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March 25, 2018

With This Clear, Irrefutable Proof The FBI Set Up A False Flag & Planned To Let People Be Murdered, Would They Allow Millions Of Americans To Die To Complete The Globalists Agenda?  

- Pattern Of Evils Committed By 'Elites' And 'Deep State' Has Gone On For Decades

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

As I have said before, but it bears repeating, everything is in the patterns. Small bits of evidence from an event like the JFK shooting add up to a pattern of real proof, and these patterns combine with others to form even larger patterns. We cannot understand any event without considering the context, the overall pattern of evils committed by our elites and their deep state for decades. Consider three seemingly unrelated events in two parts of the country.


Seth Conrad Rich, born 1/3/89, was a worker for the DNC (Democrat National Committee), and there is considerable evidence that he leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks, although our elites have found it convenient to blame it on Trump and his imaginary collusion with Russia. Apparently, this idealistic but foolish and naïve young man had become disillusioned with the Witch Hillary and the DNC. At about 4:20 A.M. on 7/10/16, as he was walking home from a bar he frequented in Washington’s Bloomingdale neighborhood, someone shot him twice in the back, and he died sometime later in the hospital. There was no robbery.

In an all-too-familiar pattern, the D.C. police still have not solved the case, nor have they released surveillance videos and ballistic evidence, although they claim to have a video showing just the legs of two people walking away from the scene. They say he was shot with a handgun but refuse to state what caliber. The D.C. police and the FBI share a small office on Cleveland Avenue, and there they are sitting on Rich’s laptop. Furthermore, the Washington Times reported that some D.C. police claimed that they had been told they would be fired if they continued to investigate the case.

The same morning in the same neighborhood, an FBI agent said his car was broken into by persons unknown and a .40 caliber Glock handgun was stolen. No one has explained what the agent was doing there. First the police and FBI said the theft occurred between 5:00 and 7:00 A.M., but then they changed their story (another familiar pattern) and said the gun was stolen between midnight and two in the morning (in time to be used on Seth Rich?). When two extraordinary events take place in the same small area on the same morning, it is reasonable to suspect a connection. And when bad things happen in America, the FBI usually is involved…and not in a good way.


On 5/25/17 Beranton J. Whisenant, a US DOJ prosecutor who lived in Miramar, Florida was found dead on a beach in nearby Hollywood, Florida. He appeared to have been struck in the back of the head, but police soon ascertained that he had actually been shot. He worked at the US Attorney’s office in Miami, specializing in passports and visas. Had he found evidence of child sex trafficking or the deliberate importation of terrorists into our country?

Both Hollywood and Miramar are in the now-infamous Broward County, a Demoncrap stronghold and the center of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Congressional district. Seth Rich worked directly for her when she was head of the DNC, before she was removed from that position for helping the Witch rig the primary against Bernie Sanders. I’m afraid I have reached the point where I suspect that there is literally no such thing as a coincidence.

Act three of this particular tragedy was the alleged Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida on 2/14/18. The punk who is the alleged perpetrator had made numerous threats, even (allegedly) saying that he planned to shoot students at a school. The wonderful FBI had received at least two warnings about him, but chose to do nothing, and didn’t even notify local authorities. But they didn’t need to be notified by the FBI, for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, a Demoncrap who had posed for a photograph with the Witch and who was a crony of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had received numerous reports about the alleged shooter.

Authorities had enough on him to have at the very least seized his weapons and prevented him from buying more. They did nothing, and sheriff’s deputies called to the scene of the shooting, including the one permanently stationed there, stayed outside and did nothing. They let the students die (that is, if anyone really did die). Keep in mind that no real evidence for the killing has been released, nor any real evidence that the alleged perpetrator did it. And the good Sheriff, who had made no effort to disarm the punk before the killing, went on television to attack the NRA and call for disarming honest citizens. Assuming at least some people were killed (and they probably were), is it possible that the FBI and the Sheriff deliberately let it happen to drum up support for gun confiscation? Could FBI thugs or others have been the real killers and the alleged perpetrator just another patsy?


Tucker Carlson of Fox has reminded us of another incident involving the FBI as seen in the 1st video below. When two Muslim shooters attacked the Curtis Caldwell Center in Garland, Texas on 5/3/15 a local police officer promptly sent them to Hell. But, incredibly, the Muslims had long been “monitored” by the FBI, and an FBI agent actually drove them to the scene, made no effort to warn anyone, and even began videotaping the incident. When, thanks to the good cop, the operation didn’t go as planned, the intrepid agent fled, and was later captured.

But he was released and never charged, nor, apparently, ever disciplined in any way by the FBI. In other words, here is clear, irrefutable proof that the FBI set up a false flag and planned to let people be murdered…truth-teller Pamela Geller was a speaker at a patriot conference being held at the Center, along with Dutch patriot Geert Wilders. As proof of the utter corruption of “our” government, both political parties, and the slimestream media, no one to this day has done anything to hold the FBI accountable.

With this in mind, take another look at the first WTC bombing on 2/26/93, which, had it gone according to plan, might well have killed many more people than the 9/11 attack. We know that the FBI was “monitoring” the Islamic terrorists, who had been imported into our country by the government, and knew that they were planning their attack. Incredibly, they let them plant their bombs and refused even to substitute fake explosives for the real thing. They claimed that they were doing a “sting” operation…but you don’t risk thousands of lives to do a sting.

With what happened at Garland in mind, it is obvious that the FBI did, indeed, plan to let thousands of Americans die, probably to provide justification for Slick Willy’s proposed anti-terrorism bill. And with all this in mind, would the FBI or other deep state thugs murder Seth Rich or Beranton Whisenant? Would they have orchestrated false flag attacks in Vegas or Parkland, perhaps even doing the killing themselves?

They would, and, I believe, they did. And they are just getting started.

William B Stoecker

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