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July 17, 2017

Trump Supporting Students Rebel Against Social Justice Warrior Snowflake Teacher

- Teacher Says She Is 'So Angry' And Students Are 'Racist' For Supporting President Trump

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Over the years ANP has documented the communist and socialist infiltration of America's public educational system, where left-wing activist teachers and school officials adopt policies that indoctrinate the students into the communist ideology, resulting in the little snowflakes being unable to handle the real world, needing "safe spaces" to avoid any thought that doesn't match their own, needing "trigger warnings" about any content that may make them feel uncomfortable, where playing with plah-doh and coloring books have become "stress release" for college aged students.

One of the latest schools highlighted has been Edina High School in suburban Minneapolis, with the website Powerline, showing exactly how bad things have gotten, where "teachers are spending time promoting a left-wing agenda and bullying conservative students rather than teaching the subjects they are paid to teach."

PowerLine provides testimony from a number of people, including parents, students and bus-drivers, indicating the problem is truly worse than anyone understands.

See more about the liberal, communist infiltration of America's educational institutes by looking at the professors that teach at them at Professors Watchlist (click any name to see why they are highlighted)



In the video below we see a teacher that gets trolled by students that obviously support President Trump, and as she states multiple times, she is "angry" over it, accusing them of being "racist" for simply posting pictures of the president, one of which contained a message "Obama You're Fired," another image hung up was a map of states that went for President Trump in the 2016 presidential election, which she claims is to remind her she lives in a "red" state, another Make America Great Again, and a list of achievements seen by the Trump administration, while across the hall students built a paper "wall" at a class taught by a Mexican teacher.

Watch the video before we get into some analysis and comparisons between these students form of "protest" and the types of protests we have been documenting across the country over the past few years.


Over at Drama City where the video was first posted, which they titled "Racist students build a Donald Trump wall and place it on Mexican teacher's door," a commenter points out the following:

She makes this about racism. It's not. This is rebellion against SJW political culture. The SJWs deflect away from their failings by making everything about race. I'm surprised these women didn't play the "misogyny card".

Spot on. The teacher is the only one speaking of race and one has to wonder why the students were posting pictures of President Trump and why she takes personal issue with it. Did the students know she would take issue with their support of the president or the other teacher would be against "the wall?"  They had to of, otherwise why troll either teacher?

Also the question has to be asked, why is it automatically assumed that because these students support president Trump, that automatically makes them racist? Perhaps she should check her own bias.

Which brings us right back to liberal agenda-spewing teachers in schools across America attempting to indoctrinate students rather than doing their jobs to teach them. How would the students know she was anti-Trump if she wasn't pitching her political ideology and beliefs in the classroom? Her declaration of being "so angry" while showing her classroom to the videographer makes it very clear that she doesn't believe her students are entitled to their own opinion, which obviously, from her reaction, isn't her opinion.

Frankly there would have been nothing to "rebel" against on the part of these students if the teachers weren't spewing their liberal anti-Trump ideology in the classroom instead of doing their job and teaching basic subjects meant to educate our nation's children.

If this teacher wants to speak of racism, she only needs to look at the colleges around the country, such as Trinity College where professor Professor Johnny Williams was just let off the hook by the college president and will be allowed to continue teaching there after his online comments encouraged medical officials to "let [whites] f*cking die."

That is racism.

Or when Drexel University’s George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted "All I want for Christmas is white genocide."

That is racism.

Or a professor at Fairfield University teaching about "the problem that is whiteness."

That is racism.

Other examples include "A New York University librarian recently felt compelled to pen a blog post bemoaning the 'racial fatigue' she experiences 'in the presence of white people' following an academic conference," and complaints that "white" men" cited in scholarly articles contribute to 'white heteromasculinity'." Let us not forget recruitment programs called "minority only" which are only available to 'African American, Latino, Asian American, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander,' at Reed College in Oregon.

If the teacher in the video above wants to address racism, let her address the attacks against whites being seen in our nation's educational institutes.



So the students above hung pictures of the President of the United States around the classroom, and if they used tape, their might actually be a little glue marks left on the wall or glass. Compare that to the Berkeley riots to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking, where property was damage, fires were started and the resulting price tag was over $100,000 in damages.

Compare taping some paper up on a wall in the form of a protest to the attack on a conservative speaker and a teacher escorting him, where the teacher ended up in the hospital over at Middlebury.

Compare the "rebellion" of students against liberal indoctrination teachers like the one in the video above, to students that held Evergreen State College school officials hostage, preventing them from freely moving about, after terrorizing a professor for refusing to leave the school because POC (people of color) wanted a day where all whites had to leave the school property.

That is just a small sample of what we have documented over the years as the communist, radical teachers continue to infiltrate and attempt to indoctrinate their students, starting from elementary school throughout college, and the teacher in the video above wants to to claim that students showing support for the President of the United States, and doing so in a way that basically tells her to shove her attempt at indoctrination where the sun doesn't shine, is "racist," while whining about how "angry" it makes her?

Yeah, my heart bleeds for her (NOT) and kudos to the students for protesting in a non-violent manner without damaging property, starting fires, becoming violent, or rioting.

Gives me hope that by refusing to allow themselves to be indoctrinated, they won't be like the students below.

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform weighs in on why Millennials are supporting something they don't understand.

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