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April 2, 2015

Secret NWO Society Killing Targeted Individuals

By Deborah Dupré - All News PipeLine

Targeted Individuals typically experience computer hacking. Emails never arrive, passwords are stolen and emails are sent to appear coming from them. These are prime ways that the secret world government, that President J. F. Kennedy both warned about and vowed to end, uses to ruing the lives of innocent people of integrity, such as the very attractive, compassionate, well-loved doctor who had communicated with Deborah Dupré and was eventually secretly persecuted to death.

“I am pretty sick now and constantly assaulted so not much chance for recovery anymore. I wrote you a long email and then it disappeared so I just sent a short reply the other night,” the doctor had written to her friend, asking him to contact Dupré for help.

“I am in an unfamiliar email on an unfamiliar computer…” she’d expalined.

By first isolating the target from friends’, family members’ and online support, the secret society can apply more lethal tactics with impunity.

Beware of Covert Attacks

A web of inter-connected cults under the umbrella commonly called “intelligence service,” is working in communities around the globe, day and night, to covertly ruin lives of thousands if not millions of innocent, law-abiding people, each of whom knows first hand secret “service” terror. Think you’re immune? One major commonality among all people being covertly persecuted, communicating with Deborah Dupré about hell on Earth they endure as Targeted Individuals, is their integrity, obviously a thorn in the side of today’s ruling cabal.

A tragic example of TIs’ persecution is described in the following email by the friend of the covertly persecuted doctor. The friend is remaining anonymous, according to family wishes. The TI had explained that her emails being hacked were among other biological and technological assaults she experienced, as well as what she called “gangstalking.” Her friend wrote to me:

“I have a close friend who claims to have been, and still is a victim of “gang stalking”. The reason that I am writing to you is because of your article “Collateral Damage USA” My friend claims to be a victim of covert surveillance and DEWs, which has been going on for several years. Her life has turned completely upside down. The stalking has been systematically orchestrated in an attempt to rob her of family, friends, reputation, home and economic stability and even her physical health.

She has gone to the local police and the FBI, but both claim they are unable to help due to lack of evidence and I believe she is not being taken seriously. Since she has been unable to receive any help in this situation, it was my idea to bring this out in the open, to bring awareness to the subject and hopefully help her and perhaps others in a similar plight. And in all honesty, she simply doesn’t know what else to do or where to go to get help and / or put her life back on track.

President Kennedy, one of the highest profile Targeted Individuals (TIs) in modern history, knew and spoke about the “intelligence service,” a “secret society” serving the New World Order elite. In describing its secretive satanic activities, Kennedy stated that the very word “secrecy” is “repugnant in a free and open society.” He said much more in attempt to educate the public about the secret society working in direct opposition to human rights, to kill one way or another most humans and to control survivors.

“We decided long ago, that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it,”

Kennedy referred to the secret cabal as a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” that “relies on primarily covert means,” and is “opposing” America’s high ideals, such as freedom, integrity and compassion – ideals most Targeted Individuals exhibit, according to their communications with Dupré and her research.

Leading EU Targeted Individual Magnus Olson recently reported to Deborah Dupré in a telephone conversation that he refers to TIs as “online targets,” due to the high impact of the intelligence service’s technologically generated assaults on innocent targets.

No doubt, “surveillance technology” is in hands of secret society terrorists. There also is no doubt that they are targeting innocent people, as Leonid Bershidsky told Bloomberg in 2013, and as Australian surveillance issues expert Paul Baird, had reported years before that.

To frame the target for criminal activity or at least, make the target appear to be an undesirable or mentally unstable, the intelligence service is hacking emails of not only “activists” and whistle-blowers, as the popular Washington’s Blog reports. It’s been doing the same in a myriad of ways to innocent targeted individuals for years.


Now add to that list the endless possibilities since car computers can be hacked. It is believed that’s how Michael Hastings met is early death.

Is Big Brother Targeting You Through Your Emails?

“You send an email to a reporter saying that you’ve got proof of criminal wrongdoing by a government official … or a big bank. You never receive a response,” reports Washington’s Blog. “Or you send an email to an expert on monetary policy asking if the Federal Reserve’s policies help the rich at the expense of the little guy … or an expert on radiation asking if the Fukushima accident might endanger public health. You never receive a response.”

Washington Blog says there might be another reason for no response: Your email ended up in their spam folder; They’re busy; They’re not interested enough to reply, They think you’re a bore or a crank. There could be, however, “another explanation,” one known all too well by targeted individuals.

China has blocked Gmail for its citizens. Yahoo has blocked emails relating to Occupy protests. Bahrain has been using British software allowing government to frame political activists by creating messages from that person that they never typed. 35 other countries use the same software. Not only activists, but innocent targeted individuals from around the globe are reporting these problems.

Tunisia monitored and blocked the emails of activists, so they were never delivered. For example:

There is also technical surveillance whereby downloading or adding attachment to an email must go through a central server. Under the pretext of protecting public order and national security, a 1998 post and telecommunications law enables the authorities to intercept and check the content of email messages and in fact electronic surveillance such as filtering of email messages of government opponents have been reported. Global Voices Advocacy Director and Tunisia Activist Sami Ben Gharbia conducted a test from the Netherlands with two Tunisia-based activists and confirmed by logging to their email accounts from the Netherland that what he sees is not what they receive when they login from Tunisia, and that they cannot access some of the messages they receive.

The Tunisian government used software from Western companies to block emails of political dissidents.


“A prominent American political writer said that – if Tunisia is doing it – you can bet that Western countries are, as well,” Washington’s Blog reports. Long after innocent targeted individuals were reporting these issues and receiving no aid from human or civil rights organizations, Snowden revealed that the British spy agency GCHQ has developed numerous offensive digital tools, including:

• Ability to deny functionality to send/receive email or view material online. • Ability to spoof any email address and send email under that identity. • Mass delivery of email messaging to support an Information Operations campaign.

“The potential for stifling dissent is staggering,” Washington’s Blog reports. The number of activists impacted pales in comparison to the number of Targeted Individuals. Activists only comprise one of many cohorts identified as typical targets.

The potential for ruining the lives of any ordinary guy or gal and their families through email hacking is staggering. At the very least, it keeps targets isolated from friends and family members who might offer support. It is also a time waster for the target, who continually has to contact servers to complain and to create new passwords.

Imagine being behind your desk at work, finally completing the master document you’d been working on for six months and you click “send” to email it to your boss, only to find the email was never sent. You not only missed the deadline, but your work was altered so it is filled with errors – unbeknown to you until the boss fires you for such sloppy work.

Exposing hacking provides another glimpse into the human rights to privacy being abused to help ruin the lives of tens of thousands of innocent targeted individuals. It is only, however, one of many ways Targeted Individuals are being persecuted to death, while the public misunderstands or chooses to look the other way.

The TI doctor, who’d written to Dupré for help, whose friend had also written to this author, asking for the same and to expose the hellish assaults on his lovely friend, died in October. She was not considered to be an activist. She was a highly intelligent and beautiful soul, with a lovely spirit, adored by all who met her, according to published accounts and her communications. Her name was Dr. Deborah Gilmaker. RIP.

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