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October 25, 2016

Putin Checkmates Hillary Clinton And The Globalists As Insider Warns: 'We Might All Be Dead Soon'

- Russia Unveils 'Satan 2' Country Destroying Super-Nukes


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the new story from The Mirror that the Drudge Report linked to on Monday we got our very first look at Russia's latest 'country destroyers', the Satan 2 missile packed with up to 16 nuclear warheads and able to completely destroy an area as big as Texas or a country the size of France according to experts. Telling us the weapons will make the bombs dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like 'popguns', Russia's new RS-28 Sarmat 'super-nukes' will be ready to launch in 2018.

As we reported on ANP back on September 25th, Russia already had Satan missiles, the SS-18's that were capable of destroying huge areas; we warned then that according to Paul Craig Roberts, 5 or 6 Satans and the entire East coast would be toast. We hear directly from Roberts in the final video below in which he warns us why we all might be dead soon if global events continue to go in the direction they've recently been heading in.

We also take a look below at a newly translated Russian news program in which we're told how Putin has recently 'checkmated' Hillary Clinton and the globalists in Syria as well as a new video from Discover Ministries in which the prophetic implications of Clinton's recent 'nuclear slip' during the debates is discussed that leads our videographer to warn why he believes our planet is now at the brink of nuclear war with possibly nothing to stop it.


According to the story from the Conservative Daily Post that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin just fired a stern warning shot at Hillary Clinton and the globalists that he might shoot down U.S. jets in the Middle East and is well prepared for World War III. We weren't the least bit surprised to read that the same day, Zero Hedge asked if the White House had just declared war upon Russia after the two nuclear superpowers continued their 'saber-rattling' after Vice President Joe Biden’s recent statement that the White House was prepared to send Vladimir Putin a “message” — most likely in the form of a cyber attack — amounted to a virtual “American declaration of war on Russia” in Russia’s eyes.

The very same day, the International Business Times reported that should Hillary and the globalists launch war against Russia, it could be the biggest mistake made in US history that could quickly lead to millions of dead Americans.


According to the new story from Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream, there is ZERO hope for America until we turn away from our nation's evil ways. Warning us that not even a Donald Trump presidency can 'save us' as long as we continue to slaughter babies on an industrial scale, have sexually-transmitted diseases spreading at the fastest pace in decades with the percentage of births out of wedlock more than 10 times higher than in 1940, it's clear the American people have followed our corrupt and morally bankrupt leaders in a headlong rush towards complete destruction.

According to this new story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan, that 'complete destruction' might happen sooner rather than later if NATO and the US decide to continue pushing Vladimir Putin and Russia. With former Ronald Reagan cabinet member Roberts warning us that Putin's nukes could wipe out the entire East coast of the USA within minutes, we take a look below at a newly translated video from Russian television in which we learn how Russian president Vladimir Putin has just 'checkmated' Hillary Clinton and NATO and why any future US aggression towards Russia could quickly bring death to millions of American citizens.

nato_panicked.PNG ww3preprussia.PNG

Anybody who has been paying attention to real world events realizes that the Middle East is now in such a huge mess largely because of Hillary Clinton. As our videographer tells us, back in 2011, Clinton called for a no-fly zone over Libya through an official UN resolution. But what did 'Team Clinton' proceed to do instead? From our videographer:

The no fly zone was designed to circumvent Gaddafi's own aircraft - while the US proceeded to bomb the territory, in clear contravention to the UN resolution. Gaddafi's convoy was bombed with the use of a drone, after which they sent in the rebels and a camera crew to kill him. Not this time Hillary - not this time.

As we're told by the news broadcaster, Russia's recent moves make it impossible for the West to impose a no-fly zone over Syria.


As we hear in the video and is reported in this story from the Daily Mail, Russian warships which recently sailed down the English Channel towards Syria will make any future 'no fly zones' seeking to be imposed by Clinton or NATO impossible to achieve without risking all-out World War 3 and as even Russian president Vladimir Putin recently stated, any such war will be 'fought everywhere', including here on US soil.

Are Hillary Clinton and the globalists ready to sacrifice the lives of tens to hundreds of millions of Americans just to overthrow Assad in Syria and risk World War 3 against a nuclear super-power that could completely destroy us before most Americans even knew that World War 3 had begun? Imagine our entire East coast up in flames. From the southern tip of Florida up the East coast to New England, hundreds-year-old cities completely wiped off the map a matter of moments. Imagine Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York city and every other major and minor US city and town along the East coast reduced to smoldering ash, countless lives lost and land uninhabitable for thousands of years according to Roberts. Is that what Hillary Clinton and the globalists want for America?


As we're told in this new story from The Express, Russia now has at least 55 SS-18 bombs, appropriately nicknamed 'Satans'. According to Roberts, it would only take 5 'Satans' to wipe out the entire East coast of the US, leaving more than 112 million Americans at risk of extermination and radiation spread over 600 miles according to experts.

As Susan Duclos told us on ANP back on October 14th, should WW3 break out, there will be Hiroshima's and Nagasaki's everywhere across the planet and while Russia has long prepared for that very possibility by building nuclear fallout shelters for the entire capital of Moscow and across much of the country, the US government has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the huge majority of the American people - simply, we are sitting ducks about to get cooked if the wrong presidential candidate is voted into office who for some reason seemingly WANTS nuclear annihilation for America.

ANP has reached out to the Clinton campaign press office asking why Hillary would want a war with Russia that could lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions of Americans. We have yet to receive an answer.


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