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December 8, 2018

America Under The Globalists Became A Government Of Criminals, By The Criminals And For The Criminals

- 'As citizens of this 'banana Republic', we owe no obedience to its laws, no loyalty to its leaders, and no taxes to its Treasury'

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Rules for thee but not for me.

We’ve all heard that expression, and we have always understood that our system of justice is imperfect, and that the rich, the powerful, and the well–connected sometimes seem to be above the rules, able to commit without fear of punishment crimes that would send most of us to prison. But lately we are beginning to realize that the system is a lot worse than just imperfect; we have, as Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson on Fox have pointed out, a two-tiered system of “justice” that really amounts to institutionalized injustice.

And Trump doesn’t seem interested in reforming the system; even his new acting Attorney General, who seems so promising (but then, so did Little Jeff) has not prosecuted the Witch Hillary and her comrades, and Trump has not pardoned any of the many, many innocent people whose lives have been ruined by politically motivated prosecution. We all are familiar with the way our courts can always find an excuse to set free a truly vicious criminal; this pattern really began decades ago with the Warren Court.

But how many have noticed that the same system and often the same prosecutors and judges who seem to adore street thugs, welfare chiselers, illegal aliens, and terrorists are equally adept at railroading innocent people? Even when the targeted victim wins his case, he is generally bankrupted by legal fees and his reputation is ruined. I will list a few of these cases, but there are many, many more, including military officers and NCOs who were accused of violating the insane rules of engagement in our eternal foreign wars, and the innumerable victims of the IRS.


In 1970 Captain Jeffrey McDonald, an Army doctor, was investigated by the Army’s CID for the murder of his wife and two little girls, who had been repeatedly stabbed and clubbed. McDonald claimed that they were killed by a gang of chanting “hippies” resembling Manson family types. He himself had a concussion and a punctured lung. There were some technical problems with his story, but he described a woman among the attackers, and one Helena Stoeckley, a well-known local drug user, bragged to friends of her involvement. The CID could not find sufficient evidence to prosecute him or anyone else.

Years later, as a civilian, he was tried and found guilty and imprisoned for life. Now, maybe he is guilty, and any man who would so brutally murder his own little girls deserves something much worse than prison. But nothing in his past indicated madness or sociopathy. He may be guilty, but that guilt has most certainly not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt…not even close. There is no clear evidence that he was railroaded due to political reasons, except that some have claimed that the adult children of some high-ranking Army officers were involved with the cult (if that’s what it was) that attacked the McDonalds. There is no proof of this.

There is, however, a political motive behind the attack by Federal Marshalls, the FBI, and BATF on the family of Randy Weaver on Ruby Ridge, Idaho after an 11 day siege that began 8/21/1992. The federales killed his 14 year old son, and the intrepid FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot and killed his wife, Vicki Weaver, who was unarmed and holding a baby. They missed the baby but made up for that later at Waco. Randy Weaver, a right wing survivalist, had been tricked by the BATF into selling a sawed-off shotgun, and then missed his court date…because the government “accidentally” gave him the wrong court date. They attempted, but failed, to railroad him.


Alaska Senator Ted Stevens had a reputation as an honorable man, but the “Justice” Department convicted him for receiving an illegal gift by not paying the full normal amount for some home renovations. The chief witness against Stevens was a businessman who testified in order to escape his own charges. The government does this a lot. Stevens beat the charges, but lost his reelection bid and left politics. The chief attorney for the government was Robert Mueller.

In February, 2005 two highly dedicated Border Patrolmen, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean shot and wounded a Mexican drug dealer, Oswaldo Aldrete-Davila, who had illegally crossed the border. It is interesting to note that many Chicano Border Patrolmen seem to be more loyal to the US and more dedicated to protecting its borders than many Anglos. The two agents covered up the incident, and did not tell their supervisor the truth about what happened, probably because many of the people higher up in the agency do not care about protecting the border and are ready and willing to throw their underlings under any bus that comes along.

A “Justice” Department prosecutor, one Johnny Sutton, gave Davila immunity to get him to testify that he was unarmed and the shooting was unlawful (both very dubious propositions), and US District Judge Kathleen Cardone sentenced Ramos and Compean to 11 and 12 years in prison. In 2009 President Bush ordered them released from prison, but never gave them pardons or reinstated them in the Border Patrol…and neither has Donald Trump. Their lives have been wrecked.


For many years there has been a festering “Sagebrush Rebellion” carried out by ranchers and farmers, primarily in Western states like Nevada where the federal government owns vast tracts of land. These lands are largely controlled by the BLM, or Bureau of Land Management, one of the most hated of all federal bureaucracies. Even many of my tree-hugging environmentalist friends hate the arrogant and abusive BLM people. Rancher Cliven Bundy of Bunkerville, Nevada had an ongoing disagreement with the BLM regarding ownership of the land, grazing fees, and a number of other issues. He and his followers had an armed confrontation with the federales, and he was later arrested and tried for this, but the charges were dropped due to prosecutorial misconduct. Justice was done…this time.

But justice was not done at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, where the main building was occupied by sagebrush rebels inspired by Cliven Bundy’s example. The government’s violent reaction to this contrasts with their leniency toward leftist students who occupy (and generally trash and vandalize) buildings on college campuses. FBI “HRT,” or “Hostage Rescue Team” people, those heroes of Ruby Ridge, were joined by Oregon State Troopers in laying siege to the building.

On 1/26/16 Robert Lavoy Finicum, one of the occupiers, was driving a car full of people some miles from the site, when they were ambushed by the polizei. Finicum exited the vehicle, and, under very questionable circumstances, was shot dead by an Oregon trooper. Contrast this with the way Portland police refuse even to arrest violent Antifa fascists, even when they block traffic and assault conservatives. “HRT” men also fired on Finicum, but missed, and later lied about the incident, claiming that they never fired their weapons.


And so we come to Herr Gestapo Mueller’s years-long “investigation” of alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the wicked, wicked Russians. Never mind that no evidence of “collusion” has come to light…save the collusion by Hussein Obama, the Witch Hillary, and Robert Mueller in selling uranium to the Russians. Never mind that the entire “case” for Trump-Russia “collusion” is based on phony documents. Yet Trump still has not declassified the phony dossier to reveal the full truth to the American people. He seems intent on undermining his own Presidency. Unchecked, Muller has been setting “perjury traps” for people associated with Trump.

They are questioned and commanded to remember in detail minor events in their past; if they get their facts confused they are accused of lying to the FBI or lying under oath, and threatened with prison if they do not implicate others in the imaginary conspiracy. A partial list of the mostly innocent people who have been railroaded or at least bankrupted includes Carter Page, the foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign; Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman; Michael Flynn; and George Papadapoulos. Recently, Mueller has set his sights on Roger Stone and conservative writer Jerome Corsi. I had the honor of meeting and speaking with Jerome Corsi on a WND cruise years ago; in addition to being a true patriot he is, quite simply, a nice guy.

And who, exactly, is this self-righteous crusader Robert Mueller? As a US Attorney in Boston, Herr Gestapo Mueller oversaw corrupt FBI agent John Connolly, who pretended that gangster Whitey Bulger was a valuable informant, and protected him from prosecution while he butchered more and more victims. In connection with this case, Mueller used false evidence to convict four innocent (at least of the charges for which they were convicted) men who were later exonerated after appealing to a higher court.

When unknown persons were mailing anthrax spores to various officials, Mueller tried to prosecute the innocent Steve Hatfield. Later, as FBI Director, he removed all mention of Islam and Islamic jihad and terrorism from FBI training manuals. He also worked closely with the Witch Hillary during the “Uranium One” sale of uranium to Russia…in other words, Mueller (not Trump) colluded with the dastardly Putin.


Mueller was FBI Director from 2001-2013, taking over just in time to ignore the pleas of lower ranking (and apparently honorable) FBI agents to do something about Arab immigrants learning to fly airliners but not land them. In other words, Mueller let 9/11 happen. Then he orchestrated the cover up of what was most certainly an inside job. For this monstrous crime alone he deserves a speedy ticket to the land down under…and I’m not talking about Australia.

Assisting Mueller is Andrew Weissman, who, as a US Attorney prosecuting Mafia gangsters, withheld evidence from the defense, and relied heavily on tips from mass murderer Gregory Scarpa…his Whitey Bulger. Assigned to the Enron case, Weissman went above and beyond the call of duty, literally destroying the Arthur Andersen auditing firm for covering up the crimes of Enron, costing hundreds of people their jobs.

America has become a nation where criminals are allowed to “investigate” innocent people, and where illegal aliens and terrorists have rights, but honest citizens do not. We no longer enjoy the rule of law and have lost our Republic, replaced by a government of the criminals for the criminals. The situation seems to be hopeless and the government seems incapable of reform. As citizens, we owe no obedience to its laws, no loyalty to its leaders, and no taxes to its Treasury.

The views and opinions expressed in this story are those of the author and do not necessarily align with those of ANP. 

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