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June 6, 2016

'It Will Be The Most Horrific Of Times' - More Signs They're Preparing For The End Of America And The 'End Of Times' As One Woman Warns: 'I Can't Believe This Happened On American Soil'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The stories linked to within this ANP story from and Pamela Geller's 'Atlas Shrugged' from the past few days alone help to explain the lightning-speed change we're now witnessing unfolding across America and the world as a long-held plan to overthrow the national sovereignty of the United States and the total overthrow of Western culture is being played out before our very eyes. As one Atlanta, Georgia woman recently warned as heard in the 2nd video below after being attacked with her own American flag by a woman wearing a burka, "I can't believe this happened on American soil."

The story excerpted below recently emailed to us by a well-trusted source tells us that back in September of 2015, Freemason's ordered the European Union to open the borders, allowing more and more immigrants to flow into the continent. Proving that a well-designed bid is taking place to 'undermine supporting elements such as homeland, identity and nation', it's clear that since that September story, Europe has fallen and if the current regime in DC has its way, America will not be far behind them. As we read in the recent SQAlert republished below videos, sinister forces are now working towards ensuring a universal caliphate and the 'return of the Mahdi'. "It will be the most horrific of times" we are warned.  

The statement from the Freemason's back in September seen below provides us with an interesting look into what otherwise is a very secretive world and was publicized by Médias-press made in France.: 

Now the Masons have spoken out. 28 Obediences have signed an official statement and throw a revealing light through this rare openness on the phenomenon now paralyzing Europe of borderless and irregular immigration. A phenomenon that makes the growing gap between elites and people visible.

Among the signatories are the Grand Orient of France, the Grand Lodge of Austria, Switzerland, the Grand Orient, the Grand Lodge of France, the Grand Orient of Belgium, the Grand Lodge of Belgium, the Grand Orient of Croatia, of the Grand Orient of Ireland, the Grand Lodge of Italy, the Grand Orient of Luxembourg, the Grand Orient of Poland, the Grand Orient of Portugal, the Grand Orient of Greece, the Women's Grand Lodge of Turkey and others. 

They called on the European governments to not only receive the oncoming immigrants but take more and more in the future. The Masons proving an impressive consensus  among themselves from Turkey to Portugal, from Italy to Ireland and Poland. In addition, they are also making visible a constructive convergence with the official policies of the European Union and the majority of EU member states. It's a coincidence of intentions, that has been rarely expressed officially to this extent between Freemasonry and policy makers.

A singular coincidence? It may be doubted. "The agreement has one objective: The undermining of supporting elements of our community such as homeland, identity, people," said Corrispondenza Romana.
The Lodges statement was publicized by Médias-press made in France.
The official lodges have justified the demand for unbridled immigration with overcoming "national egoism" and the primacy of undefined "general interests", which would require an "innovative welcome policy".
The lodges are not only declaring noble intentions, but issue a warning. Should  governments not open their borders and therefore not follow the Masonic proposals, there would be "divisions and conflicts" and to a "resurgence of nationalism" in Europe.


The stories from Pamela Geller the last few days alone include "Arabic Is The Fastest Growing Language In English Homes" as well as "1037 Syrian Refugees Admitted In May; 2 Christians, 1035 Muslims" while warning us a Muslim recently captured in Arizona having come over the Mexican border had ties to the taliban. However, if you only read one story from Geller's website today, make sure to read this one which tells us what the true purpose of Islam is in America directly from one of Islam's leading voices in America. You can also hear from Geller with Sean Hannity in the 1st video below.:

Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir, is honest where most American Muslim leaders tell credulous audiences everything they want to hear. Note how neatly Ibn Thbait’s words coincide with the words of Hamas-CAIR’s co-founder, Omar Ahmad, who said: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant,” and “The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” This is no accident or coincidence. These are two Muslim leaders who let the mask slip. 
From Thbait: The Prophet said: “There is no god but Allah.” Instead the [elites of Mecca] rejected. They offered the Prophet wealth, status, and political representation – a seat on the executive branch within Mecca’s secular order – all to avoid this statement and its implications. Yet he rejected their offers and continued his journey towards radical change, providing us with step-by-step instructions on how to make this religion supreme.

The elites of Mecca would use every possible measure to coerce or contain Muhammad’s call for change within specific parameters. Those parameters would permit the changing of anything that did not threaten their system and infringe on their power. But this message is not here to integrate. It is here to dominate. Islam is here to dominate! This was an ideological struggle, the sole purpose of which was to organize Man’s affairs in accordance with a system revealed by Allah.


The stories over at Shoebat which help to tell us what we'll never learn from the mainstream media about what the real purpose of Islam is and include a cover-up that the media nearly got away with. Telling us that a UCLA student editor recently discovered that the 'shooter' in a recent incident at UCLA had his Twitter profile mysteriously changed, from Islam to Hindu, we have to wonder why the shooter was also immediately called 'white' when it's clear now that he wasn't?

We also see in this series of stories why those living in the West should be so concerned about what clearly is not a 'peaceful' religion. We start with a story from close to Atlanta where a 6'2" Muslim woman wearing a burka has attacked a Christian family for flying an American flag outside of their own home. The Fox News story that originally broke this tells us that Amina Ahra was arrested after attacking a woman and her daughter, total strangers to the attacker. Tieing right in to this recent story from Susan Duclos on ANP, the woman being attacked said the attacker seemed 'possessed'. Is this the society we're now living in where total strangers attack us for flying American flags? You can hear about this 'possessed' woman in the 2nd video below. From Fox News Atlanta.:

She said she still cannot believe it all happened on American soil.

“A lady walked out of our woods in a full Burka, full attire, stares at us for a minute, then grabs my American flag off of my mailbox and charges towards us with it, just swinging it with all her might,“ the wife and mother said.

"When she came charging , it was kinda like momma bear Instincts kicked in . She had to protect her children," daughter Brittany Arno said.

Arno said when Ahra grabbed the flag; the two women began to fight. That is when Arno's 17-year-old daughter jumped in and her 14-year-old son grabbed the family gun.

Neighbors also ran to help and held Ahra down until Lawrenceville Police arrived.

Mother and daughter said Ahra never uttered a word and seemed possessed.


We also learned from several recent Shoebat how 'Orwellian' our world has become due to political correctness and the disease called 'liberalism' as a Muslim refugee goes on a rampage in a German store, only to be stopped by a group of German citizens who themselves are now being investigated and prosecuted for stopping the rampage. We also hear that Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook is wasting time harrassing Christians for criticizing Muslims while allowing ISIS to sell Christian and pagan girls on Facebook as sex slaves. Meanwhile in Obama's America, a Somali Muslim war criminal gets a job at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington DC working security while the situation has gotten so bad in Europe that even the Dalai Lama is now saying that European countries should send refugees back to their own nations.   

While Mr. Obama somehow has a very difficult time equating the word "Islam" to the word "terrorism", the Muslim man in charge of the BBC's 'Religion' department has no problem making the equation whatsoever and states here that 'Islam' and 'ISIS' and Islamic terrorism are forever linked, however uncomfortable that fact might be.:

The BBC's head of religion has said although it is 'uncomfortable' to accept, the ideology behind ISIS is based on Islamic doctrine.

Aaqil Ahmed, the first Muslim to hold the post, said it was untrue to suggest that ISIS had nothing to do with Islam, despite the fact that the majority of Muslims do not agree with the extremist group.

He was speaking at an event at Huddersfield University, when he was asked to explain the BBC's controversial policy on referring to the group as 'so-called Islamic State'.

Prime Minister David Cameron has been among those who have called for the corporation not to use the phrase when referring to the terror group operating in Iraq and Syria, saying Muslims would 'recoil' at the phrase being used to justify the 'perversion of a great religion'. 

Mr Ahmed was asked at the event organised by Lapido, the centre for religious literacy in journalism, to defend the term by barrister Neil Addison on the grounds that he wouldn't have said 'so-called Huddersfield University'.

According to a report by Lapido, he responded by saying: 'I hear so many people say ISIS has nothing to do with Islam – of course it has.'

'They are not preaching Judaism. It might be wrong but what they are saying is an ideology based on some form of Islamic doctrine. They are Muslims.' 

'That is a fact and we have to get our head around some very uncomfortable things. That is where the difficulty comes in for many journalists because the vast majority of Muslims won't agree with them [ISIS].'  


It's quite clear to us that the 'overthrow' of Europe is well under way and very little stands between America and a 'borderless world', especially if a 2016 election is held and Hillary Clinton voted into office. As we have stated previously, we have our doubts if the globalists will allow us to hold another election if it appears that an 'America 1st' president could be voted into office who they could not control. The Freemason's have made their view on this issue made publicly. They've warned of repercussions for opposing their plans. Even Obama used his Ramadan message to Muslims to let them know he'd protect them from people like Donald Trump. If Trump is elected president, and he really is an 'America 1st' president and not another globalist tool, how will Mr. Obama do that? The recent SQAlert republished below videos offers us one such way.

With ISIS recently encouraging their followers in Europe and America to attack 'infidels' during the month of June during Ramadan, a month of 'conquest and jihad', we see that the clock is quickly ticking towards potential disaster. We can only be vigilent on our own and hope that America's best have things under control and can prevent any kind of real or 'false flag' attack upon our nation that would allow the globalists to complete their takedown of America.

In the final video below, we hear the full Islamic anti-Christ theory from ABDH Media along with some very interesting predictions about the 12th IMAM that have striking similarities to Biblical warnings of 'end times'. 


Steve, Great article Today " A Russian Warning." Within the appeal
the article states "Russia will destroy America in ONE HOUR (emphasis
added)". Where have we heard this before? Revelation 16-18. After
studying Revelation I have always assumed America is Mystery Babylon.
Yes, our destruction seems written in stone. Christians need to heed your
warnings and prepare with a storehouse and safe location. After WW III
there will still be a job to do connecting the living with the only true
Living Hope. God Bless you Steve for all your warnings. Your friend in
Christ, Bruce M


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