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January 14, 2019

A Message To The Enemies Of America Within: The American People Put You On Notice

- CNN Commentator Filing Her Nails While Discussing The Blood Of Americans Spilled By Illegal Immigrants Shows How Low They Have Fallen

By John C Velisek - Retired, US Navy - All News Pipeline

It took a couple of weeks, but after all the temper tantrums of the leftist politicians, the babbling bobbleheads on the fake news media, and ignorant celebrities virtue signaling to their friends, President Trump took his agenda directly to the American people. When President Trump decided the American people needed to hear from him directly there were all sorts of pearl-clutching by those in the positions of media power deciding from a position of our betters whether we should be able to hear from our President legally elected. Some debated about the best way to “fact check” him through the prisms of their opinion and others who wanted to delay the speech for fact checks. In all the arrogance that they could muster they decided that yes, they would let the “little people” hear from their President.

The question then becomes what is it they don’t want us to see and hear? Why is it that they continue to blather on about illegal immigration is not a crisis? That we don’t need a wall for national security? How do they think they can convince the American people that this is a manufactured problem that President Trump created? Or that technology will stop the invasion of our country? Our border does not need to be secure, we don’t need to enforce the law because it will only inflame the people illegally entering our country.


The immigrants are not the only crisis. 300 people a week, our fellow citizens are dying from drug abuse. The progressive socialists claim that these people have made their own decisions and that the drug dealers and cartels have no responsibility for these people dying. True to a point, but the overwhelming access throughout our country is a crisis that must be stopped by any means necessary.

The progressive socialists such as Ocasio Cortez, Pelosi, Schumer, and talking heads like the pathetic fake Republican Ana Navarro, the self absorbed pretty boy like Jim Acosta, or the prancing Don Lemon, who has assured himself he knows more than anyone else, can sleep well knowing none of this will happen in their gated communities and with the security they surround themselves with. Navarro was filing her nails while discussing the blood of Americans shed by illegal immigrants. The American people will put these and other progressive socialists doing their best to destroy a country they abhor on notice. Someone will finally snap because a loved one is murdered or raped by an illegal you have done so much to protect will snap and you will be the first target.

The media, and progressive socialist in our Congress continue to build a wall of lies in a feeble attempt to swing the people on this country to giving away the rights, culture and society that most have worked so hard to build. They continue to lie by saying things like not having borders is a noble obligation that the country must be forced to endure.

But this is not some hypothetical discussion of the best policy for our country in regrds to illegal immigration. And it is ILLEGAL immigration. I have not met anyone who has any problem with legal immigration. The progressive socialists conflate the two so they can call those of us who wish to retain a honest and caring society Xenophobes and condemn those who feel they deserve a country where only the best are allowed to assimilate. What we get instead is low skilled immigrants who can then be delivered to corporations for cheap labor, to our Hollywood cartel for nannies, gardeners and child trafficking all through the politicians who refuse to stop the flow and pass legislation to push back against such illegalities.


The progressive socialist and their willing accomplices in the media need to read may parts of the immigration law. When the facts that illegals are bringing communicable disease and diseases we had thought were beaten to our shores, they ridicule anyone who mentions it and call you a racist. They beat their breasts about two children who died in CBP control, but neglect to mention that the illnesses they had were from the home country and the trip they were forced to make with the caravan. They were in bad shape before CBP ever saw them. And the little boys father refused any help after the first time the doctors saw him. But for the progressive socialists if fits the narrative better to blame CBP, ICE, and any other authority they can. If creates an aura of totalitarianism that they can then exploit for the narrative of all patriots being Nazis.

They have no right to be here, and when they are here illegally in many places have even more rights that the citizens. If you are here, legal or illegal and refuse to assimilate you will be found and you will be formally asked to leave. If it gets much worse. They will be clashes of a magnitude we have not seen before.

Perhaps that is because she knows and agrees with illegals from her Native Nicaragua and wants to assure they aren’t caught in their illegality. From an Air Force veteran from California, raped, murdered and beaten to death by an illegal immigrant with a criminal history, a man in Georgia was killed, and dismembered by his illegal alien neighbor. Or the MS13 gang member who were let in by the unaccompanied minors laws who were charged with stabbing and beating a 16 years old girl. All of which were protected by illegal sanctuary laws.


Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christanson stated that sanctuary laws that serve no purpose but to hide illegal immigrants with local and state cooperation and that most residents do not want was responsible for the death of Cpl. Ronil Singhs death. They serve as nothing more than a magnet that attracts those who are illegal and combined with the benefits and welfare being given to illegals through the state and forced on the taxpayers are turning areas including the entire state of California into third world hellholes.

But they don’t care. The progressive socialists agenda is to regain power, to subjugate those that disagree with them with the laws they hope to pass, every regulation that can be used to stomp on the necks of the patriots of this country, It remains to be seen how far they will go and how many others will be required to pay the ultimate price for the power they crave.

And all the time we can keep in mind the picture of a pompous, fake Republican Ana Navarro filing her nails while claiming she doesn’t need to care. A picture of the progressive socialists, in a nutshell, I’d say.

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