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November 7, 2021

This Photograph Giving Democrats Nightmares Symbolizes An 'Awakening Of The Sleeping Giant' In America And A Need To Double Down On Our Efforts To Seize America Back From Tyranny

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If ever America and our rapid descent into full-scale tyranny needed more of a massive wake up call and a boost from 'politicians' and 'heroes' within, we finally got one this past Tuesday.

While all has for quite some time seemed 'lost' as 'woke politics' took over huge swaths of the country and our 'transformation' into a 'pseudo-socialist nation' headed towards all-out leftist despotism seemed all but complete, the resounding election victory of Virginia Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears dropped a bombshell on that agenda that is likely to keep exploding over the foreseeable future. 

With the photograph seen at the top of this story a photograph that is already giving Democrats nightmares and will likely continue to do so for some time into the future as a very strong and Conservative Black Woman, and a US Marine Vet at that, has won a crucial political position in the state of Virginia, we'll be taking a look within this story at all of the reasons why it's time to pick up the pace and double down upon our fight to 'take back America' from 'the crazies' as America, inching for many years towards tyranny, has suddenly been given a 'dose of fresh air'.

As this story over at Citizen Free Press points out, Winsome Sears is a walking truth bomb against the Democrats sinister socialist agenda, going on Fox News and delivering this gem likely to continue triggering liberals into 2022: "The Democrat-run cities, the Democrat-run counties, states, they're losing. The neighborhoods are the worst, the schools are the worst, everything, it's the worst. And so they move from Democrat-led states, come to GOP-led states, and they ruin it." BOOOOOM!

And with her team recently making it clear that she won't be the least bit intimidated by MSNBC's talking head Joy Reid and the rest of the 'racist progressives' within the mainstream media and 'cancel culture', we're not the least bit surprised that the MSM wasted no time at all attempting to label Sears as 'a black mouth moving but a white idea running on the runway of the tongue'. Talk about racists!! 

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So with yet another MSNBC guest calling Sears 'the black mouth of white supremacists ideas', it's easy to see just how scared these demons are of Virginia's first 'woman of color' to serve as Lt. Gov., with Sears clearly a courageous and fearless leader who could rip the left's 'everything is racist' arguments and agenda into little bits and pieces.

And Sears also once argued that Black Americans should stand toe to toe with Republicans against the Democrats agenda, long arguing that she herself as a black American woman has been 'living the American dream', while the left attempts to paint America as a 'white supremacist nightmare'

So if you still haven't read the background story of Sears, we've excerpted it below from two different recent stories. First, from this Western Journal story.: 

Virginia’s historically elected lieutenant governor has quite the history: Arriving to the United States as a child immigrant from Jamaica, Sears later went on to serve in the United States Marines, according to Fox News. 

Also, prior to entering politics, Sears “built a successful business as a trained electrician,” led a men’s prison ministry and served as the director of a women’s homeless shelter for The Salvation Army, according to her campaign website. 

Virginia’s new lieutenant governor then went on to criticize “some who want to divide us” around racial issues.

And from this story over at Zenger News, which was written before Sears had won, we learn just how passionate Sears is about the 2nd Amendment and why its so important it never be taken away. 

Winsome Sears is the first black woman to be the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia, a state whose checkered racial history is under public debate. But she believes she can win votes from black Virginians irked by a Democratic Party that she says takes them for granted. 

The Democrats have been successful in instilling fear in people who look like me,” she told Zenger in a wide-ranging interview. “I have had white liberals talk down to me — talk down to me, and as if I didn’t exist — simply because I’m a Republican.” 

 “I mean, how dare you? Who told you you could talk to me that way? Because I’m not the right kind of black? Is that how this works?”

Sears, who joined the U.S. Marines as an 18-year-old Jamaican immigrant, said black voters should be shoulder-to-shoulder with the GOP when it defends gun owners, especially armed women in urban areas. “What am I going to do? Tell these black women, ‘You can’t have guns’? I don’t think so,” said Sears. “When I’m waiting for the police to come, what do I do? How do I protect myself? I don’t know karate.” 

She said her time in uniform didn’t shape her views on firearms, but the black community in Virginia’s Hampton Roads region did. “Do you know that the first gun confiscation laws were against black people? … We were the ones who immediately could not own guns, even though it’s our Second Amendment right,” she said. “And so we’re not going to do away with that.”

Talk about 'BOOOOOOOM!' Just imagine America in the future with black voters standing shoulder to shoulder with the GOP, working together to peacefully return our country to the American people and small businesses and their owners all across America rather than big corporations, big tech and 'big tyranny' ruling over us!

Simply knowing that America now has a politician like Sears getting into office should help 100's of millions of Americans sleep better at night. And now in this story republished over at Zero Hedge by Jonathan Turley titled "Locked-And-Loaded: Supreme Court Argument Appears To Confirm A Major Gun Rights Victory In The Making," we see another reason to have faith in the 2nd Amendment and US Constitution going forward, though we must never give up our fight to defend them against all enemies of freedom and America, both foreign and domestic. The tweet from Lt. Gov elect Sears' twitter account seen above also speaks volumes. #SemperFi 

So while 'sane' Democrats, such as Hawaii's Tulsi Gabbard, claimed the huge blow to Democrats in Virginia were 'a resounding rejection of our arrogant leaders' efforts to divide us by race', with Democrat Gabbard having the courage to claim the outcome (of Republicans winning!) was "a victory for ALL Americans", blogger Tom Luongo at his Gold, Goats and Guns Blog claims we shouldn't expect Democrats to learn anything at all from their pummeling. 

Because as Yahoo News reported in this new story, the race baiting continues unabated from the mainstream media with Sears being called 'a puppet'. With 'puppets' apparently anybody who defends the 2nd Amendment, calls for 'small government' and stands up to the mainstream media talking heads while calling for the lowering of taxes and the Defense of America, watch what further lows they'll stoop to in the coming days to demonize anything and everything Sears says, a challenge we're sure she is completely ready for.  

A whole bunch of the top-voted comments on this Daily Mail story reporting upon Winsome Sears' resounding victory in Virginia are republished below and bode poorly for Democrats in the coming year. 

But I was repeatedly told the Republicans are wayists. Obes too. How can this be??? BTW, she defeated the state's most vocal anti-Trump politician. Congratulations to Lieutenant Governor-elect Sears.

Congratulations to Winsome Sears on her win! She is a fierce, fearless American patriot that I would gladly stand with and support! 

Great to see a woman of character and substance being elected over any woke joke leftist candidate. 

Breaking stereotypes all round. The democrats must hate that.

This is the beginning of the end of the Democheats. 2022 will be the end of them

Awesome! Way to go! The Liberals are losing it.

So while America still has some major battles ahead of us to win this war for the future of all humanity, it's great to get the kind of victories we saw this past Tuesday with Rolling Stone Editor Matt Taibbi calling what happened recently 'the red-pilling of Loudon County VA,' with what's happening now as we rush towards 2022 quite arguably 'the sleeping giant awakening', and not a moment too soon we might add. 

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