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January 15, 2019

Progressive Socialists Spew 'Facts' Like Drunks Vomiting In The Gutters: Those Trying To Destroy America Will Find Most REAL Americans Will Never Fall For Socialist Indoctrination 


By John C Velisek - Retired, US Navy - All News Pipeline

The progressive socialists in our government have turned a deaf ear to the anguish of the American people. The deaths whether from murders by the illegal immigrants who they welcome and protect into our country or the deaths from drug overdoses coming over the border are ignored by the progressive socialists looking for anything they can find to destroy our country and obtain the power they feel they so richly deserve.

The compliant media continue to flaunt their ignorance by blaming this shutdown on President Trump. They refuse to mention that while President Trump has agreed to negotiate the leftists continue to keep our partial government shutdown going in a feeble attempt to make our President look bad.

The latest attempt to undermine the security of our country is to pass all the unfunded bills with the exception of DHS. This is the very agency dedicated to the security of our borders. And while a few Republicans will go along with this attempt, the rest understand that if they pass these bills, DHS will never be funded and there will be no negotiations for funding. Rep. Pelosi has even stated that even if the other bills were passed, she would not give one penny to protecting our country.

In the silly rebuttal that they gave to President Trump’s heartfelt address to the American people, they never mentioned the safety and wishes of the American people- not once. That tells you how much of a factor that safety is to their policies. The only policy they have is power, and they will do whatever they need to regain the power that they have lost. Chuck and Nancy claimed that the President’s speech was full of misinformation and lies although they didn’t point to any, and even the Washington Post, definitely not a pro-Trump publication could not find any.


They also did not mention the lives lost throughout the country by the illegal immigrants they are so willing to protect with their sanctuary cities. In the words of Nancy Pelosi when confronted about a young lady’s death at the hand of an illegal alien she stated “That is an anecdote, not data." Of course, the data is there, but the progressive socialists don’t care about the numbers. If Americans have to die so that the leftists can get the voters they need, that isn’t really a problem. They also refuse to discuss the sanctuary cities and states that protect these soon to be Democratic voters and the people who have been let go to then commit other crimes up to and including murder.

They continue to clutch their pearls about the women and children that are a minority of the caravan. In a process they learned from Hamas, the socialist organizations running the illegals to the border place the women and children in the front of every time they push to the border and throw rocks and attempt to storm the border at the agents placed there that are there to protect our country.

The “manufactured crisis” of Schumer, Pelosi, the progressive socialists, and the media show just how much in lockstep they are. I started counting on CNN and MSNBC when the term first came up and never came up with a firm figure. In the short amount of time I counted, I heard that term over 90 times. I defy any of them to meet the Angel Moms and dates on a one on one basis and tell them their loved one's deaths are “manufactured” I suppose in a way it is. It is manufactured by the lies and unconstitutional policies that the leftists have forced on the citizens of this country in conjunction with leftist activist judges mostly in the Ninth Circuit.

There are questions that the progressive socialists need to answer. We spend 50 billion on foreign countries, but can’t spend 5 billion on our own security? 4000 American have died due to the immigration policies that have been forced on the American people. Will it take another 4000 to wake up to the changes that must be done? Do you honestly believe that President Trump is such a Nazi that you are willing to sacrifice American lives? Are the American lives lost up until now and in the future cost effective on your attempt to increase your socialist base?


But they want us to believe them and to agree to the “facts” they spew forth like drunks vomiting on the streets. They have shown us that they don’t care about the American citizens, you know, the ones they are sworn to protect and serve with the honest news of the day. They talk constantly of the mothers separated from the children at the border, but what of the families of Americans forcibly torn apart by the deaths caused by the illegals immigrants they are so quick to welcome.

And by the way, the separation of families at the border were started by Barak Hussein Obama, and the pictures splashed across the media of children in cages were actually taken in 2004. It was Obama who had them sleeping on concrete floors in cages but of course, you are not supposed to know that because the media thins they successfully keep it hidden from the American people. Once it was leaked, very few of the deranged left even mention it.

They have used the talking point that illegal aliens actually commit less crime than natural born citizens. Not accounting for the difference in population of the two groups would substantiate that. However, a 2011 GAO report reflects that one-quarter of federal inmates are illegal aliens. They aren’t a quarter of our population so that number shows that criminal illegal aliens are expanding and not decreasing as the numbers that the liars use in the media. On the state and local level, one third are illegal criminals.

There are very few sentient beings that believe this. Ana Navarro, in her bratty high school ignorance, has already become the flag bearer of the leftists, filing her nails during the discussion of Americans dying at the hands of illegals, and declaring she doesn’t have to care. Cuomo, the master of ceremonies of this crap show told her he thought it was a “nice prop”. Does this do anything to disprove that they are in the progressive socialist camp and have turned from the American people?


There is a crisis on the Southern border. Despite all the human and drug deaths the progressive socialists will continue to depend on leftist activist judges to continue to try and push their policies forward. Between leftists like Anastasia Ocasio Cortez calling the illegal immigrants more American that the citizens of this country or Nancy Pelosi claiming MS13 has a “speak of divinity” is it any wonder why those of us who do love our country don’t care if they shout “racist” at us anymore? We are beyond caring what they call us, or the lies they spew forth daily in the media and on the floor of Congress.

Just before the midterms, the leftists denied wanting to impeach the President or abolishing ICE. Both are at the forefront of the agenda of these lying animals.

The American people will understand what President Trump is trying to do. They will also understand that the path that the progressive socialists and their Muslim counterparts have chosen will not work on the citizens of our country. The people of this country are still independent sorts and will not acquiesce to the ranting of a few socialists loudmouths. The indoctrination of the American people starting in our schools on subjects from the superiority of Islam to the gay lifestyle will fall into the degeneracy it deserves.

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