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November 3, 2015

Escalation! US Army General Warns Russia An 'Existential Threat' To America! Putin Preps Russians For Nuclear War While DC Does Nothing For Americans


"Russia must be prepared for threats 'both in peacetime, and – God forbid... in wartime'"

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Last week, All News Pipeline reported upon several different stories that we have been watching in the buildup to World War 3 including Russia threatening America with 'unpredictable consequences' if they we became involved in a proxy war in Syria. Today, the Independent reports there has been a serious escalation in the nuclear war preparation we've been watching.

With Russia now preparing their citizens to 'avoid colossal losses', we hear in the 1st video below from Gary Franchi at the Next News Network that the saber rattling between the two nations continues. Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking what's now happening very seriously, ordering the stockpiling of protective gear to protect Russians against "nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological threats." Coming days after the Russian 'doomsday plane' was captured flying circles around Russia after the passenger jet shoot down, we need to listen to what our own leaders are saying and filter through the lies.

In the 2nd video below, US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley tells us that Russia is the only country in the world with the nuclear capability to destroy the United States and that "Russia's recent behavior suggests it would be willing to use such weapons." Is Russia really an existential threat to America as General Milley claims? First, from the Independent with much more below.:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his security council to assess Russia's readiness to survive a nuclear, chemical or biological disaster and has told them to stockpile protective equipment if necessary.

The order was given during one of Putin's regular meetings with the council that is made up of the heads of Russia's intelligence, defence and law enforcement agencies. High-ranking ministers and the speaker of the Russian house of parliament are also permanent members of the group.

According to the government website, Putin told the council that it was important to review and potentially strengthen Russia's defence protocols against "nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological threats, both in peacetime, and—God forbid, of course—in wartime."


Milley also describes Russia as being "aggressive and adversarial to the interests of the United States" but that our own capabilities are "good enough to deal with anything that Moscow has". Milley also tells us that, since Russia can destroy the United States, they are an 'existential threat' to our nation. Milley made these statements at a recent Defense One conference which you can see in full in the 3rd video below.

“I would say that Russia’s recent behavior is adversarial to the interests of the United States,” Milley said, citing “aggressive” exercises and patrols by Russian aircraft, submarines and troops – inside Russia – for the past “four-five-six-seven” years.

Russia bears close watching,” the general added.

When asked whether this means Russia should be treated like a foe and not a partner, Milley executed a fighting retreat, urging a “strength and balance sort of approach, which is our current policy.”

Diplomacy is a “bit more nuanced” than a binary calculation, he noted. While Russian “aggression” should be fought with sanctions and NATO posturing, the US should work with Moscow on matters of mutual interest and convenience, such as the Iran nuclear deal.

This just happens to be the official party line of the Obama administration, as espoused by Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, and President Barack Obama himself on a number of occasions.

At ANP we have to ask, if Russia IS such a threat to completely destroy us, why hasn't the US government been taking the same steps that the Russian government is now taking, preparing to protect the American people from nuclear annihilation? Instead, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are toying around with the idea of taking away Americans guns... and starting a civil war adds the Daily Beast.

What's wrong with a country that won't spend the money to protect their own citizens in a time of potential nuclear war as Russia is doing but WILL talk about taking away their own citizens guns? We also have to ask, doesn't the US ('nwo') have the nuclear capability to destroy the US? We all know 'false flags' happen and we all know (the 'nwo') hates America and the American people!

Finally, Milley was quick to point out that Russia has been aggressive and had been invading other sovereign nations. Anybody who has been paying attention knows that is exactly the foreign policy taken by our own government as we 'invade' nation after nation around the world, even if via CIA/proxy.

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