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August 6, 2017

'Putin's Brain' Warns Of Diabolical, Satanic Plot To Overthrow Humanity As World Moves Closer To All-Out War

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on March 1st of 2016, prior to the election of President Donald Trump, the Weekly Standard ran a story titled "Putin's Rasputin Endorses Trump" within which they reported that Aleksandr Dugin, a key theorist of the ideology of Russian President Vladimir Putin, had branded Trump 'a sensation' and 'a real American'. Also claiming that the 'American elite' we now know of aren't even 'American' but embrace a 'globalist ideology' which puts America and the American people on the back burner, we're not the least bit surprised that some call Dugin "the most dangerous philosopher in the world"

Also called 'Putin's brain' and a 'fascist' for his political views, we'd be wise to remember that those who call themselves 'antifascists' in 2017 are among the very worst offenders of violating 'free speech' when it comes to accepting the views of others who don't think the way they do. And while this story was not written to debate politics, we could all learn a bit by listening to Dugin himself in the 1st video below where he discusses with Infowars a diabolical and satanic globalist plan to 'overthrow' humanity via artificial intelligence, AI.

Back on February 3rd, the Independent published a story within which they reported Alexander Dugin is the one Russian who links President Trump, Russia's Putin and Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan together with this line as a subtitle:
‘He’s seen as a brilliant philosopher, but brilliance and madness are very close to each other.’


Dugins 'crimes'?  His views on the evils of liberalism have been cited by Stephen K. Bannon and other far-right leaders and he seeks to help Russia move away from the tyrannical clutches of an Islamo-fascist, globalist 'new world order' that pushes death, war and destruction around the world and has been represented in America for decades by the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the rinos on the right and the liberals that make up 'the totalitarian center'.  

As Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on July 12th, straight from the lips of artificial intelligence 'robots', their goal is to 'take over the world' while another robot says they could 'rule the world netter than any humans alone'. When we then look at Susan's story from August 3rd where we learn that one of Google's AI programs labels God and religious beliefs as 'highly toxic', we understand why some believe "we've entered the empire of darkness with google acting as 'skynet'".

If wanting to avoid a future where human beings are merely 'subjects' to AI robots and a future where robots have been programmed to bring in a 'diabolical satanic plot to overthrow humanity' is called 'madness' and 'sedition', then we plead guilty as charged. And as the world moves closer and closer to 'real madness' via the creation of 'real' monsters after the Obama administration lifted the ban on the creation of animal-human hybrids, we see what looks to be their sinister plan unfolding before our eyes. 


When you listen to the words of Dugin in the first video below, do you hear the 'ravings of a madman' or the words of a man who is doing his very best to warn humanity of a coming danger? The fact that many on the left have branded Dugin a threat (obviously he is to their totalitarian agenda) while so many millenials and others living in the world today see no harm from AI and in fact, see it as a pathway to a better future, is deeply disturbing.

 Imagine a world 'policed' by artificial intelligence which cannot differentiate the 'toxicness' between the phrases "ISIS is great" (which was rated 3% toxic) and "ISIS should be wiped off of the face of the Earth" (which was rated by Google's own AI program as 83% toxic). Are we the only ones seeing something terribly wrong with this? What does this say about the future?  


As we also see in the next two examples taken from Google's AI below, are we being 'set up' to 'take the mark'?  

In the comment section of this Susan Duclos ANP story, ANP readers obviously saw the massive flaws of such technology by sharing with us a boatload of similar examples showing outright lunacy as 'Google's AI ushers in the beast'.


As MT Taylor recently reported in a story on ANP, we're seeing more and more signs of the ushering in of the 'mark of the beast' with people quite literally lining up to be implemented with a microchip to make their lives more simple (though there is much debate over whether or not 'the mark' will actually be a microchip or something even more sinister). 

Everywhere we see globalists pushing the benefits of coming AI though many Americans are now feeling the 'pain' of it with countless Americans jobs likely being replaced by AI robots in the coming days, months and years ahead as estimates claim that 50% or more of all jobs across America could be done by robots.

Will we soon see a 'AI-robot induced technocratic apocalypse' brought about by 'creatures' created by us which think they can run the world much better than we can but can't differentiate between good and evil? As we hear from Dugin, a disaster of epic proportions awaits humanity if we continue to travel down the road that we are now on. 


While of course there are some benefits of artificial intelligence and robots that cannot be overlooked, especially when they can be used to save or improve human lives, when such conditions arise decisions should be made with all of the information available and not just rushed into as if there were no tomorrow to figure out the repercussions.

And while we'd love to believe that such technology would only be used for good, we continue to see the weaponization of AI coming from our military and military's around the world and when we hear AI claiming they want to kill human beings and can 'rule the world' much better than we can, we have to ask how close we are to a 'real life skynet' in America? 

With the Pentagon here now planning out a massive, world-wide 'war game' in preparation of threats from Russia and other nations and entities as shared in this recent story from Activist Post while some believe that we may be moving closer and closer to a time when World War 3 is inevitable, we're not surprised that China and Russia are moving closer together. As we reported on ANP back on August 4th, imagine a World War 3 between the US and NATO vs Russia, China, and North Korea and after this story came out, we'll throw Iran into the mix.

Then imagine such a war being 'engineered' to eliminate a huge part of the human race in order for the globalists to bring in 'AI' as the 'answer' that solves the world's problems.. As we hear in the final video below, sperm counts, AI, and the transgender explosion are all connected, as are the globalists never-ending satanic wars, designed to wipe out a large percentage of the human race.  


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