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May 10, 2018

The Secret Societies That DO Control America And Their Plans Are Plain For All To See As Hillary Clinton Linked NXIVM Sex Cult Gives Us A Peek At How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes††

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this May 8th story over at the Independent titled "George HW Bush: Who are the Skull and Bones? The Yale secret society with three presidents among its ranks" they report that the 'cultish fraternity' that was founded all the way back in 1832 and still exists today "continues to inspire interest and suspicion about the extent of its influence over the American elite".†

And while some claim that 'secret societies' and their secret plans would never be able to 'stay secret' in 2018, the Independent story reports how such secrecy is 'purchased' and helps to explain why they control American society today, though now openly in our faces, though so many still can't see it right before their eyes. First, from the Independent story:

Mr Bush was a member of the elite Skull and Bones society, a group that enrols 15 new undergraduates every spring after selected candidates have been notified with a tap on the shoulder, an event that has taken place every "Tap Day" since 1879.

In exchange for swearing allegiance to your fellow Bonesmen, lying in a coffin during an initiatory "rebirthing" ceremony and revealing your entire sexual history in frank detail, the order promises its members lifelong financial stability, effectively buying their silence as to its workings.

The cultish club, loosely similar to Oxford's Bullingdon, was founded following a dispute between competing clubs in 1832 by future businessman William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, the latter Secretary of War under Ulysses S Grant and the father of 27th president William Howard Taft, who likewise joined its ranks.

The pair were reportedly inspired by Russell's visit to Germany and the secret societies then-prevalent at European academic institutions, starting as a spoof occult organisation worshipping "Eulogia", an invented goddess of speech and eloquence.


With the plans of such secret societies wide out in the open and plain for all to see in their non-stop drive towards globalism, unfolding technological tyranny where the ever-present 'machine' is always there, always watching and their attempts to sell 'luciferianism' to the masses as 'religion', we also see secret societies today in the†Bill and Hillary Clinton-linked† NXIVM 'sex cult'.

When 'cannibalistic' and 'deranged' Hollywood is tied to the very highest levels of American politics as we saw with the ties of Harvey Weinstein and many other celebrities to Bill and Hillary Clinton, it's easy to understand why NXIVM was†just the latest in a long line of sordid, celebrity-linked sex cult stories. How much deeper does that rabbit hole go?†

As the Independent story also reports, there are many rituals and symbolism behind the very real 'skull and bones secret society', just as their are numerous rituals and symbolism in freemasonry†and were within the NXIVM sex cult we're now learning.††

The Skull and Bones crest is the same as that flown on a pirate ship's flag with the date 322 emblazoned beneath it, thought to refer to 322 BC when the Greek orator Demosthenes died, a moment that saw ancient Athens begin its transition from democracy to plutocracy, implying the group's belief that America should follow suit and surrender the responsibilities of government exclusively to the wealthy.

The group meets in "The Tomb", its campus headquarters built in 1856 - the same year the Russell Trust Administration was founded, the council that controls the group's assets.

An imposing brownstone Egypto-Doric hall resembling a mausoleum, The Tomb was given a second wing in 1903 and a neo-gothic towers in 1912. It was broken into by a rival organisation, the Order of File and Claw, in 1876 who reported back that its windowless walls were draped in black and red velvet and pentagram symbols were prevalent.


Their story also goes on to report that many believe that Skull and Bones is merely an offshoot of another group that the msm have seemingly forever called a 'conspiracy theory', the 'illuminati'.† Is skull and bones part of the illuminati? What about NXIVM?†

As we see proof of in the very interesting 1st video below, secret societies are hiding all across America, in plain sight.†

The Skull and Bones have attracted a huge amount of speculation over the decades as to their true purpose.

One unsubstantiated rumour has it that The Tomb houses the stolen skulls of eighth president Martin van Buren (1782-1862), Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa (1878-1923) and Apache warrior Geronimo (1829-1909) - this last act of grave-robbing allegedly carried out by Prescott Bush, George HW's father, in 1918 - while others centre around its supposed ambitions for world domination.

The fact that three of its alumni became president seems to have driven this conspiracy theory, while Bonesmen James Jesus Angleton and George HW's prominence within the CIA led to suggestions they sought to control state intelligence.

Others believe they are a branch of international conspirators The Illuminati and still more that they were responsible for instigating the Manhattan Project. (ANP: Notice their story CAPITALIZED the I in 'illuminati'!)


While the mainstream media has long been quick to label 'secret societies' ruling over America a 'conspiracy theory', the new video below put out by videographer 'A Call For An Uprising' titled "If This Video Doesn't Wake People Up Than I Don't Know What Will" exposes those secret societies and their rituals and symbolism happening daily before our eyes.†

As videographer Christian points out in this linked video, if you watch Paul Ryan's hands very closely in President Trump's last State of the Union speech, you can see some of the expressive symbolism through signals used by freemasons.†

And it's not lost that both Republicans and Democrats have long been members of such secret societies and indeed, we see a very real sort of 'secret society' being brought into America via the liberals drive to have socialism be the law of the land in America, doing away with capitalism. And wouldn't the 'new world order' itself be a 'secret society' when the mainstream media still calls it a 'conspiracy theory' despite the fact that globalists now talk about it every day?†

And while throughout much of 'liberal society' in 2018, their call has gone out for 'tolerance, acceptance and universal love', anybody who has really been paying attention will quickly point out the so-called 'tolerance' of liberals doesn't extend to Christians, Conservatives and anybody else who doesn't feel the same way that they do. Basically showing 'liberal tolerance' is a one-way street and leaves out 50% of America's population, as our videographer points out to us, their call for 'tolerance' and 'acceptance' is also a call that Christians and Conservatives accept and embrace 'satanism'.

In this November 4th of 2016† story by Paul Joseph Watson over at Infowars that the Drudge Report linked to with the photograph above just days before the election, Watson reported that the undoubtedly most bizarre Wikileaks revelation to date had emerged with evidence that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta had been invited to a 'spirit cooking dinner' by 'artist' Marina Abramovic, taking part in an occult ritual founded by satanist Aleister Crowley.†

While the mainstream media apparatus continued throughout the election and to this very day to call any ties between Hillary Clinton and satanism 'fake news', as Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on January 6th, the church of satan had been directly communicating with Chelsea Clinton on twitter as Hillary continues to 'invoke her madness'.

With Hillary's ties to secret society NXIVM most likely just the tip of the iceberg and secrecy abounding amongst 'the elite' while their technology seeks out every little detail of every American's lives, attempting to ensure that no secrets exist amongst us 'proles', if we pay close attention to the direction that the sheep are being herded we can see the plans of secret societies unfolding our futures before our very eyes, though many still don't have the eyes to see. If you're not convinced yet, this video should convince you.†

For those who haven't been paying attention, in the 2nd video below our videographer breaks down for us the connections between the NXIVM 'secret society sex cult' and their connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton. A 'conspiracy theory'? As our videographer proves to us, not even close but a real-life unfolding drama that gives Americans just a glimpse of how deep this 'rabbit hole' really goes.†

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