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November 21, 2015

3,000+ Islamic Extremists Are Waiting For Right Moment To Attack As ISIS Promises To Shake Our Existence To The Core


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story relayed to us by Breitbart tells us that according to one supporter of ISIS, what they have planned for America will soon 'shake our existence' and they're simply waiting for the right opportunity to carry out their horrific assaults upon American soil. Promising that 'war is dynamic' and 'the battle will move soon to the depth of their homes,' this terrorist didn't say 'if' it would happen but 'it will happen sooner or later'.

With ISIS threatening to blow up the White House in a new video, their 3rd in 3 days threatening America, we read a story today from the Daily Mail telling us that for ISIS jihadis, the centuries old ongoing brutal conflict between Islam and Christianity is alive and well today, as real as if it were still the Middle Ages.

The Daily Mail story tells us: "In their mind, it is not simply wanton violence, but the continuation of a struggle which has raged for more than a millenium." Does that help to clarify the mindset of the estimated 10 to 25 percent of Muslims who are considered 'radical' Muslim adherents? According to Ben Shapiro at Politifact, there are 800 million 'radical Muslims' in the world - up to or over 50% of all Muslims.

While Hillary Clinton is quick to call Republicans 'radical', why does she refuse to use the word 'radical' to describe those who butcher others in Syria, Iraq, France and elsewhere around the world, possibly America? Is Hillary 'in on it'?


Not surprisingly, the Daily Mail also tells us that 'world leaders are uniting against ISIS' and a UN Security Council has approved 'all necessary measures' to fight this 'global and unprecedented threat'. Does anybody else 'feel' global government being rolled out before our very eyes?

With ISIS a 'global threat' and everybody of good conscience feeling compelled to get in on the fight against that global threat, are they assembling world government with the silent permission of those who might otherwise be against it? Look at the wording of this statement.:

'By its violent and extremist ideology, its terrorist acts, its continued gross systematic and widespread attacks directed against civilians, abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law, including those driven on religious or ethnic ground, its eradication of cultural heritage and trafficking of cultural property, but also its control of significant parts and natural resources across Iraq and Syria and its recruitment and training of foreign terrorist fighters whose threat affects all regions and Member States, even those far from conflict zones, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant constitutes a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security.

The resolution also 'calls upon all Member States that have the capacity to do so take all the necessary measures ... on the territory under the control of ISIL in Syria and Iraq, to redouble and coordinate their efforts to prevent and suppress terrorist acts committed specifically by ISIL'.

A transcript of the latest ISIS video can be seen below videos. Biz Pac Review says that it's significant that this latest video was done in Arabic as it means it's specifically targeting an Arab audience. It also once again pushes the continuing theme we are seeing: "Islam Will Dominate." With an ideology like that coming to America, it's clear many will die in that attempt as Americans will absolutely refuse to be dominated like 'non-radical' Muslims allow themselves to be.


In the first video below we learn from Infowars that the DHS won't be tracking the missing Syrian refugee in the US because of his Constitutional Rights. This while the same administration is working upon destroying the Constitutional rights of Christians, 2nd Amendment supporters and United States Veterans.

In the 2nd video below from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network we learn about a recent Russian cruise missile attack upon ISIS strongholds that have wiped out a countless number of jihadis.

In the 3rd video below, also from Franchi and NNN, we learn that there are AT LEAST 3,000 radical Muslim extremists in Great Britian. If 8 or 9 jihadis can do as much damage as they did in France, how much damage can 3,000 do in Great Britian or another western country, the US or Canada?

Neglecting to consider this a 'serious' national security problem, as Barack Obama is doing, could almost immediately bring America to our knees.

From Biz Pac Review we get a translation of the latest ISIS video.

MRMRI also provided this English-language transcript.

“Allah willing, we shall roast them with explosive belts and car bombs,” an ISIS fighter declares.

Speaker 1: “What do they expect from the nation of Islam, other than more of these strikes. We bring Hollande and the people around him the good tidings – as we bring Hollande and the people around him the good tidings – of more of these strikes.

“Allah willing, we shall roast them with explosive belts and car bombs. We shall follow them wherever they may go, and, Allah willing, we shall lead them like slaves, like dogs. Allah willing, we shall lead them like slaves, like dogs.

On screen: “Paris before Rome”

Speaker 2: “Oh Crusader France, Allah willing, we shall pulverize your palaces. Allah willing, you shall know no happiness, and will not live for long. We started with you, and we shall finish with the false White House, which we shall render black with our fire, Allah willing. We shall blow it up like we blew up the false idols in this good land.

“Oh Crusaders everywhere, know that you are under threat, and that Allah has ordered us to fight you.”


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