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December 24, 2018

Krakatoa Volcanic Tsunami A Reminder To East And West Coasts Of America Of These Cataclysmic, Worst Case Scenarios 

- Are Increased Volcanoes And Earthquakes Telling Us We've Entered The End Times?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to several different Rabbis as shared in this new story over at the Daily Star, all of the recent 'action' we've been witnessing all across the 'Ring of Fire' recently is directly tied to Biblical End Times with the massive volcanic eruption of Krakatoa followed by a deadly tsunami that had killed at least 281 people in Indonesia being just the latest example of tremendous unrest. 

The latest in a flurry of activity along the nearly 25,000 mile long 'horseshoe' that makes up the 'Ring of Fire', "Rabbis have suggested the volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis shaking the Ring of Fire this year could show the world is heading for the end of days as laid out the Hebrew Bible" while adding that all of this comes "amid a series of other prophecies, including the birth of a red heifer in Israel and the emergence of a snake from the Westen Wall." 

According to Rabbi Yosef Berger, "this is a global phenomenon, clear for everyone to see, but the important message is for each individual to understand what is happening as part of the Messiah.” Rabbi Berger had told Breaking Israel News: "Most of the time, nature appears to act according to a set of rules. People who do not see God in the world mistakenly believe that this is the way nature must act and will always act. They believe that through these laws of nature they have made up that they rule over God’s creation.”

And Rabbi Berger wasn't alone in what he saw as this planet moving precariously close to 'end times'.

During his latest weekly sermon, Rabbi Ben Artzi claimed:

"The Creator is purifying the world from the filth of the snake in order to prepare the way for the Messiah to be revealed in the world." 

“The Redemption will come mercifully so our Father in Heaven uses nature against us: through storms, fires, earthquakes, and volcanos.

“Slowly the holy one is destroying all the evil in the world while at the same time preparing the light of the Messiah.

"The world is experiencing destruction and rebirth at the same time.

And Steve Quayle has long warned of the dangers of Krakatoa and as he recently mentioned to us in an emergency update to this story, Steve believes "the worst is yet to come! When Krakatoa explodes it will be the igniter for God's Judgement on the West coast. This event will cause all volcanoes in the Pacific Rim to erupt with others soon joining in. Worldwide panic and famine will ensue. Expect massive UFO and supernatural activity to increase as both satanic and Holy Angels war for God's people".

With Mount Etna erupting soon after Steve's warning, giving the people of Italy a very different kind of Christmas and Mexico's 'El Popo' also bursting to life and further confirming his warning, we're also including a link to this extremely interesting must-read article written by Sue Bradley in 2009 that gives us a vision of potential future events upon our planet Earth caused by Krakatoa, looked at through Biblical prophecy.  


With America now a country of tens of millions of brainwashed zombies and an absolutely corrupted power structure pushing out traditional 'American values' that have long served our nation while millions in America turn away from God and towards satan, our world absolutely seems to be in a mad dash towards 'end times' as the Dow closes drops nearly 666 points on Christmas Eve. 

And as we'll see in this ANP story, what happened in Indonesia with Krakatoa's eruption spewing tons of earth and volcanic matter into the sea could also be seen as a warning to both the East and the West coasts of America should two different worst case scenarios come to pass, with vast Earth changes now happening all across the planet.

Though 'Biblical', a potential East coast tsunami has been warned of at some point in the future due to a catastrophic collapse of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands while videographer MrMBB333 explains in the 2nd video below how what happened in Indonesia was similar to what scientists feared could happen should a catastrophic collapse of a flank of the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's big island happen that could send a tsunami to the West coast of the US. 

For those who may have forgotten, back in May 2018, both the mainstream and independent news was focused upon the slow crawl of land surrounding Kilauea, known as the Hilina Slump, that geologists warned could potentially cast tens of millions of tons of earth into the sea, with experts warning a potential tsunami from that could arrive on the US West coast. 


So what happened at Krakatoa Volcano in Indonesia and the resultant tsunami offer us a very blunt reminder of those worst case scenarios. Should the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands erupt, sending the Western flank of the volcano into the Atlantic Ocean, some geological experts have warned the entire East coast could be inundated by a tsunami thousands of miles away from the Canary Islands right here in America.

And while a Canary Islands eruption causing a mega-tsunami all the way across the Atlantic Ocean has been called by some a false theory that could never materialize, what happened with Krakatoa is proof that indeed volcanoes can cause massive tsunamis and catastrophic damage to anything in their path. And while the Indonesian islands struck by the tsunami from Krakatoa were much closer to the volcano than the US is to La Palma, the threat, though unlikely, remains. 

From our February 22nd story on a potential eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands.: 

As the Daily Star reported on January 23rd of 2018, should the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupt and send a massive wall of land and lava into the sea, experts have warned a deadly wall of water, with some outlandish predictions of waves up to 100' tall or more, would quickly race across the Atlantic Ocean.

Arriving at places like New York city within 6 to 7 hours and Florida within 8 hours, a tsunami triggered by a Cumbre Vieja eruption could bring death within 8 hours to more than 100 million Americans living up and down the East coast.

As we see in the graphic below, while thousands of miles away and across the entire Atlantic ocean from the Canaries, should a Cumbre Vieja eruption cause an avalanche of millions of tons of rock, soil and lava be cast into the ocean, a wave moving at speeds of up to or more than 650 mph could take aim at coastlines all across the Atlantic. 


And with the 'Ring of Fire' now apparently 'wide awake' and rocking, we'd be remiss if we didn't once again mention the very real potential of global food supplies being threatened by volcanic unrest, with the year 1816 now historically known as the 'Year without a summer' following the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia, the largest volcanic eruption in 1,300 years until then and an eruption that sent temperatures all across the Northern Hemisphere crashing.

Resulting in major food shortages in the United States, Europe and elsewhere across the planet, 1816 and the eruption of Tambora offered our planet proof that what happens thousands of miles away can indeed effect the weather all across the planet and as this story over at the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Sunday had reported, the last major eruption of Krakatoa actually changed the entire planet's weather for 5 years and could do so again!   

In the first video below we see and hear a very short documentary about how a catastrophic collapse of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands could send a massive wall of water towards much of Europe and the US East coast while witnessing a simulation of how quickly and how much water could potentially arrive. In the 2nd video, videographer MrMBB333 looks at the similarities between the Krakatoa tsunami and what could happen should a huge chunk of the Kilauea volcano be cast into the sea. And in the 3rd and final video below, videographer 'Earth Watch' takes a look at the eruption of Krakatoa while asking if this eruption is another sign that we are approaching Biblical End Times. 

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