you despite knowing the possible side effects.

Recent news reveals that over two-thirds of patients being given antidepressants "never met the criteria for major depressive disorder," according to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. (Via CNS News)


Researchers also found that besides not having a major depressive disorder, 38 percent of patients who had been prescribed anti-depressants known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft) never met the criteria for “obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, or generalized anxiety disorder” either.

Via WebMD we see the "Common Side Effects Of Antidepressants"

•nausea •increased appetite and weight gain •loss of sexual desire and other sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction and decreased orgasm •fatigue and drowsiness •insomnia •dry mouth •blurred vision •constipation • dizziness •agitation •irritability •anxiety

CCHR International asserts that "Despite 22 international drug regulatory warnings on psychiatric drugs citing effects of mania, hostility, violence and even homicidal ideation, and dozens of high profile shootings/killings tied to psychiatric drug use, there has yet to be a federal investigation on the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence."


IT GETS WORSE....... the FDA has approved a drug I recently highlighted in an article titled "Zombie Drugs And Viruses Have Been Weaponized! We Are The Walking Dead" The name of the drug is "Scopolamine," referred to as "the most dangerous drug in the word," appropriately dubbed "Devil's Breath."

The Daily Mail describes the effects in the following manner "A hazardous drug that eliminates free will and can wipe the memory of its victims."

He told Vice that Scopolamine can be blown in the face of a passer-by on the street, and within minutes, that person is under the drug’s effect - scopolamine is odourless and tasteless.

‘You can guide them wherever you want,’ he explained. ‘It’s like they’re a child.’

In July 2015 Mike Adams from Natural News points out that "drug companies have turned scopolamine into an FDA-approved prescription drug." The drugs name is "Transderm Scop"  which is used for nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness and recovery from anesthesia and surgery, but can also be "used for other conditions as determined by your doctor." (Source

According to RxList, the side effects include "confusion, agitation, extreme fear, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior."

We seeing a pattern here?


CHEMTRAILS - We at ANP have seen a number of comments relating to chemtrails, readers observing increased chemtrail activity in their area followed by cold-like symptoms of those making the observations.

The quotes above from Steve Quayle came during a series of emails where he generously allowed me to pick his brain and tap into his decades of research, asking him if there were mind/personality altering substances in chemtrails that he was aware of.  

The direction he pointed to and the information found upon that direction..... is astounding!

First and foremost, there is a very good reason people feel ill effects after noticing increased chemtrailing because  research shows the chemical compounds of Aluminum, Barium and Ethylene Dibromide has been found contained in chemtrails, and they do affect the health, with symptoms that include but are not limited to; headaches, sinus congestion, asthma and ear infections.

Via BariumBlues/HAARP Dangers:

Critics claim that this chemical porridge allows our DNA to be infiltrated and re-arranged, without our consent. So the activity could be acting like a vaccination program without the consent of the population upon whom it is inflicted. Some known side effects of these chemical trails are increased cases of nosebleeds, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, and upper respiratory complaints with flu-like symptoms.

Symptoms noted by others also include "anxiety."

After chemtrails lingered, spread, covered entire skies and fell, reports of illnesses increased substantially, such as persistent hacking coughs, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, pneumonia, fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation, headaches, aching joints and muscles, nosebleeds, diarrhea, bloody stools, depression, anxiety, loss of bladder control, and nervous tics. Much of it is reported as flu and everyone but a few know that much of it is poisons dropped over our heads, inhaled, absorbed through our skins, and consumed in our food.

Chemtrails have also been linked to Morgellons Disease

Via Global Research in 2010, we see that Alzheimer’s and other "strange" and "odd" behavior can be connected to the chemical compounds found in chemtrails:

.......Over years, aluminum accumulates in the brain, tissues, and to a lesser amount the bones. It causes brain degeneration, dysfunction and damage –due to the blockage and reduced blood flow and oxygen of brain arteries. The brain shrinks, as brain cells die. This causes dementia. Symptoms include: emotional outbursts, paranoia, forgetfulness and memory loss, speech incoherence, irritability, diminished alertness, changes in personality, and poor/bad judgment. All these are on the rise, as more than 4-million Americans are afflicted. Brain deterioration and dementia take decades to cause serious and visible harm. Eventually, however, dementia is fatal. “Alzheimer’s” is now being used incorrectly as a catch-all term for all kinds of dementia. Just a few days ago, the front page of the New York Times had a headline: “More with Dementia Wander from Home.”(13) People afflicted with, what the Times terms “Alzheimer’s” were interviewed. One person mentioned he “has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.” This is patently wrong. Alzheimer’s dementia can only be accurately diagnosed after death when a post-mortem can be done. However, heavy metals poisoning can be diagnosed through lab testing; but this is rarely done for basic check-ups.

What is not addressed in this increase in dementia is the more than 10 years of breathing Chemtrails with nano aluminum-coated fiberglass. Billions of tons have been sprayed on us.

With all these sources of aluminum added to the air we breathe with each breath, the cumulative toxicity is very high. Even in daily events, it is obvious –to anyone who is paying attention– that many people are behaving oddly. While it may be considered “anecdotal” reporting, there are millions of people whose behavior is strange. There have been numerous times in just the past year when I have asked someone a question and received an answer that is totally unrelated. There have been more and more uncontrolled outbursts in public areas: someone “snaps” for no apparent reason. Violence levels are up. Look at all the shootings on school campuses. There are more unexplained auto accidents that never should have happened. In just one day a few weeks ago, I witnessed three traffic accidents that need not have happened. The news is full of these stories.



Psychotronics is a term coined in 1967 by Zdeněk Rejdák for the study of parapsychology. Extensive research programs and numerous conferences into the field during the 1970s and '80s sparked Cold War fears of mind control and other psychotronic weaponry being developed by Eastern Bloc countries which led to popularization of the term in the West. (Source)

It has already been established that the chemical compounds in chemtrails can affect the health with claims it can produce odd and strange behavior, but some believe radio frequencies can also change these compounds to not only control the weather, but for "mind control and behavior and mood control."

Via Educate Yourself:

Geomagnetic Waves & GWEN 

Sixty four elements in the ground modulate, with variation, the geomagnetic waves naturally coming from the ground. The earth's natural 'brain rhythm' above is balanced with these. These are the same minerals found in red blood corpuscles. There is a relation between the blood and geomagnetic waves. An imbalance between Schumann and geomagnetic waves disrupts these biorhythms. These natural geomagnetic waves are being replaced by artificially created low frequency (LF) ground waves coming from GWEN Towers.

GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters placed 200 miles apart across the USA allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered. They operate in the LF range, with transmissions between LF 150 and 175 KHz. They also emit waves from the upper VHF to the lower UHF range of 225 - 400 MHz. The LF signals travel by waves that hug the ground rather than radiating into the atmosphere. A GWEN station transmits in a 360 degree circle up to 300 miles, the signal dropping off sharply with distance. The entire GWEN system consists of, (depending on source of data), from 58 to an intended 300 transmitters spread across the USA, each with a tower 299-500 ft high. 300 ft copper wires in spoke-like fashion fan out from the base of the system underground, interacting with the earth, like a thin shelled conductor, radiating radio wave energy for very long distances through the ground.

The United States is bathed in this magnetic field which can rise from ground up to 500 ft, but goes down into basements, so everyone can be affected and mind-controlled. The entire artificial ground-wave spreads out over the whole of the USA like a web. It is easier to mind-control and hypnotize people who are bathed in an artificial electromagnetic-wave.

GWEN transmitters have many different functions including:

1. controlling the weather, 2. mind control, 3. behavior and mood control, and 4. sending synthetic-telepathy as infrasound to victims with US government mind-control implants.

GWEN works in conjunction with HAARP and the Russian Woodpecker transmitter, which is similar to HAARP. The Russians openly market a small version of their weather-engineering system called Elate, which can fine-tune weather patterns over a 200 mile area and have the same range as the GWEN unit. An Elate system operates at Moscow airport. The GWEN towers shoot enormous bursts of energy into the atmosphere in conjuction with HAARP. The website  wrote an expose of how the major floods of the Mid-West USA occurred in 1993.

No doubt that in a variety of ways, using different methods, experimentation has been conducted over the years for the specific purpose of mind control.


From the genetically modified (GMO) food we eat, to the very chemtrailed air we breath, to the medications doctors are prescribing, our human genome, our very DNA is being altered as are the personalities of some individuals. These are not "unintended consequences," it is all being done by design.

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