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November 3, 2015

Reader Request: ANP Preppers Nationwide By State - Interactive Map


By All News PipeLine

By reader request All News PipeLine (Stefan to be more specific!) has created an interactive map for readers who have expressed concern about an ongoing ability to communicate with each other should "it hit the fan," where they can add their general location, an email address and a variety of other information that they choose to add.

Before embedding this map which we have started out with ANP owners Stefan and Susan's general location and email address, we would like to offer a few suggestions about safety.

First and formost, this is YOUR map ANP readers so you can do what you wish with it, but as with social media, we believe that publicly offering too much private information is nothing more than willingly creating your own dossier for the government, so we are recommending a few items for the sake of safety and privacy.


We recommend only state and email be entered and anything else a person wishes to share with a specific individual should be done in private secure communications with each other.

We suggest creating a new email account to be used for nothing but this purpose, IF you intend on listing an email address so other users you have been communicating with in the ANP comment section can email you to speak more privately. With that said, ProtonMail was recommended to us by a trusted source and is supposedly a secure, encrypted service that is free. (The reason for creating a separate email is that anyone will be able to see it and do you really want a bunch of trolls emailing your everyday email account?)

[UPDATE 11/4/15] ProtonMail link seems to be down, we will replace it when we find something as secure.

We also suggest limiting the amount of information provided in the "details" section to your commenting name and email (if you choose to put your email there) in order to use this as a simple "starting point" to connect individually in a more private way as comment sections of a website are always available to be viewed by the general public.

(There are options to add photos, videos and other information but we recommend nothing too specific or personal on such a public format.) Example - Just listing your state so those living in the same state have a starting point, or your state with North, South, East or West of that state...... any more specific information one wishes to offer in private communications, is your business.

Should anyone decide to meet in person, rather than just pre-arranging locations to meet should a world changing event occur, then we recommend STRONGLY doing so 1) In a public place; 2) in a group setting (each bringing a friend or two and; 3) Making sure a friend or family member know when and where any such meet will occur, and arrange specific times for a safe call so they know you are alright.

Our readers are a wonderful group, but there are horror stories of people who have met with others they met online and never lived to tell the story, so we cannot reiternate the need for SAFETY FIRST enough!

Note- If you do not have a family member or friend to act as your safety net, then email ANP with the appropriate information and we will do so for you.

We also suggest no specifics be offered on the type of preparations you have already made or plan to make, that is offering yourself up as a target for a government that has already shown they are labeling and targeting preppers and survivalists.

If anyone has additional safety tips, feel free to leave them in the comment section below this article.

Once again, this was created by us for you at your request, so these safety tips are simply suggestions, there are no rules or guidelines- just suggestions..... it is your map!


Nationwide directory of 'preppers' broken down by state.

Key/password: prepping.

Go to 'Additions' - (Top left beneath the All News PipeLine banner) Drop menu offers - Simple or detailed entry. Follow instructions. Submit.

This is a public forum; only leave as much information as you feel comfortable leaving as anyone can access this information. All News Pipeline is not responsible for any meetings between individuals who might meet via this map.

(Map can be moved right or left by clicking and scrolling)



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