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August 26, 2017

Riding The Giant Horse Of Extinction - As Wickedness Darkens The Land, 'Global Catastrophic Biological Risks' Are Being Created By Nefarious Agencies And Black Programs With Deep Pockets

Submitted to All News Pipeline by 'Shepherds Heart' 

And the number of mounted troops was two hundred million; I heard their number. “Now the horses and riders in my vision looked like this: The riders had breastplates the colors of fire, sapphire, and brimstone. The heads of the horses were like heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and brimstone. A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke, and of brimstone that proceedth from their mouths. For the power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; indeed, their tails were like snakes with heads to inflict harm”.… Revelation 9:16-17

We are at the precipice where God’s command to be fruitful and multiple stands opposing an army of plagues assembled for our termination. One of the actors will is the Open Philanthropy Project. They have arrayed a spectacular array of weapons including biological agents, climate change, nuclear weapons, artificial intelligence, asteroids, and volcanoes. As you read this pay attention to what proceeds out of the mouth of these entities and pay attention to their tail, their evil 'fruit'.

Capturepd.PNG Capturee.PNG

On my humble farm and garden I am noticing signs of the times which appear to be attacking the seed from which all fruitfulness comes. I see wrinkled eggs and flowers that abort for seemingly no reason. Flowers that should yield into delicious fruit, wither in a macabre fashion, as if they were are decapitated heads. Goats are developing outside of the uterus. How is this even possible? And yet it is. Where once baby chicks ran to underneath their protective mothers wings, no chicks are to be found. Male flowers abound, while there is a distinct reduction in females which can bear fruit. Fertility has plummeted.

Why do I mention this? In Hebrew the word Nephilim is inter-changeable with abortion. In the days of the Canaanite, abortion filled the land. The cries of the innocent arose unto heaven from the ground where their blood was spilled. Today once again abortion fills the earth in epic proportion. We will be revisiting the time of giants, the Days of Noah, where wickedness and perversion darkened the land, to such a degree that if it were not cut short, all life would go extinct.

From the depths of nefarious agencies and black programs with deep pockets emerges a new threat or global catastrophic biological risk (GCBRs).

What is a GCBR?

“Those events in which biological agents—whether naturally emerging or reemerging, deliberately created and released, or laboratory engineered and escaped—could lead to sudden, extraordinary, widespread disaster beyond the collective capability of national and international governments and the private sector to control. If unchecked, GCBRs would lead to great suffering, loss of life, and sustained damage to national governments, international relationships, economies, societal stability, or global security.”

What makes these biological agents unique is that they far surpass 'sustained damage and death' by going straight to extinction of all life, by attacking fertility of the species. A GCBR will be sudden and with no means to countermeasure medically. A GCBR is not a pandemic. During these events there will be irreparable damage to national governments, international relationships, economics, and social stability, not to mention your individual life. The entire earth will stand in the balance of the True Judge.

While the definition of GCBR mentions naturally occurring biological agents while those orchestrating the unveiling emphasize that these are "engineered pathogens intentionally dispersed", or somewhat accidentally, as in oops, that got out! The task of just defining this cataclysm was daunting much less the deployment and developing policies to the crisis.

Academia and government are haggling over what would constitute a catastrophic outcome that would clinch “altering the trajectory of human civilization”. 100,000 million deaths would depopulate the earth but it would not ‘destabilize civilization’ and that is what those with unlimited time and resources are rolling out. It is possible to create, what some might call the ‘End of the World,’ without a high causality rate by merely tweaking an organism or molecule to impact the fertility of a species.

Academia and government muses, “Once fatalities got to a certain level, we could expect to see a variety of knock-on effects, including collapsing financial systems, collapsing healthcare systems,disrupted global supply chains, food and water shortages, power disruptions, or military conflict. How would these cascading system failures play out, and how would they influence the severity of pandemic outcomes?”

GCBRs fly under the radar of government priorities that warrant a share of the supposedly finite time and resources.

Global governance, tools and systems are being implemented to ‘address’ GCBR issue. These are all as dangerous the vents(s) themselves and include DNA sequencing technologies, which can rapidly detect new pathogens; broad spectrum antivirals; and systems for rapid development, testing, and distribution of novel medical (genetically modified) countermeasures.

What might one of the GCBR’s look like?


NIH and Baylor College of Medicine have discovered a protein called COUP-TFII that changes the long-standing belief that an embryo will automatically become female unless androgens, or male hormones, in the embryo make it male. For a mouse or human to end up with the reproductive tract of one sex after birth, the other tract has to disintegrate. The study suggests that COUP-TFII has to be present to block the growth of male reproductive tracts. Without COUP-TFII, the mice are born intersex, or having both male and female reproductive tracts. These birth defects lead to disorders of sexual development (DSD), which include common defects, such as cryptorchidism, or undescended testicles, as well as the genetic disorders Klinefelter Syndrome and Turner Syndrome.

God's Handiwork into Synthetic Plants and Animals

Meanwhile, on the plant front, biologists at the University of Pennsylvania have identified small DNA sequencing in plants that act as signposts for shutting off gene activity, directing the placement of proteins that silence gene expression. The study focused on Polycomb repression, a form of gene regulation. Polycomb protein complexes were first discovered in fruit flies, and in plants and mammals later. These protein complexes play important roles in determining cell identity, and helping plant cells remember, for example, that they are leaf cells or flower cells. Putting the short DNA sequences called motifs in to a plant cell genome revealed they were sufficient for recruiting Polycomb, transforming them essentially into a synthetic organism or species.

The Smallpox HorsePox

The most significant potential is the development of the horsepox in March 2017 by an American biotech company Tonix. It is a synthetic, to be use potentially as a ‘safe’ vaccine against smallpox. It is the first de novo synthesis of an orthopoxvirus, a closely related group of viruses that includes horsepox and the variola virus that causes smallpox crossing the biosecurity Rubicon. This synthesis according to scientists erases ‘barriers’ and will ‘open doors’ who claim that the, “normalization and globalization of orthopoxvirus synthesis for these beneficial applications will create a cadre of laboratories and scientists.” And that unless strict global measures are taken a ‘disgruntled or radicalized scientist, sophisticated terrorist group, unscrupulous company, or rogue state to recreate one of humanity's most feared microbial enemies’. We may see the emergence of the weaponized version of smallpox, the horsepox.

Make Peace with your Creator

GCBR is not something that you can prepare for. It is not something your government will be able to contain. Our world is experiencing an extreme god complex where we truly believe in our hearts that government will fix all our problems. You are currently being conditioned to believe that government will fix everything and keep you safe. There is only One Who can keep you safe, and that is Jesus Christ. To trust in anything else could end up with your soul's eternal destruction. Rebuff the impulse to entrust your safety to anyone but God Almighty. Look up, while you still have the luxury to acknowledge and get right with your Creator.

In light of the recent eclipse and NASA's eclipse balloon launch, in which they launched at least 75 bacteria filled balloons into the atmosphere (over 30 of them will carry small samples of an extremely resilient strain of bacteria called Paenibacillus xerothermodurans), videographer Leak Project asks if we're witnessing an engineered pandemic and predictive programming, a potential GCBR event, now in motion by nefarious agencies in the only video below.

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