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February 20, 2020

The Battle Lines Are Drawn As Americans Awaken To 'Satan Central': The Democrat & UN's Agenda For America And The World

- 'Sustainable Tyranny' Is What These Devils Are Working Towards


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Most people take the United Nations for granted and accept the official line that it is an institution dedicated to peace and good works. But most patriots have known all along that it is the foundation for a one world tyranny, and this was the plan from the beginning.

During WWII America and the allies began referring to themselves as the United Nations, and planning for a postwar world organization began in 1944 when leftist (and thirty second degree Freemason) FDR was President of the US. His work was carried on by his leftist successor Harry Truman, a thirty third degree Freemason and Shriner.

The UN really began when some fifty nations met in San Francisco beginning 4/25/1945 to draft the UN Charter, approved and adopted 6/25/1945. Alger Hiss (11/11/1904-11/15/96), a graduate of Hahvahd Law who had worked for an East Coast law firm and for various government agencies, was intimately involved in the planning for the UN. He was a leftist and almost certainly a communist who had probably sped on the US for Stalin, although this was never proven. He was later President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a leftist “think tank” that has done nothing for peace. The UN’s first Secretary General was Tryve Lie, a Norwegian socialist. So, from the beginning, the UN was the creation of Freemasons and leftists.

But the UN has a prehistory…it was preceded by an earlier attempt at world government, the League of Nations, which was supported by US President Woody Wilson, the “progressive” who gave us the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and direct election of US Senators, which undermined state sovereignty.

Wilson was advised by the sinister “Colonel” House, and he lied to get us into WWI, to “make the world safe for democracy.” But the US is supposed to be, not a democracy, but a republic, and in WWI we allied ourselves with Czarist Russia and Imperial Japan, nations whose governments were more tyrannical than that of the Kaiser’s Germany, our enemy.

And let us not forget that WWI made the world safe, not for “democracy,” but for the tyrannies of Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, and Fascist Italy. There is ample reason to suspect that both the disastrous world wars were deliberately orchestrated by the NWO elite, largely to provide an excuse for a one world government. When some patriot US Senators kept the US out of the League it ultimately collapsed, so it was back to the drawing boards and WWII.

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Aside from the colossal waste and corruption of the UN and the fact that it is dominated by individuals and nations that hate both the US and Israel, it has done nothing to prevent war. The world has been continually at war since the UN was created. The Chinese Civil war continued after its creation, and there was Korea, the First Indochina War, Vietnam, one Middle East war after another, and wars in the Balkans and between India and Pakistan, to name but a few.

The US has been at war almost continually for decades. And then there have been numerous instances of genocide and democide (murder by government) in China, Korea, Cambodia, Africa, and elsewhere; tens of millions have died in these wars and massacres. We have so far avoided a nuclear holocaust, but the danger is still there and, if anything, it is increasing. And there is no evidence that the UN has played any role whatsoever in preventing (so far) this ultimate catastrophe. So far, Russian American, and Chinese leaders have possessed just enough sanity to avoid mutual suicide.

In the UN building in New York City there is a very bizarre “meditation room,” a very odd thing indeed to find in a supposedly secular organization. The windowless room is nine feet by eighteen feet by thirty feet, with a dark gray stone floor and a more or less typical abstract painting on one wall, no uglier than most such “artworks.” And near the center of the room is a massive block of the iron ore known as magnetite, black in color and weighing six and a half tons. This room was designed according to the wishes of UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjold, appointed in 1953, and he supervised its construction in exacting detail. Magnetite, as the name implies, is naturally magnetic.

But it is not the only shaped magnetic stone in the world. Years ago I travelled to Bolivia and Peru on my second trip to South America, and visited the pre-Incan ruins of Tiahuanaco, a few miles roughly south from Lake Titicaca. No one knows for sure how old these ruins are, who built them, what they were called originally, or what was their purpose. My guide and I entered the on-site museum and I took out my magnetic compass, intending to test the artifacts for magnetism.

I had read that certain ancient statuettes in Mexico were magnetized in an obviously deliberate pattern, although the ancient Amerindians supposedly knew nothing of magnetism. I wanted to see if the ancient peoples of South America also were more advanced than we have been told. But my guide informed me that the artifacts in the museum were not magnetized, and he would show me ones that were. In other words, people had already tested for magnetism, but this fact had been kept virtually secret. Someone in the archaeological community knew more than they were telling.

We exited the museum and walked a short distance to a small, bizarrely shaped pyramid, today called the “Akapana Pyramid.” It was still being excavated at the time of my visit. On top of the structure were several dark stone (probably volcanic basalt) monoliths, shaped like rectangular prisms (box-shaped), about six feet high. I tested, and, sure enough, every one of them was magnetized according to a particular pattern, even though basalt is not iron-rich.

Either the ancient Americans could detect natural magnetism and selectively shaped the stones, or they had some means of magnetizing them. Either way, they were far more advanced than we have been told, and it is likely that the stones, and the entire site, had some magical/religious significance. I don’t know if the monoliths (looking rather like the one in the film 2001) are still in place…they may have been removed.


So there is a precedent for the magnetic stone in the meditation room. And here the plot thickens even further. The room is maintained by a Non-Governmental Organization, or NGO, called the Lucis Trust, but, before the name was changed, it was called the Lucifer Trust. The Trust finances a New Age group called “Triangles,” made of many small groups of three people each, who are supposed to synchronize their meditations. The Trust also owns the Lucis Publishing Company (originally called the Lucifer Publishing Company), which publishes the World Goodwill Bulletin, which, I assure you, involves the precise opposite of goodwill. The address of the Lucis Trust is 666 United Nations, NY.

The Lucifer Trust was originally founded by a British woman who had emigrated to the US, Alice Bailey, and her second husband Foster Bailey. She also founded the “Arcane School,” and originally published a magazine called…you guessed it…Lucifer. Alice was a virulent anti-Semite who admired Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. Charming. She had for many years belonged to the Theosophist cult, which had originally been created in 1875 by “Madame” Helena Blavatsky, originally from Russia.

Blavatsky was greatly admired by Adolf Hitler, and the doctrine of the cult is a complicated mish-mash of Western Occultism and Tibetan Buddhism (or what the Theosophists imagined to be Tibetan Buddhism). Blavatsky’s writings include many references to lost civilizations and “root races.” The standard pattern for those who wish to deceive us is to use a kernel of truth or half-truth along with a great mass of lies.

The name “Lucifer” is Latin for “Light Bringer.” But true mystics, including Christian mystics who seek true enlightenment, a direct connection with God, have long warned of the danger of a false enlightenment. The truly enlightened receive their light from God, and are awakened.

Those who follow the false light (really the ultimate darkness) of Lucifer, are not enlightened and awake…they are “woke.” The use of this ungrammatical term by leftists is no accident. The UN and the entire agenda of the left is the evil work of “woke” people who prefer darkness to light and evil to good. Their eyes are “wide shut” and their hearts and minds are closed. Meanwhile, patriots and people of good will everywhere are wising up, awakening. The battle lines are being drawn.

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