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July 8, 2017

Putin Asks For 'Proof And Evidence' Of Election Interference After President Trump Confronts Him, Contrary To CNN's 'Fake News' Before The Meeting


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When President Trump spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit, the Russian President asked for the one thing that President Trump could not provide after President Trump pressed him on the issue of election interference, (something CNN once again claimed he would not do according to their "sources") the same thing that millions of Americans have been asking for since the first report was issued by the DNI saying that three intelligence agencies had "concluded" the Russians interference in the 2016 presidential election by hacking into the DNC servers and in turn handing over to Wikileaks to publish the DNC and Podesta emails for public dissemination.

"Proof and evidence" of that claim, something that the intelligence report never offered Americans that have been asking for the same things, simply expecting everyone to "trust them."


Before getting into the meat and potatoes of the headlined portion of this article, it would be remiss of us to not highlight that once again CNN has been caught spewing "fake news," which is perfectly represented in the screen shots below, via Matt Wolking, the images pretty much say it all.

CNN Before The Trump/Putin Meeting: Unnamed sources claim President Trump will not speak about election meddling with President Putin.





CNN After The Trump/Putin Meeting: Trump began meeting with Putin by raising concerns on 2016 election meddling.


At this point I don't know if White House "sources" are just jerking CNN around knowing if they they give them anything that is considered "anti-Trump" they will run with it without even bothering to confirm and verify, or if CNN is just making up even having any WH "sources" left, but coming on top of a very bad month for CNN with false stories, retractions, deletions, apologies and three employees being forced to resign, followed by CNN's "Worst Week In Washington," after threatening and blackmailing an anonymous internet meme maker, this is just the latest evidence of the network simply going down in flames. (More here and here)


Moving along, reports indicate that not only did President Trump speak to President Putin about election interference, but he pressed the issue more than once, but the Russian President finally asked for the one thing that many Americans have been asking for... proof and evidence," which is something no one has ever produced regarding Russian "meddling" in the 2016 election.

The Russians, speaking after the meeting, claimed that Trump accepted the denial - but Tillerson did not. Instead he said the issue may simply be an 'intractable disagreement.' Tillerson also said the Russians pushed Trump for proof and evidence of meddling, something which the president himself had doubted in public as recently as Thursday.

Many may remember that the DNC never allowed U.S. intelligence agencies access to their servers to investigate the alleged "hacking," which Wikileaks, who published the DNC and Podesta emails has maintained was not a "hack," but was instead a "leak," heavily implying that the leak came directly from a source within the DNC, one who was murdered in July 2016, Seth Rich.

Without any access to the DNC servers, the intelligence report created by three agencies and collated by the DNI, that offered their "conclusions," was forced to use the findings from a third party cyber-security firm named CrowdStrike, which has already seen one high profile anti-Russian report debunked as they were forced to retract and revise a different "Russian hacking" report.

READCrowdStrike Revises and Retracts Parts of Explosive Russian Hacking Report

According to the 25 page ODNI report titled "Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution," on page two of the PDF, it states outright that while they are offering their "conclusions" (much of which was obtained by the now discredited CrowdStrike) "the declassified report does not and cannot include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence and sources and methods." 


Everything after that, written into the report, amounts to zip if they cannot prove their allegations, made with information provided by third party.


The entire report consists of their assessments, their insistence that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections by hacking the DNC, without offering any "proof and evidence" of the alleged meddling or interference and to top it off, they only had the data given to them by a third party cyber-security firm that previously manufactured evidence (now revised and retracted) about Russian hacking in regards to Ukraine.

President Putin asked for the one thing that President Trump, nor our intelligence community can give him, or Americans for that matter.... "Proof and evidence." Yet the media has spent months on end claiming the Russians hacked the election, again, with no way to confirm the veracity of the information.

Notice how the MSM is focusing on everything but that demand by the Russian president? Melania's poll numbers are rising! OMG, Trump and Putin shook hands! Ivanka briefly sat at the G20 leaders table!! Reading the body language between the two presidents!

The one thing the MSM is avoiding like the plague is the words "proof" and "evidence" of Russian meddling, because it may just remind Americans that despite the months and months of headlines regarding Russian interference, no one has ever shown Americans any proof or evidence of it.

Note -Personally I have seen the U.S. directly meddle in the affairs and elections of other countries and there is no doubt that "meddling" is something many countries do on a regular basis in the affairs of other countries, so I am not saying that Russia didn't try to influence the presidential election, but as many other Americans, I would like to see the proof of it, not just the "assessment" of the intelligence community using data from a source that has been discredited already over the same type of information.

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