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September 2, 2018

As Hurricane Season Heats Up And The Mainstream Media Warns Of A 'Nightmare Winter' Ahead, Remember The Pentagon Has Confirmed: Man Can Now 'Play God' With The Weather

- President Trump Issues Proclamation: September Is National Preparedness Month

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With this new story from the Weather Channel reporting that the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean may be heating up with a tropical depression heading towards the Gulf of Mexico that is expected to spread a huge amount of rain coming at a time when news stories across America warn of an unbearably cold winter bearing down upon us, we thought we'd take a look at prepping for disastrous weather at a time when the Pentagon has finally admitted that government's are using powerful energy beams to control the weather

While weather modification programs have long been called 'conspiracy theory' and those speaking of such  urged to wear tinfoil hats, Steve Quayle had warned the world years ago in his book "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters" that technologies that had secretly emerged would allow the leaders of major nations to control the weather and conduct secret weather warfare that could be used to produce lengthy periods of drought or disastrous storms. So if man has the technology, why wouldn't they attempt to 'play God?'

As the South China Morning Post recently reported, we have proof that China is building a powerful radar system in the South China Sea that could: knock out communication systems, manipulate the weatherand even cause natural disasters. And now this from their very important story.:

The system, which sounds like something out of science fiction, uses pulsed energy beams to study and manipulate electrically charged particles in the high atmosphere. It has civilian and military applications and could challenge US dominance in both spheres.

The US military has already been working on similar technology, but it has proved controversial with critics warning that it could allow governments to play God by causing disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons and tsunami.

Still think that weather modification programs and man attempting to play God is a 'conspiracy theory'? While their story also reports that many scientists still claim that such programs are impossible, all one needs to do is look at the US Air Force written all the way back in 1996 titled "Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather In 2025" to understand they've long been on their way to doing so for a very long time now and an extensive list of weather modification patents can also be found on the website of Dane Wigington.  


Well whether man-made weather or God-created weather in the months ahead, ANP reader Linda Smith recently made an excellent comment about the warnings now coming out from the mainstream media of an extremely cold winter ahead. Linda's comment: "NEWS PIECES ARE NOW WARNING US OF A "NIGHTMARE" WINTER AHEAD...just a thought, but thinking like "they" do, might they intend to take the grid down during the season to freeze us out and stall normal living?"

Might they take down the grid to freeze out Americans as Linda warns with a bitterly cold winter ahead? Certainly anybody without the ability to heat their own homes should the grid go down for an extended period of time during a brutally cold winter could nearly instantly become a 'statistic'. 

With the years 2017 and 2018 bringing a countless and seemingly endless number of disasters to big cities and small towns all across America, and with these disasters not discriminating between rich or poor or white or black or Democrat or Republican showing that all Americans are indeed succeptible to such tragedies, President Donald Trump has just issued a Presidential Proclamation on August 31st declaring September to be National Preparedness Month.


Reporting within his proclamation that national preparedness month is the time to focus upon the importance of preparing our families, homes, businesses and communities for potential disasters that not only threaten our property but our lives, President Trump's proclamation also reminds us to honor those 1st responders who consistently put their own lives on the line in such times of danger and trouble to save others, people they don't even know. ANP humbly thanks all 1st responders for your service to America! 

And while President Trump's proclamation doesn't refer to any particular future upcoming disaster that might strike America, it does reference the hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters that have plagued America over the past year +, disasters affecting more than 47 million Americans.

And while ANP has always believed that we best serve our friends, our families, our communities and our Father by preparing for anything that might come our way, we'll take a look within this story at the potential dangers facing America in the days and months ahead with hurricane season bearing down ahead of a potentially brutally cold winter. 

As Linda had mentioned in her comment, the news pieces that she had referenced nearly all refer to the newest forecast by the Farmers Almanac which is warning of 'teeth-chattering cold' and lots and lots of snow. 


Predicting a colder than normal winter from the Continental divide eastward, the Farmers Almanac stands by their predictions: “Contrary to the stories storming the web, our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing toward a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter," editor Peter Geiger said in a statement on the company's website. "We stand by our forecast and formula, which accurately predicted the many storms last winter, as well as this summer’s steamy, hot conditions.

According to this December of 2016 story over at WXYZ in Detroit, a human being can freeze to death in under an hour in dangerous weather if one's body is exposed to the elements. As their story reported, people should watch first for frostbite, which only takes 5 to 10 minutes of being exposed to the cold in freezing temperatures with a wind chill factor for it to set in. 

And while we've always worn several layers of dry clothes if we need to go out during the brutally cold to help insulate the body, making sure to fully cover up our faces, hands and any other part of the skin that could be exposed to the cold, we hear in the first video below from Canadian Prepper why having a woodstove during the winter time could be one of the most important investments that people make, especially in a grid down situation. 


And while it may not outwardly seem like the best advice, Common Sense Home reports that one option that we can take should there be a massive power outage during the winter time that takes down our way of heating our homes would be considering moving into the basement. 

Suggesting conserving heat throughout the home by moving everything into one room to live and sleep in, their story points out that while normally a basement is cooler than the rest of the home, the Earth surrounding the basement will actually provide insulation, ... From the Common Sense Home story

When faced with an extended power outage, living and sleeping in a single room will help conserve heat. Select a room away from the prevailing winds. If you have a room in your house that normally stays warmer than the rest of the house, that's probably a good choice. Hang blankets over the door to your “warm” room, and insulate the window with blankets if possible. Use painters tape, duct tape or other tape to seal the blanket over the window. Pillows function well as insulation. If by chance you have spare fiberglass insulation, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam sheets, those can be used to cover windows, too.

Heat may also be lost through the floor. Put blankets, rugs or pillows on the floor to further insulate the room. You can set up a tent in the house. The tent can also keep kids distracted. You can sleep in sleeping bags on a mattress in the tent to share heat and warm a smaller area. Having everyone sleep in the same room will ensure body heat can build up some also.

Susan and I have also selected the basement as our 'go to' room should we lose power during the winter time with our fireplace in the basement, along with our office, we could quickly move everything else we need here to sleep should that worst case scenario arrive. Plain and simple, everybody needs a 'hot room'.  


So we'll close this story with several cold weather prepping tips from the Bugout Bag Guide, Survival Dispatch and several more from Common Sense Home. And any further tips that you might have, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Your tips may just save somebody's life. 

First, Common Sense Home gives us a list of things to do before the brutal cold and deadly storms arrive. 

Long Before the Winter Storm Arrival

Ensure you have fuel for your generator. If you don't have a generator consider a dual fuel generator.

Get an indoor propane heater, such as a propane fueled Buddy Heater. Buddy Heaters and other similar propane heaters are safe and designed for indoor use.

Before the storm – consider improving your windows by controlling heat loss.

Honeycomb insulating shades are a good option to consider. Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, and numerous websites and stores will allow custom orders. We have Bali insulating cellular shades and open and close them with the sun.

At least consider Insulating Curtains to reduce your heat loss.

If its time to replace windows, consider adding storm windows.

Make sure each family member has a few extra pairs of underwear polypropylene 1st layer socks, very warm wool socks and slippers

Make sure your propane tank is full for the winter.

Make sure you have a few extra very warm blankets and comforters, buy them on sale.

Survival Dispatch suggests 4 emergency ways for heating one's home including a wood burning stove, a portable kerosene heater, a portable propane heater or a tea light candle heater with mylar blankets thrown in for good measure. 

And as Bugout Bag Guide reportssurviving when cut off from society is extremely difficult under even optimal conditions for most, but cold weather survival situations add significant additional challenges which must be trained and planned for. Also suggesting dressing in layers, keeping active and moving, keeping fuel in the tank and covering up all exposed body parts, especially the head, being prepared for bitter cold is absolutely essential considering how quickly a human being can die if not prepared.

In the 2nd video below from Dane Wigington he gives us all of the latest in geoengineering news in which he tells us that the changes unfolding on our planet are profound and many. While asking:

How much longer can the epidemic of normalcy bias be maintained? When the facade of the current paradigm can no longer be sustained the forced awakening of the masses will commence.

How many have chosen to believe the lie that we are helpless against those in power? How many have chosen to believe that there is nothing we can do to change the world? We must collectively abandon the lies while we summon all the strength and courage we possess, we must make our voices heard

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