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September 7, 2019

With Globalists Pushing 'Soylent Green', The Plundering By Marauders In The Bahamas Following Hurricane Dorian's Wrath Is More Proof We Should Prepare Now While We Still Can

- The UN & MSM Push Food Price Spikes To Offset 'Climate Crisis' While Nudging World Towards Cannibalism


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The first 9 words of the headline on this lead story over at the Daily Mail said it all and confirms much of what the independent media has been warning of for years; that when things all go to hell, there will be no more 'law and order' and everyone will be out for themselves so people best get prepared for anything. 

With those first 9 words being 'People are shooting each other for food and water' following Hurricane Dorian's bashing of the Bahamas, leaving a staggering death toll, thousands still missing and a call put out for more body bags as the bodies are piling up, their story also reported militias have been forming up to stop the looting and looters, marauders going though the chaos and destruction to steal anything they can to eat or drink, confirming what has long been warned, "only 9 meals separate society from total anarchy". 

With what's happening now in the Bahamas giving everyone an up close and personal look at what happens when "everything is gone: No homes; No banks; No gas stations; No hardware stores", they report the end result is "people are starting to panic. Pillaging, looting, trying to shoot people for food and water". 

So while we pray for the people of the Bahamas and the Carolina's with Dorian finally making landfall at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina on Friday morning, what has once again been happening to a civilized society in the Bahamas is absolute proof that we should prepare for any and all such disasters while we still can because if we don't, the next time disaster strikes, we may be the ones hunting for food in the streets. 

And with there already food shortages in some places in America, another massive and mysterious food recall of 12 tons of beef as the Organic Prepper had reported within this story from just a few days ago (ANP: Where does all that recalled food go, by the way??), the United Nations pushing for huge food price increases as Celeste mentioned in this September 2nd SQAlert which we'll take a look at in full in the next section below and now, the global-leftists pushing cannibalism in our faces as a way to stave off 'global warming' and 'save the planet', everything seems to be coming to a head. 

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As Breitbart had reported within this August 22nd story, 'globalist mouthpiece' Newsweek had recently put out a story arguing it may be time for humans to rethink the 'ultimate taboo' against eating human flesh, with two psychologists actually arguing within the Newsweek story that since cannibalism is quite common within the animal kingdom, we humans have to get beyond the disgust and revulsion that most feel when even thinking about eating 'human flesh'.

As Steve Quayle had mentioned in an SQnote while linking to the Breitbart story, as he had mentioned 24 years ago on one of his first radio shows, "When cannibalism fills the headlines of the day, know that Tribulation has started! We have arrived!" And as Mike Adams followed up in this September 4th story over at Natural News, this push for accepting cannibalism by the mainstream media follows the last several years of the corporate media pushing 'insects' as a viable food source to help 'stop climate change'.

And now we learn that a Swedish scientist is promoting the 'food of the future', dead human beings. As this story over at the Epoch Times reports, human beings eating dead human beings is being pushed heavily by the left in the name of stopping "climate change." Ready to eat your neighbors? With this push by the global leftists for humans to eat human to stop climate change not only giving us more reasons to 'prep' but giving us more evidence of how far some on the left have fallen into insanity, now we get word that the UN is pushing huge food price increases to cut off the masses from affordable food, all in the name of 'climate change'.

Recent studies have shown that the language of 'climate change' and “global warming” do not stir up an emotional reaction in people and so climate alarmists have issued an appeal for the use of more powerful expressions to provoke people to action.

Last April, a team of advertising consultants from SPARK Neuro released the results of a study suggesting that worn-out expressions such as 'climate change'do not frighten people enough, whereas stronger vocabulary such as'climate crisis' and 'environmental collapse' produced a significantly stronger emotional response.

The expression 'climate crisis' for instance, got 'a 60 percent greater emotional response from listeners 'than 'climate change,' the study found. FROM CELESTE--To the public they call it Climate Crisis but behind closed doors they call it Climate Chaos, as in they opened Pandora's box. I got this from a chance encounter with a gentlemen who just retired from the UN and it was his job. It was a very interesting conversation.

They are building the rhetoric for that UN document and policy that will be released on September 25th. They want or demand a 30% tax plus an additional tax on food to pay for this climate crisis, hence food to be sold as kiocalorie or by the molecule. The diverted money will go to those with already deep pickets of our money, wealth redistriubution.

And with the UN pushing leftist talking points while one US Congresswoman has called for the United Nations to occupy the United States, with Ilhan Omar pushing for the UN to take over our southern border, allowing America to be overrun with illegal aliens like what has happened to Europe, we'll take a look within the next section of this story below at the hard push being made by leftist globalists to do completely away with American sovereignty, officially turning our country into a starving 3rd world nation.

And with the msm now pushing cannibalism as a viable option for Americans as heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, our final section which will take a look at prepping for what we're now watching unfolding. Not sure about you but we'd much rather be eating long term survival food than insects or dead human beings, that's for sure. And while the leftist state of Washington is considering the legalizing of 'human composting', most Americans should know that 'Soylent green' is not a real option. 


According to this new story over at Clash Daily that the Liberty Daily had linked to Friday morning, the 'one-world-government-pushing' globalist head of United Nations Communications has put out a statement claiming that 'illegal immigrants invading the United States is never a crime'.

With Melissa Flemming, an American, making a Facebook post claiming "the right to seek asylum is enshrined in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & was made binding by the 1951 Refugee Convention", we see a stunning push being made by globalists to take down our national sovereignty while using 'climate change' as their reason to bypass American laws with globalist Bill Gates even going so far as to pursue a plan to carry out planetary genocide under the guise of halting 'climate change' as Mike Adams had reported within this September 6th Natural News story

SCoPEx is an acronym for “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment,” and it’s the name of a new Bill Gates-funded global genocide experiment designed to eliminate most living humans by collapsing the biosphere. The dangerous SCoPEx plan, which is being masterminded by mad scientists at Harvard, falls right in line with the genocidal dreams of communist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who recently announced his endorsement for expanding mass abortions across Third World nations in order to achieve accelerated depopulation of brown and black people.

Both SCoPEx and Bernie Sander’s eugenics population control scheme are being packaged under the label of halting “climate change,” a false, manufactured crisis invented by globalists to spread mass hysteria and convince the people of the world to surrender all remaining liberties.

“This is not the crackpot plan of a garden-shed inventor,” writes the UK Daily Mail. “The project is being funded by billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates and pioneered by scientists at Harvard University.”

Also warning within his story that the SCoPEx project seeks to replicate the effects of an apocalyptic volcanic disaster that ejects so much ash into the air that it blocks the sun to aid the 'global cooling' that the globalists insanely believe is needed, Adams story reminds us that we already have historical proof that such gigantic eruptions have caused massive food shortages and the global collapse of food crops with the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora causing food shortages all around the world in 1816.  

So while leftists and globalists continue to push the global warming narrative that we've been hearing since Al Gore began pushing it over a decade ago, as Susan Duclos had reported within this new ANP story, a recent 7-hour CNN 'climate crisis town hall' has proven that the 'global warming' lie being spouted by radical leftists is simply another way the 'dictators in making' want to control every aspect of our lives. 


So with the global leftists now pushing cannibalism in our faces as an option for any food crisis in the near future, leading to the blunt truth expressed in this new story over at American Greatness titled "Why You Can’t Say ‘Eat Me!’ to a Leftist Anymore",  while what has happened in the Bahamas has given us more proof that 'only 9 meals separate society from anarchy', we serve our families and loved ones best by preparing now for whatever disaster may come next, unless of course we want to be eating insects or even worse, 'soylent green', especially with these 'leftist dictators in making' seeking to control almost every aspect of our lives in the future should they have their way. 

As Susan Duclos had reported in this August 22nd story titled "More Signs The Clock Is Ticking And Americans Only Have A Limited Window To Get Ready: Once The Food Crisis Hits, It Will Already Be Too Late To Prepare For The Erupting Chaos", no matter what the crisis or disaster is, food and water will always be needed afterwards, especially with many disasters making food almost impossible to obtain as the people in the Bahamas now understand. From Susan's story.:  


With these shortages being reported on now, before this year's harvest, one can only imagine how many other fruit and vegetable product shortages will be seen next year, so learning to grow your own food year round, many having to do so indoors due to living in cold climates, should be a main focus.

Some books with excellent review scores:

Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening: How to Grow Nutrient-Dense, Soil-Sprouted Greens in Less Than 10 days

Indoor Edible Garden: Creative Ways to Grow Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables in Your Home

Other items for growing food indoors: (Related: The 8 Best Vegetables to Grow Indoors)

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The midwest flooding also hit a number of ranchers and their livestock, so either meat shortages or spikes in prices for some meats can also be expected, and no, I am not going to suggest raising your own cattle, but it might come in handy to have some freeze dried or canned meats to add to your homegrown vegetables.

Freeze Dried Chicken

Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles

Freeze Dried Ground Beef

As mentioned previously, in the 1st video below we hear more about the mainstream media now pushing cannibalism and the normalization of pedophilia in America, leading to one commenter on the video stating "They can try and shove as much as they want down our throats BUT it won’t work! Sick and evil is still sick and evil!" and another commenter mentioned "We live in a twisted world".

In the 2nd video below we hear from MD Creekmore and his new video titled "15 Items New Preppers Should Buy/Stockpile First" within which he shares with us some great prepping info for beginners while in the 3rd and final video below, Mike Adams warns us of one worst case food scenario that could lead to disaster. 

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