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March 9, 2019

Increasing Signs Of Something Perilous Ahead: As 'Forces Of Darkness' Push America Towards Chaos, Patriotic Sheriff's Issue Dire Warnings  

- The Mainstream Media Will Only Have Themselves To Blame If All Hell Breaks Loose In America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on February 10th, the Washington Times published this story within which they reported upon the latest 'signs of the times' in America; a Kentucky sheriff had told a local court that he was suspending all law enforcement activities due to a lack of funding.

As Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream reported on March 5th of the announcement by Martin County Sheriff John Kirk, Kirk issued an ominous warning to his citizens via a facebook post: "Law enforcement as we have known for the last four years will not exist. WE ARE BROKE....LOCK YOUR DOORS, LOAD YOUR GUNS AND GET YOU A BARKING, BITING DOG. If the Sheriff's office can't protect you, WHO WILL?"

With even a recent study done by the Department of Justice finding gun control laws won't work here in America because most criminals get their guns illegally anyways, the recent threats of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-Communists to use a national emergency to take Americans guns away hints of a potential bloodbath ahead as a Maryland Sheriff recently warned. 

Sheriff Kirk's ominous warning back in early February was recently followed up by another one from a wide-awake member of law enforcement here in Maryland as Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis recently stated that he and his deputies "will not comply" if Maryland lawmakers follow through on a gun confiscation bill in the state.

Telling Delmarva Now that he believed lawmakers were trying to penalize law-abiding Maryland citizens for the out of control crime in Baltimore city, Sheriff Lewis also warned that gun confiscation bills "are bills that would truly make it a suicide mission for a sheriff deputy or a Maryland state trooper." Lewis added "There are just so many reasons why this is unjust and unconstitutional.".

And while those two stories are not directly related to each other, they both come at a time of increasing signs of something perilous ahead. As Mac Slavo reported in this March 6th story over at SHTFPlan titled "Global Economy Is Sinking Fast, And It Will Take The U.S. With It", according to this new report by Forbes, there is no “economic immunity” for the United States once the global economy is in tatters and countries across the globe are now following in Venezuela's footsteps.

With one retired US Federal Prosecutor also recently warning Conservatives to buy guns while even the Washington Post recently put out this story warning we may be closing in on civil war (though they blamed Conservatives for everything, not bothering to take a look in the mirror), as we'll take a look at within this story, with the Democrat-Communists here in America pushing for socialism for our nation and the msm pushing hatred of President Trump supporters, Christians and Conservatives, the mainstream media will have only themselves to blame if all hell breaks loose here

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In the blunt-truth meme seen above posted to our breaking news comment section by NoChip4Me, we see what the mainstream media and Communist-left will never tell us about socialism: More often than not, the people living under it suffer horrifically while the leaders of the country live like kings. 

As Steve Quayle had recently mentioned in an SQnote while linking to this Washington Examiner story in which Marco Rubio warned that the Venezuelan people were about to suffer in a way that we've never seen before in the Western hemisphere, "the forbidden fruit of socialism as the socialists leaders eat well while the masses starve - this is the face of America in the next few years!"

As Senator Rubio had said as reported in the Examiner story, Venezuela is only days away from "a period of suffering no nation in our hemisphere has confronted in modern history" with food shortages that have already seen the Venezuela people turning to hunting down dogs in the streets and killing zoo animals for food becoming even worse. If you can imagine. My God, how fortunate we are to be living here in America. From the Washington Examiner story.: 

“The suffering people of Venezuela are about to experience the most dramatic shortages they have ever faced, the implications of which we cannot fully predict,” Rubio said at the outset of a Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing on U.S.-Venezuelan relations and the humanitarian crisis fueled by dictator Nicolas Maduro.

"Venezuela is just a handful of days away from running out of basic staples, wheat and corn meal and cooking oil, again, because of complete and utter mismanagement."

“All of the leaders of Venezuela are overweight, and yet the people, on average, are losing 24 pounds in a year," Rubio added. "I assure you, none of the Maduro regime cronies are going to go hungry, but millions of Venezuelans are going to continue to go hungry and [it will be] exacerbated in a way we have not seen.”


With Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog recently putting out this story titled "18 Really Big Numbers That Show That The U.S. Economy Is Starting To Fall Apart Very Rapidly" within which he reported that virtually every piece of hard economic data is telling us that the U.S. economy is slowing down dramatically, he also gave us 18 really big numbers showing the U.S. economy is starting to fall apart very rapidly. From Snyder.: 

The Democrats are going to blame the Republicans and the Republicans are going to blame the Democrats, but all of that arguing isn’t going to solve anything. What is coming next has been a central focus of my work for a very long time.

The last recession was very painful, but it did not fundamentally alter life in America. This next crisis will.

The “Everything Bubble” is bursting, the “Perfect Storm” is coming, and all of our lives will never be the same again.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hope. In fact, once things really start getting crazy hope is going to be one of the major themes in my work because people are really going to need it. There will be great challenges, and life will be very different, but that doesn’t mean that life is over.

America is about to experience the consequences of decades of exceedingly foolish decisions, and the pain will be extreme. But difficult times also offer an opportunity for dramatic change, and that is something that we will need to embrace.

In the first video below, Steve Quayle and Bob Griswold from Ready Made Resources recently joined the Hagmann and Hagmann Report for a terrific discussion about what is now happening to America and as Bob tells us, with America having already crossed a certain rubicon, the very last thing any of us should want are the 'forces of darkness' to complete their takeover of America. And while nobody wants another civil war in America, who wants to live their lives as slaves to evil?  

With the retail apocalypse continuing to worsen in America with major US stores that have been staples of the US economy for many years now on death watch while political tensions heighten to the most divisive our nation has been since the Civil war over 100 years ago, we ask you to please pray for America, a nation under all-out globalist attack.   

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