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October 19, 2021

Prepare For Utter Mayhem And Carnage In US Cities As Over 120 Locations In America's Biggest City To Be Hit By DHS 'Gas Exercises' While Critical Infrastructure Is Dismantled

- 'They're Coming For Essential Workers First, Then They're Coming For The Rest Of America'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the past several years, we've published numerous stories on ANP about the full descent of America's big cities being transformed into homeless hellholes and crime ridden wastelands and believe it or not, as bad as things have been, things are about to take a huge turn for the worse.

As ABC News had reported in this October 16th story, there's great concern in Portland, Oregon that the city is turning into a gigantic dumpster fire after a crowd of 100 people wreaked havoc in downtown Portland, smashing storefront windows, lighting dumpsters on fire and causing at least $500,000 in damage, with no attempts being made to stop the carnage by the police. 

With Portland Police officials claiming that's because of legislation passed by Oregon lawmakers this year, which restricts the tools police can use to confront people vandalizing buildings and causing mayhem, what's happening now in Portland, and other US cities nationwide, is likely to explode in the coming weeks with law enforcement now leading the charge against the insane 'mandates', many being fired, setting us up for those cities being ripe for a crimewave reminding us of 'Escape from New York'. 

Even in Baltimore, Maryland, where Police Union Head Sgt Mike Mancuso has told officers not to disclose their vaccination status to anyone ahead of the city's mandate kicking in due to 'poor communication by the city of Baltimore about the policy' among other reasons, just looking at the story title's we've linked to below shows we're now witnessing a pattern all across the US of nothing less than the complete dismantling of our first responders and 'essential employees' work force, a collapse of America in our faces. 

From the Daily Mail: "Lightfoot slams Chicago police union for trying to 'induce an insurrection' by telling cops to disobey COVID vaccine mandate while chief warns officers could LOSE retirement benefits if they quit rather than get jab"

From NBC News: "EMS services warn of 'crippling labor shortage' undermining 911 system: “We’re not bleeding any longer — we’re hemorrhaging,” one ambulance service operator said of a decade long worker shortage exacerbated by the pandemic"

From DNYUZ: "Across the U.S., clashes intensify between city officials and the police over vaccination issues"

From the Western Journal: "'Rapidly Deteriorating Conditions': Portland Police Reveal Why No Arrests Were Made Despite $500,000 Riot"

From the Daily Mail: "Seattle police display 'Don't tread on me' Gadsden flags in protest over today's vaccine mandate deadline: Officials fear 300 officers could exit and make 'defund' exodus 'look like child's play'"

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While USA Today recently did a 'fact check' story to report that many of the recent flight cancellations were NOT due to an 'organized walkout', the facts of the matter are, many pilots in 2021 America are former military members. And as we see in the thread posted above that we've re-published below, apparently many such 'essential employees' see exactly what is going on now in America and across the world.  

From my dad who is a pilot about the current situation with Southwest airlines:

"I'm in the airline industry. Yesterday 668 Southwest Airlines flights had canceled by the time I went to bed. They are estimating 1,000-1,400 will be cancelled today. Want to know why? They told their pilots and flight attendants they had until November to get jabbed. So now they have to use all their banked vacation and personal time, or lose it. And off duty crew are not picking up trips to cover. Jacksonville ATC walked out too and Milwaukee ATC is expected to follow today. There is no weather. Southwest asked one of the pilots about it. 

The answer I got was (paraphrasing): 80% of our pilots are ex- military. We see the tyranny that's happening. They're coming for essential workers first (nurses, doctors, firefighters, police, military, teachers and transportation workers) and they're coming the rest of America next. We're not doing it for us, we're doing it for America. We swore to defend the constitution against all enemies."

With American cities now imploding before our very eyes as law enforcement members get out of dodge before taking a shot that is leading to the deaths and injuries of many more people than we're being told by the mainstream media, while all across the country, those who've long been in 'critical positions' in 'critical industries' are resigning or being fired, we see exactly in what's happening in our world today what that pilot/ex-military member warned of. 

And with all of these upstanding law enforcement officers, pilots, doctors, nurses and others who refuse to bow to tyranny and surrender their own bodies to a big pharma concoction they're pushing way to hard sure to be labeled as 'domestic terrorists' by the 'regime' in due time, we shouldn't be surprised that what's long called 'conspiracy theory' is a reality we have to confront now unfolding before our eyes before it become an eternal nightmare. From this NBC News story that gives us a glimpse of the vicious cycle unfolding. 

Companies have had to close, consolidate or come up with new strategies to answer calls, said American Ambulance Association President Shawn Baird, who added that there is simply not enough EMS personnel to cover calls in many parts of the country, especially during the pandemic. 

The loss of staff to pandemic-related burnout and low wages has created a vicious cycle, requiring greater dependence on those workers who have stayed on. The situation has deteriorated to such a degree in recent months that ambulance services and industry leaders are pleading with Congress and state legislatures to help. 

"The magnitude has really blown up over the last few months," Baird said. "When you take a system that was already fragile and stretched it, because you didn't have enough people entering the field, then you throw a public health emergency and all of the additional burdens that it put on our workforce (ANP: AKA MANDATORY JABS) as well as the labor shortages across the entire economy, and it really has put us in a crisis mode."

So they're preparing to not only collapse our current law enforcement system but our medical system as well, and look, just what they need to 'push things' along, not only a scamdemic but a potential false flag unfolding right before our eyes as looked at in the next section of this story below. 

Another excellent thread we should think about in 2021 America is seen in the graphic above. 

With Dr. Faust-i recently teeing up his campaign to blame the unvaccinated for any future COVID waves that hit America another sign of the insane hole of growing tyranny we've been cast into as a nation as the regime tries to get everyone vaxxed and 10's of millions are emphatically saying 'no', one could argue the globalists need another 'event' to speed things along.

And as Truth Based Media reports in this new story, along comes just such an opportunity. Reporting that in a 12-day period that started on October 18th and goes through October 29th, the DHS along with 'researchers' will be 'deploying' a so-called 'non-toxic gas' in 'about 120 locations across the city, including (mass) transit' centers, what could go wrong? 

And some might want to ask, has a 'gas-based vaccine' been created to 'mass vaccinate' those who had no plans of doing so? We'd be wise to not put anything past these devils. Doing so under the guise of 'terror readiness'. From this NBC New York story.

New York City's response plans for a chemical or biological attack will be put to the test in the coming weeks as part of a federal preparedness study. 

The MTA says the Department of Homeland Security working alongside a team of researchers and city agencies will deploy a non-toxic gas this month at about 120 locations across the city, including transit. 

Most of the locations will be above ground, including some parks. A number of below-ground subway stations will also be included, though details on which ones weren't known. 

The tests will be conducted on five separate days between Oct. 18 and 29. 

The study simulates "the aerosol release of a biological agent in a densely populated urban environment."

A more realistic view of these 'exercises' from this Truth Based Media story.: 

The entire transit system of New York City will seem like it’s under siege by terrorists releasing chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction for the last two weeks of October, thanks to what the feds are calling necessary rehearsals in case the real thing happens. 

As if nobody can imagine what would happen if one of the most populated metropolitan cities of America suddenly came under deadly gas attack, and everyone starting choking to death and dropping like flies. 

What are we practicing here, how to trample people to death for real during rehearsal? Will Biden announce this so nobody thinks these insane (staged) terrorist attacks are real? 

Calling all crisis actors, get your practice run-through of the script before the “real” staged event of biological warfare in New York’s subway system occurs, according to the feds who say they are deploying non-toxic gas so they can test for biological attack "preparedness.” Rehearsals for gassing millions of subway travelers to death begins now.

So with it looking more and more like the globalists will need another 'huge event' to help them usher in their endgame for America, we continue to serve our families and loved ones best by being prepared for anything, fully understanding of any huge event in our near futures that what is being reported by the mainstream media is pure deception to push along a 'narrative'.

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