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March 1, 2017

Russian Insider Blames CIA For High-Ranking Russian Bodies Hitting The Floor - Is Global War Now Closing In?

Could 'Deep State War' Go Hot And Come Home To America?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

YouTube videographer Inessa A has made an art over recent months of transcribing videos of Russian speakers into English. From Vladimir Putin to Maria Zakharova, the Director of Information and Press for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the informative videos she's transcribed have helped to 'awaken' many Americans and in the first video below, we see a transcribed video from Russian political analyst Valeriy Piakin, who accurately predicted Donald Trump's election, and his analysis of the very strange events over the past several months that have seen one high ranking Russian official after another 'bite the dust'.

In this story from Zero Hedge that the Drudge Report linked to on Monday, 'Tyler Durden' asked if a 'Deep State War' was ongoing after a long series of Russian officials kept dying unexpectedly, topped off by the recent death of Russia's Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin. Are the series of deaths just a 'coincidence'?

According to Piakin, we're witnessing no coincidences and the intention of the massive series of recent deaths of Russian diplomats is to remove all individuals who had anything to do with the Minsk agreement so that it can no longer be implemented. Claiming that the Minsk agreement (a ceasefire, elections and self-determination in Eastern Ukraine) is counterproductive to the goals of the West, he also claims that to implement the Minsk agreement would be to undo all of the hard work that the global elite have done in the Ukraine to date.

Piakin also claims that "this is why 'not fulfilling Minsk obligations' is always pinned on Russia in Western media - despite the fact it is not party to the document, and it is the Kiev junta who shells civilians of Eastern Ukraine."

Could the series of what Piakin claims are 'political hits' lead to an 'escalation of events'? We don't find it to be just a coincidence that the globalists are continuing to push for a 'world war 3' with Russia, even though such a war would most likely lead to an apocalypse like the world has never seen before. 

Much more below but first, from the video:

This episode is taken off political analyst's Valeriy Piakin's channel - his explanation of recent events confirms what many have suspected. In the past few months, an unusual amount of individuals in pro-Russian fields of work have passed away. Starting with Arsen Pavlov (Motorola), a Commander in the Donbass region, followed by Russian Ambassadors to Turkey and India; Mikhail Tolstyh (Givi) - another high ranking Commander in the Donbass, and now - Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin. Piakin's explanation posits that all of these individuals were victims of US intelligence operations - but why?

The intention is to remove all individuals who have something to do with the Minsk agreement, so that it can no longer realistically be implemented. The Minsk Agreement (a ceasefire, followed by elections and self-determination in Eastern Ukraine) is counterproductive to the West. To allow Minsk to happen would be to undo all of elites' hard work to date. This is why ''not fulfilling Minsk obligations" is always pinned on Russia in Western media - despite the fact it is not party to the document, and it is the Kiev junta who shells civilians of Eastern Ukraine.

If Piakin is correct, then everyone who defends Minsk - whether on the battlefield or through the information war - have reason to be concerned for their safety. People like Zakharchenko of the Donbass, and those below him, as well as Russia's extended diplomatic community should be highly vigilant and ramp up their security against espionage.


According to the editor's note on the recent story republished over SHTFPlan, ex-CIA interim head Mike Morrell went on PBS last year and announced he wanted to 'take out Putin's guys', those people who most closely surround him. Also stating his desire to 'take out Assad in Syria', is it just a coincidence that bodies are dropping at an alarming rate and as their editor's note asks, how much more 'prodding' might it take to start a REAL war?

If over the course of a few months, President Donald Trump's 'top people' started mysteriously dropping dead like flies, would the MSM report on the mysterious deaths and might Trump think that something was 'seriously wrong'?

As the original story from Claire Bernish over at the Free Thought Project reports, Russian diplomats seem to be an endangered species in 2017 and while their deaths are mysterious or unexplained, any link between them as of yet remains unprovable...except, of course, for the fact that they WERE all high-ranking Russians and NOW they're all dead.


With the globalists still rushing headfirst into war with Russia that could easily come home here to US soil if Russian insiders living here within America are correct, the previously mentioned editor's note from SHTFPlan also asks if the 'deep state' will push Trump into a war whether Trump wants to or not. If Russia determines that all of these diplomats were assassinated, might they make moves that pushes Trump into something he'd rather not do?

In the 2nd video below our videographer takes a look at all of the mysterious deaths of high-ranking Russian officials over the past several months while also pointing out several other events such as the death from blunt trauma of Putin friend and Russia Today founder Mikhail Lesin in Washington DC back in November of 2015 (his death was originally blamed upon a heart attack as well), the death of NATO chief auditor in charge of terrorism funding Yves Chandelon back in December of 2016, and the Russian military plane crash killing 92 back on Christmas day of 2016 while proving to us that 9 Russian officials have met their mysterious ends with several overlooked by others.

In the 3rd video below, President Trump himself reminds the mainstream media and the American people of Hillary Clinton's 'relations' with Russia that saw Clinton giving a hefty percentage of US uranium to Russia, slamming a reporter "and you say I'm close to Russia!"

It has long been warned, when all else fails, they bring us to war and in the final video below, our videographer takes a look at all of the unfolding events of recent days and weeks that prove death-and-war-hungry globalists are still pushing for a global war with Russia despite President Trump being in office in his video called "Putin Issue Red Alert - 200% Proof Something Big Will Happen".

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