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July 22, 2015

'Any Day Now' - Scientists Issue Dire New Warning - 'It Will Strike Suddenly, Without Warning' - Is God's 'Most Ominous Weapon Of Judgement' Being Unleashed Upon America?

FEMA-warns-mega-quake.jpg quake.jpeg

"God has appointed the instrument of killer earthquake as His most ominous weapon of judgment. It will strike suddenly, without warning. In less than two minutes on God's judgement clock, the death angel will claim the lives of multiplied thousands over a radius of hundreds of miles. Mountains will tremble and cities will fall." Pastor David Wilkerson, 1973

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

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Scientists with the USGS have issued a dire new warning to Californians and much of the West coast after a 4.0 earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay area on Tuesday causing little to no damage. Warning us that a much larger quake is expected to strike the area 'any day now', will we soon witness 'God's most ominous weapon of judgement' and witness His wrath upon America warned of more than 40 years ago by Pastor David Wilkerson as heard in the sermon in the 2nd video below called 'Three Judgement Zones Coming To America'? We learn from experts below a 9.2 magnitude quake may be on the way. 

Sharing with us that Pastor Wilkerson believed that God was going to judge America with three instruments of destruction for our betrayal of Him and our 'sins and debauchery', Wilkerson warned that America was racing towards judgement and have only just begun to drink from the cup of sorrows. Claiming that soon 'the entire nation will drink from the cup of God's wrath', many believe we are now witnessing the beginnings of what Wilkerson warned of: drought, financial disaster and earthquakes. Those who understand the dark and dangerous times that lay ahead for us will take solace and be urged to prepare for what's coming in the great wisdom shared from the website of Steve Quayle republished below videos.

God has appointed the instrument of killer earthquake as His most ominous weapon of judgment. It will strike suddenly, without warning. In less than two minutes on God's judgement clock, the death angel will claim the lives of multiplied thousands over a radius of hundreds of miles. Mountains will tremble and cities will fall. "Quake-proof" buildings will crumble like sand castles. Power lines will crack like toothpicks. Mountain-pass roads of escape will be blocked. Water mains will break. Cars and houses will sway like toys tossed about. Dams will burst and flood tides will carry many to their doom. This earthquake could be the most destructive in the world's history. (I believe it will stretch from Canada to Mexico.) Devastating aftershocks will follow, with hundreds of tremors hitting almost daily for months. A series of minor earthquakes will precede the major killer quakes. One of moderate magnitude will strike, with moderate damage, and many will be relieved that a massive quake did not happen. But it will follow, most assuredly.

The recent New Yorker story is called 'The Really Big One'. Shephard Smith of Fox News breaks down the New Yorker story in the 1st video as he begins with: "Thousands of dogs will bark and alert before the ground liquifies in one area...and a wall of water will slam into the west 100' high and up to 700' across" Smith warns of the monster quake of up to 9.2 magnitude in the Cascadia subduction zone. Telling us scientists warn: 'it is coming - it is a certainty', Smith tells us thousands will die and repeats, it's time to get out of the northwest.

Will simply getting out of the West allow Americans to escape judgement for 'turning against God'? To read more into what Pastor Wilkerson warns may one day happen we see it won't be easy for anyone to escape. In fact, we know that there is only one way.:

God will judge this nation with economic disasters. Critical money problems will strike large and small cities alike. America's Queen City, New York City, will declare bankruptcy. Newark, New Jersey, and surrounding metropolitan areas will follow into bankruptcy. There will be unbelievable, unnecessary, uncontrollable violence. The violence that had been seething beneath the surface for years will explode. No city street will be safe. The aftermath of it all is an outbreak of raping, murdering, and burning. (There will be one thousand fires burning in NYC.) The entire nation will tremble with economic and social upheaval. The fall of New York City will be but the first tolling of the bell of divine judgment. One bad report will lead to another. Europe, Asia, and Russia will quake in fear at the news coming out of this judgment zone. World money markets will go wild. Investment markets around the world, oil cartels, multinational corporations, and all others will be thrown into a state of helpless bewilderment and economic confusion. The stock market will plunge again. This nation is headed for runaway inflation... What worked before to take the steam out of inflation will this time only be fuel for the fire.

Coincidentally, or not, we also learn in the 3rd video below that less than two weeks ago, NBC's Today Show 'accidentally' reported that a 9.0 quake had just struck the San Francisco Bay area of California. With the MSM now pushing west coast earthquake doom, was this just an error or an eerie coincidence?

Screenshot_from_2015-07-22_114158.jpg Screenshot_from_2015-07-22_114224.jpg Screenshot_from_2015-07-22_114237.jpg

The two new videos below from PressResetEarth and Tom Lupshu from Bunker Report break down for us these latest reports coming out of California and the Pacific northwest in much more detail. The 1st video also takes a look at the 'mistake' made in announcing that a 9.0 had already struck the San Francisco Bay area. Was that some sort of predictive programming or just a mistake?

Those who have made preparations are indeed exercising wisdom They are aware tomorrow will be dangerous, dark and fearsome

We stock some food and store some water
We will be prepared to feed our sons and feed our daughters
We have bought some silver and we own some gold
Hoping we survive the cataclysms the future holds.

Some have bought a gun or maybe two
They have lots of bullets not just a few.
Many think they are ready to provide and to protect their homes,
From the events of tomorrow coming in the Dark unknown.

While some believe in order to be safe it is prudent to expatriate
Others question where to flee, for what is coming is coming to the entire human race.
Some call this line of thinking conspiracy theory or just plain fear
Those same people believe that with the next election we can say happy days are here.

How many, while in preparing for tomorrow overlooked today?
The battle is here and now, evil is warring and we are in the fray.
If you want to protect your home and family then get on your knees and pray.
If we continue to apply political solutions to spiritual problems no one will be saved.

Many know the seven deadly sins because by sin we are entertained
But most never heard of the seven elements of decay because we don’t want to be restrained.
The seven first laws of physics may be known by some with appropriate learning
But the seven pillars of wisdom are known by but a few who are discerning.

The world has violated prudence, temperance, fortitude, justice, hope, true faith and charity.
Holding to knowledge without character, pleasure without conscience, wealth without work, politics without principle, business without morality, religion without sacrifice and science without regard for humanity.
This is true among the masses, the leaders and all the world’s architects and builders.
But “Wisdom, hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars.”

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”
The darkness and trials in the days ahead will be more than just demanding.
Ignoring the prolific warnings and the ancient prophets is a game for fools
And preparing is impossible unless you have in your possession all the tools.

Those who have made preparations are indeed exercising wisdom
They are aware that tomorrow will be dangerous, dark and fearsome.
But collecting a warehouse full of goods is but an exercise in futility,
if your preparation doesn’t include a personal trip to Calvary.

The ultimate preparation is to be a friend with Jesus Christ
You must be on your knees in sincerity and offering Him your life.
He is mighty to save and mighty to preserve those who belong to Him
Collecting provision is not enough if you’re not letting go of sin.

By Randy Conway
“Forsake the foolish, and live; and go in the way of understanding.” Proverbs 9:7

Jul 21, 2015

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