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June 9, 2019

Another Cluster Of Mysterious Deaths! Arkansas Judge Seals Police Records On Murder Of Former Arkansas State Senator Who Was Allegedly Investigating CPS Child Trafficking Ring

- At Least 5 Mysterious Deaths In Week: Is A Nationwide 'Clean Up Job' Being Carried Out? 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the last several years dating back to the launch of ANP during the administration of Barack Obama, we have published numerous stories about clusters of mysterious deaths hitting bankers, scientists, biologists, holistic health practitioners, people tied to the DNC and Hillary Clinton and numerous other seemingly odd professions to experience sudden outbreaks of mysterious deaths. And we're sad to report in this new story that another such outbreak may now be unfolding before our eyes. 

As Infowars reports in this new story, within two days of each other this past week, the bodies of two former state Senators were found within their own homes, both of them shot dead. With the body of former Republican state Senator Linda Collins Smith found the day before the body of former Oklahoma state Senator Jonathon Nicols, one commenter on the Infowars story instantly picked up on the fact that Collins Smith was from the state of Arkansas while commenting "Old friends of the Clintons no doubt :( ".

Another commenter simply stated: "Arkancide=Clintons." Those mysterious deaths were just 2 of at least 5 this past week. 


Quite interestingly, Arkansas Circuit Court Judge Harold Erwin has sealed all police records surrounding the death of former Senator Linda Collins Smith and 'coincidentally', or not, Erwin 1st became a Circuit Court Judge in Arkansas in 1987, while Bill Clinton was governor there. With the Arkansas swamp one of the deepest, dirtiest and most corrupt in the nation, is another full scale cover up taking place? 

And adding another piece to the puzzle, back on March 5th of 2019, the website Right Wing Watch did a hit piece story on Collins Smith, claiming that she had recently called into a youtube show put on by "Patriots Soapbox" and spoke about what RWW called all of the so-called 'conspiracy theories' that are floating around within 'right wing circles'. 'Theories' which we now understand were right on the money as they correctly painted the 'deep state' as treasonous under Barack Obama in their attempted coup against President Trump. Collins Smith was also very outspoken in her views on illegal immigration. 

And as we hear in the 2nd and final video at the bottom of this story, Collins Smith had also allegedly been investigating Child Protective Services in Arkansas and had apparently discovered a massive underground child trafficking ring hidden within private organizations but funded by Federal Grants. And while we are unable to confirm it at this moment, the 'Clinton cartel' was allegedly involved in that as well. In the first video at the bottom of this story, videographer Ken Yang from Conduit News also takes a look at the mysterious death of Linda Collins Smith and while he doesn't mention Bill or Hillary, one commenter on his video pointed out: "Arkancided!!! She knew too much on OBAMA AND CLINTONS.."

So before we go on to the next section of this story which will take a look at the genesis of the strange patterns of mysterious deaths over the past several decades surrounding Hillary and the 'Clinton crime family', we have to mention here that the murders of Collins Smith and Jonathon Nicols were not the only mysterious deaths to happen last week. As the NY Times had reported back on June 6th, two Veteran New York City law enforcement members recently 'took their own lives' within 24 hours of each other. 

The alleged 'suicides' of Veteran Police Chief Steven Silk, who was only one month away from retirement, and a homicide detective were immediately picked up upon by users of the website 4Chan who claimed that Silk was the Police Chief who handed over Anthony Weiner's laptop to the FBI and had seen the contents of it. And while this Heavy story reports that they found no evidence suggesting Silks was involved in handing over Weiner’s laptop, does anybody really believe that we'll be getting any truth at all about 'deep state crimes' or the 'Clinton crime family' from leftist media?

It sure looks to us like someone is cleaning up loose ends, and with the mysterious death of Hillary Clinton's youngest brother Tony Rodham also happening on Saturday, and coming during the same week as all of these other mysterious deaths, one dissenter commenter hit the nail on the head on this Hillary tweet announcing his death, "Let me guess: He committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head? The Borgia's have NOTHING on the Clinton Crime Family. You are a cold, dangerous b*tch..."


Any story about mysterious deaths over the past several decades would not be complete without once again taking a look back at the beginning of the mysterious deaths that have surrounded Bill and Hillary Clinton. From Conservapedia

The Clinton body count originated with the 1987 Ives/Henry double homicide case and the subsequent violent deaths of seven witnesses or suspects in the investigation. Drug smuggling continued at the Mena Airport after the CIA terminated the Contra supply operation and left Arkansas. All nine of these murders in the vicinity of Mena remain unsolved, and three were originally ruled "suicides" by the state's chief medical examiner. Law enforcement and prosecutors also participated in the coverup, some receiving pay raises and promotions in the Clinton Arkansas political machine.

The BCCI, Inslaw, and a small Little Rock bank data processing company known as Systematics also figure prominently in a string of unusual deaths. Once in the White House, many premature deaths related to "accidents" (most likely the result of sabotage) and "suicides" (staged by hired thugs) coincide with investigations into illegal fundraising. Since leaving the White House, several witnesses in corruption probes have been "suicided" or met bizarre "accidents" only days before giving sworn testimony. Other mysterious deaths are related to the Clinton Foundation and fundraising.

Much of the early work on the subject was done by journalist Danny Casolaro writing The Octopus, and Victor Thorn author of The Clinton Murder Volume, both who met suspicious and untimely deaths. Future researchers will build upon their work, with the caveat of associated risks.

The Clinton body count spawned the neologism 'Arkancide', defined as neither traditional suicide nor homicide, but "suicide" by two bullets to the back of the head.

While numbering over 33 according to this August of 2016 WND story, the 'body count' continued to grow into the 2016 election and well beyond with the still unsolved murder of Seth Rich likely one of the biggest 'Clinton killings'. As Fox News had reported back in August of 2016, many believe it was Rich who fed Julian Assange and Wikileaks the data from the DNC hack, a hack long blamed upon Russia that cast the 2016 US election into the twilight zone and helped lead to the 'Russian collusion witch hunt'.


Why are so many mysterious deaths seemingly grouped in huge clusters? As Erin Elizabeth over at Health Nut News began reporting nearly 4 years ago back in June of 2015 following the murder of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, we've now reached the point where the lives of over 90 holistic doctors have come to mysterious and untimely ends. Why so many dead holistic doctors?

And Steve Quayle has been keeping track of mysteriously dead chemists, biologists, engineers, infectious disease experts and other scientists going all the way back to 1994 with 46 dead on this list alone which charts the deaths until 2003 with another 30+ on this list which covered the years 2004 to 2015. Why so many mysteriously dead scientists over the years? What did they know that we don't know? Were they secretly developing some kind of 'doomsday' race specific bio weapons? Those questions will probably never be answered.

And then as the NY Post had asked in a story back in 2016, "Why are so many bankers committing suicide?" Reporting within that story that at least 40 bankers had 'killed themselves' within a 17-month period which started in March of 2013, as Casey Research reported back in November of 2016, all of those mysterious deaths should have told us a great deal of information about the instablility of the banking system in general and clearly pointed towards deep corruption.   

So with this latest mysterious death cluster seemingly pointing at the 'Clinton crime family' and happening at a time when the treasonous deep state has been fully exposed and the entire Russian collusion hoax narrative has shifted, now pointing directly to Obama and Hillary and deep state criminality, anybody who has had any kind of dealings with 'Bill and Hill' in the past should probably hire an extra body guard or three and station them around the house, well armed, prepared for anything with what looks like a possible 'clean up job' of people who 'knew too much' now taking place across the country.   

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