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March 26, 2020

'It' Is Hitting The Fan Now - Prepping Time Is Over, It Is Time to Shift Into Prevention & Protection Mode

- It Is Too Late to 'Start' Preparing

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Those that have been preparing for years, or even decades for a worst case-type scenario like grid down, EMP, food riots, economic collapse, etc...... are most likely in very good shape to ride out the COVID-19 storm for a few months if necessary, all within their own homes, yards and space.

Others: Not so much.

When news of the coronavirus first started being reported, Independent Media recommended keeping your eye on the story, just in case. By the time China finally admitted to the severity of the virus, it had already started spreading, and then Independent Media started recommending that those that weren't preppers, start, and those that were preppers, top off their supplies. 

Many did just that, as emergency survival food companies started getting slammed with orders, and soon ran out of stock. There are still notes on most of them, phrased differently, but saying the same thing... we are taking orders but they won't be shipped for at least a month or three or more, as the note over at My Patriot Supply clearly shows in the screen shot above.

Fortunately many of our readers have been preparing for the possibility of hunkering down, so many of them are in very good shape to ride out what is happening, but others, for whatever reasons are not, and waiting three months for food is not an option.

We in the Independent Media started trying to find foods and supplies for our readers in other places, like Amazon, where some sellers still had some stock. Then they ran out of some of the most sought after items.

So we started recommended substitutions, ways to improvise, with much input from our readers, offering their advice, experience, tips and resources to help.

Which brings us to present day...... where we are no longer looking at a possibility of "it" hitting the fan, it has already hit and now it is time to utilize those pre-preps to survive.


Recent reports show the COVID-19 coronavirus can live on fruits and vegetables from your grocery store. The recommendations are to wash them with soap and water before using. 

Many people grab and inspect several fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, but an instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University confirmed COVID-19 can live on these items.

Felicia Goulet-Miller is an instructor of microbiology at FGCU and said if someone were to sneeze or touch their nose then food, COVID-19 could live on that item for several hours. Then if another person were to touch it and them their face they could become infected.

Many Independent Media articles started suggesting staying at home, long before the local and state governments were issuing stay-at-home orders, in an abundance of caution.  The healthy started self-quarantining in order to stay healthy, especially after watching how irresponsible many Americans, and the establishment media became part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

So, we figured for those that were able, ordering products online rather than going out where groups of people gather, such as grocery stores, unless absolutely necessary, would be the way to go. A few precautions in order to not interact with those delivering the products, and some safety measures and we are limiting the ways we could get exposed.

Well, now we see that Amazon workers in no less than 10 warehouses and fulfillment centers, have tested positive for coronavirus.

Amazon workers in at least 10 U.S. warehouses have tested positive for coronavirus, marking an escalation at the company that could endanger the health of its workforce as well as its ability to deliver food and other household staples to millions of Americans unable to leave their homes. The first case was reported last week at a facility in Queens in New York City. There’s now a second case in New York at a Staten Island facility. The company told workers on Tuesday that someone had tested positive for coronavirus, but hadn’t been to the facility since March 11, according to an employee who spoke with reporters.

Amazon employees have also tested positive for the virus in at least eight other warehouses across the nation—in Brownstown, Michigan; Jacksonville, Florida; Joliet, Illinois; Katy, Texas; Moreno Valley, California; Oklahoma City; Shepherdsville, Kentucky; and Wallingford, Connecticut—according to Amazon employees, spokespeople and local news coverage. The company has temporarily closed some of these facilities in response.

With different reports on the length of time the coronavirus can live on surfaces, there are some important safety measures folks should be taking before bringing anything from the outside into their homes.

(Do-It-Yourself Gloves)


The time for preparing ahead of time is over.... there is no "ahead of time" after a crisis hits, so it is time to shift gears and move from preparation mode to prevention.

Many of these suggestions and recommendations should be common sense, but after watching, and hearing about some of the utter lack of logical thought being shown by many Americans, and the media, we are going to list them anyway in case newer preppers visit.

We've also embedded how-to videos for making your own protective and preventative gear. 

Wearing gloves if you managed to get them before buisnesses ran out of stock.  Making your own gloves isn't quite as difficult as one might think. They may not be perfect but something, any barrier, is better than none.

If not, then use hand sanitizer after touching any box or package, after throwing away all wrappings outside, before bringing it inside. No touching the face after handling anything from the outside.

For those that waited too long to head to the store to grab a bottle or two because panic shoppers were emptying the shelves as fast as they could be, with some just filling their carts with more product than any one family could use up in a year or five, we have previously discussed Do-It-Yourself sanitizer using 90+ alcohol and aloe vera or Glycerin.

Some stores also have been running out of rubbing alcohol, so using liquor with a very high percentage of alcohol, think moonshine and 190 grain alcohol, will also do the trick. Mix the concoction up, pour in into a bottle, and use it whenever you touch anything from outside or that hasn't been scrubbed.

Most states are listing liquor stores as an essential business, so getting few very high proof bottles shouldn't be an issue.

Another preventative measure is combining everything you need into one trip if you absolutely have to leave your home, so you are spending the least amount of time possible away from home.

Face masks are in low supply, even hospitals and emergency care units are running low, so rather than trying to buy them out from under those that critically need them, learn to make your own. It might not guarantee you won't catch the virus, but it does put another barrier between you and possible exposure.


Readers are highly encouraged to offer their insights on other protective and preventative  ideas and/or resources to help those that are behind the curve, or even to remind some of us that have been prepping for years, of something we have forgotten. 

Even advanced preppers can learn a trick or two in these types of discussions. Anyone that believes they have nothing new to learn, has already given up.


The point here is the "containment" ship has sailed. Prevention and protection for the healthy in order to stay that way, is going to have to be the focus.

If you have to dig into your survival supplies in order to prevent and protect from exposing yourself to someone or some place that has the virus, well, isn't that why you started prepping to begin with?

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