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September 30, 2015

Second Sun - What Is This Object That Is Almost As Big As The Sun? Some Claim This is Nibiru Or Planet X


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

ANP was emailed the video below with a one word subject line of "WOW," and after watching the entire video originally taken on 9/25/15, we are left asking "what the heck is this object" that is nearly as big as the sun, but is clearly not a reflection of some type?

Before showing the original video, videographer Beyond Ordinary News separates the two objects to do a size comparison, then with permission from the original source, Mr. Godson DeAndre," shows the footage he took on September 25, 2015.

That footage starts off shaky but levels off to provide a good look at both objects in the same screen frame.

As ANP readers know, we do not publish many Planet X or Nibiru articles, but once in a while we run across something so inexplicable we feel readers should have a chance to see it for themselves.

Via the video details:

By: Beyond Ordinary News. Please pause for the reading sections. 

Upon interviewing Mr. Godson DeAndre (the man who captured this footage), he stated that both he and a family member were standing outside at approx. 8am on 9/25/15 when they witnessed the yellow sun and giant pink object; specifically, they were standing outside on the “kitchen roof.” I will pause the video so that this may be observed. This is important because we need to eliminate the possibility of it being a reflection from behind a glass. Please take into consideration that BOTH objects were moving behind thick chemtrails. 

I believe that the new rainbow chemtrails were designed to obscure the view of these objects.

Upon observing the sun on the date, time and location on Stellarium, we can clearly see that the sun (and object) were located on the shoulder of the Virgo constellation and there were no other objects in the vicinity.

NOTE - In the title we ask what this object is hidden behind what is described as "rainbow chemtrails," while the video title claims it is Planet X - Nibiru. Neither of us at ANP are photography experts  nor are we experts on the topic of Nibiru or Plant X, hence the question.

Clearly there appears to be a second object seen with the sun that measures nearly as big, but not the exact same size according to the measuring tool Beyond Ordinary News utilized. They further submit this could not be a reflection of the sun.


So, we ask again, what the heck is this object?

Thanks to DS for sending us this video.


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