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October 19, 2021 

It's Time To Follow This Roadmap To End Global Genocide Before Most Of Us Are Dead And Gone: The White Rose UK Sets An Example For The World To Follow

By W. Gelles for All News Pipeline

Named after the famous German underground movement The White Rose (Die Weisse Rose) which distributed leaflets calling on people to resist the Nazi regime, The White Rose UK urges people everywhere to resist the medical/political tyranny being carried out under the guise of a fake pandemic. 

Several members of the German White Rose were caught by the Nazis and sentenced to death or imprisonment. Today, the Biden-Harris regime is attempting to inject harmful, ineffective, and often lethal genetic-modification agents ("vaccines") into every man, woman, and child in America. These so-called vaccines have already killed, disabled, and severely injured millions of people in the US and around the world, according to the governments' official statistics. Unvaccinated, sensible people who refuse this grotesque experimental treatment are demonized, vilified, and falsely accused of spreading illness. 

Backed by the presstitute news media, Big Tech censorship, and wholly corrupt government health agencies which are fronts for Big Pharma, the US government's ultimate goal is to remove the unvaxxed from society---get them fired from their jobs, make them unable to go shopping or travel, and isolate them in FEMA-style concentration camps which have already been built. 

Distributing truth-telling leaflets, as do members of The White Rose UK, is one way to fight this insanity. Another method is a freely distributed print newspaper. Druthers is a free newspaper widely distributed across Canada---350,000 copies of the November issue reportedly on the way, also available as a free pdf download ( Druthers has announced that it has launched into the United States this month ( The newspaper has featured hard-hitting articles that tell the truth about the injurious COVID-19 "vaccines", the fraudulent PCR test, the mountains of junk data, the mountains of corpses from those who got the jab, and grassroots resistance to the suicidal course that Canada, USA, and most other nations are pursuing. 

Challenging the Narrative

The following statement, from The White Rose UK website, needs to reverberate far and wide across America, from sea to shining sea, or the USA will not survive physically as a nation: 

The disproportionate and dehumanising covid restrictions are a disgrace to humanity. 

Masks, social distancing and the so-called covid vaccines are causing great harm. People protesting against lockdowns have been arrested and treated like criminals for gathering and exercising their right of free speech. At the same time, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have been censoring videos and posts that do not match the current trend of the mainstream media. Schools have now turned into social engineering sites. Forcing children to wear masks and keeping children constantly at a distance in class and on school grounds is deeply dehumanising, and will have a damaging effect on children’s mental development. Parents should stand up against these guinea-pig methods. It’s not the way we grew up, and we should make sure our children grow up with the same freedoms we enjoyed! 

Many experts have warned that the so-called covid vaccines will do a lot of harm and now with over a million adverse reactions – many of them severe – and over a thousand six hundred deaths reported in the UK alone, there is proof that the covid jab is causing great harm. But those reported adverse reactions and deaths only make up 1-10% of all covid injection injuries. In fact, it has become clear that the covid jab is causing far more injuries and deaths than the alleged covid virus. 

Bit by bit, we have given up our freedom and our rights out of fear of a virus. After the first lockdown it was evident that more people died from the lockdown than from the virus. Our economy will suffer severely and poverty will increase. How many people have lost their job and how many businesses are ruined due to the lockdowns? 

The so-called ‘new normal’ is not normal, it’s entirely abnormal, and we should never get used to it! It’s time to take over responsibility and to make decisions for ourselves, or else, the next generation of grown-ups will not experience the same freedom we’ve had before this manufactured covid crisis. 

Like the White Rose in Germany, that resisted the Nazi regime, we encourage people to resist the covid tyranny. We do not want anymore lockdowns and demand an end to all restrictions. Visit your friends and family, the lonely, the vulnerable and the dying. We are humans and not controllable robots. We need to socially interact, without anti-social distancing and without face masks. 

Journalists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians should stand up for the truth and speak out publicly. If the majority of people rid themselves of fear and panic and make use of common sense, those who want to control us will eventually have to give up, and we will be able to guarantee a future of peace and freedom for our children and grandchildren.  

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Here is This White Rose UK manifesto which sends a powerful message that needs to be absorbed and understood by every global citizen: 

End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide Now! 

People are experiencing serious adverse reactions after receiving the covid jab, or are dying. Many more will die in the coming months and years. The covid fraud is causing a global genocide. This needs to end now. Crimes being committed or supported by governments, government advisory groups, members of the World Economic Forum, the mainstream media, social media platforms and other agencies in positions of authority: 

Extreme fear mongering via press releases, media announcements and nation-wide advertisement, using taxpayers’ money 

Inducing unnecessary fear and terror of a virus less lethal than a strong seasonal flu 

Cynical use of new variants to promote fear and justify continued restrictions 

Falsifying death records by stating covid as the primary cause of death when not applicable 

Mask mandates on public transport, in shops, schools, work places and other public places – in many cases for hours a day – exposing the wearer to potential and actual damage to their mental and physical well-being 

Forcing children and adults to take covid tests, often regularly, that are not fit for purpose, produce mainly false positives, and can cause damage to health 

Using covid “cases”, which are based on false test results, for prolonging covid restrictions and lockdowns 

Coercing people into taking an experimental “vaccine”, which is in fact a gene- modifying injection, can induce infertility, and is causing more adverse reactions and deaths than all other vaccines together 

Promoting the use of an unlicensed therapy as though it were fully approved and safe 

Suppressing or underplaying the data regarding adverse reactions and deaths of the covid jabs 

Ignoring the Nuremberg Code by not enabling people to give informed consent before vaccination or testing 

Disruption of education 

Suppression of religious freedom, prevention of worship 

Restricting freedom of movement across borders, and during lockdowns, within the country 

Causing job losses, business failures and loss of opportunities 

Delaying diagnosis and treatment of conditions far more serious than covid resulting in unnecessary loss of life •Forced quarantine of healthy people at their own expense 

Suppression of the right to protest, freedom of association and freedom of speech 

Suppression of scientific debate, giving voice only to “approved” agencies 

Find out more here.

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