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April 24, 2021

Rules For 'White People In Particular' Sign Shows Liberal Double Standard - Just Imagine The Outrage If A 'Rules For Black People' Sign Was Posted Anywhere In America


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As we see the monotonous claims that blacks cannot be racist, we also note the examples proving that claim as a bald-faced lie.

Professors and college students blatantly speaking about how they "hate white people,"  as reported by College Fix, while watching constant attacks against whites, Christians and especially white male Christians.

At every turn we see the demonization of white people, most of which have done nothing but be born with white skin and live their lives minding their own business.

Progressive/liberals/Democrats/media all claim to speak for black communities, acting as if they are incapable of speaking for themselves.

Below we will see that they are more than capable of speaking for themselves against anti-white activists, and they do..... the media simply refuses to amplify their voices as loudly as they amplify the anti-white racist voices.

Imagine the claims of racism if that sign said 'black people" 


Just imagine if a white college student created a video talking about how much they "hate" black people, then proudly posting it online.

Outrage and chaos would ensue as the media hammered the story non-stop, with wall-to-wall coverage.

Just imaging a white college professor, prayed "Dear God, Please help me to hate Black people."

Outrage and chaos would ensue as the media hammered the story non-stop, with wall-to-wall coverage.

Yet, reports show that both a black college professor and a black law student, both loudly and proudly spoke about about hating white people, yet we have seen nothing in the news about it.

The most recent example of double standards and massive hypocrisy comes from the area called "George Floyd square," where he died, and the signs posted as people enter, completely debunks the claim that there are no black racists, nor anti-white racism.

Rules for "white people in particular."

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So there are a special set of rules that apply to white people.  Hmmmmmmmm.

Just image the liberal/media outrage if the word "White" was replaced with Black on that sign. It is doubtful anyone could honestly disagree that people would be howling about "racism"..... and they would be right.

The problem here is it is these racist voices that are supported by Democrats/Liberals/Media that are heard the most, the loudest, and not the everyday, common sense individuals that are the true majority.

For example: Recently NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson was responding to questions about voting laws, before asking if he could add a little something. After ripping Democrats for being the party of racism historically, he then told them "And please, stop using me, as a black man, as your pawn — yes, I said it — to push your agenda."


Go Mark!

You know he hit the nail right on the head as the "white" attendees decided it was fine to silence a black man because he wasn't saying what they wanted him to.

Those are the black voices that are ignored and there are quite a number of them in political office, and throughout the nation, ignored, used as "pawns" by groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the media, and Democrats, because their voices do not fit the liberal narrative.

The worst racists against blacks are progressives, both white and black. 

That is not a statement made by this writer, but rather a black rapper, podcaster, coach, Oxford University graduate, named Zuby, who said "Progressives' talk about black people as if we are wildlife."

Ouch. True, but ouch.

True racism: Wanting, no, demanding, that one segment of a population be treated differently than others for no reason other than their skin color is different. 

If people would stop treating others differently simply because of their skin color, well........we would all be conservatives.

Sounds snarky, but it is true.


The black community is not collectively racist, and neither is the white community.

It is liberal Democrats that are inherently racist.

Just imagine if all normal black people and all normal white people stopped letting the media/liberals divide us, and stood together against ALL racism.

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