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March 8, 2015

Wayne Allyn Root:†Netanyahu Eviscerates Obama - Plus Full Video Of Netanyahu Congress Address

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


In the first video below Wayne Allyn Root, who is a†American politician, entrepreneur, television and radio personality, author, television producer and political commentator and also graduated in the same Columbia University class as Barack Obama, gives an excellent analysis of the recent address to Congress by Israel PM Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, where Root not only provides his insight into how Netanyahu "eviscerates Obama" but to Obama himself, whom he calls "the ultimate Communist, Marxist and socialist." Root also provides his harsh criticism of the Republican Party of today which he asserts is made up of "spineless, cowardly wimps."

Root picks apart Obama's relentless attack on America, †from foreign policy to the economy while highlighting how he is deliberately overwhelming the American people, keeping them off balance and behind the 8 ball while systematically destroying the country.

Root points out that while the American people are being kept so overwhelmed to fight back and the Republicans in congress too scared, the one person that does no how to fight back is Netanyahu.

While we have heard a variety of criticisms of Netanyahu's adress, as well as those hailing it as spectacular, all dependent on the individuals ideology and mindset, Root's analysis is a must hear.

In the second video Dennis Miller joins Bill O'Reilly to provide his ascerbic political take on Netanyahu's comments which are spot on as well as entertaining.†

Netanyahu's full address to congress can be seen in the third video below as well as his comments†at a small reception in the Rayburn Room of the Capitol after his address in the final video.


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