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November 11, 2016

Shocking Maps Prove How America Is Being Overthrown As Globalists Ramp Up Destabilization Efforts, Pushing Country Closer To Martial Law And Into Their Hands

- Globalists Unleashing Evil Upon America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The map seen at the top of this story shows not only the 2016 election results county by county but quite tellingly overlaps the sanctuary cities across America within it. Proving to us the startling 'coincidence' between the areas that voted for Hillary Clinton as some of the same areas where those here illegally in this country are granted a 'free pass', we see the globalists plans to overthrow America detailed in the maps within this story as also heard in the 1st video below.

As we can also see within the other maps in this story, it's not a coincidence that some areas with sanctuary cities are also some of the areas with the highest crime rates across America. And with our own Department of Homeland Security recently admitting that a surge of illegal immigrants is now happening at our southern border, it's clear the globalists plans to overthrow America are not only still in place but may be being kicked into overdrive now that Donald Trump has been elected and has promised to turn back the clock on the globalists plan for America.

With 1.4 million Obama amnesty applicants on Donald Trump's deportation 'hit list' while he promises to build a wall between Mexico and the US, we also get more evidence that the globalists may attempt to pull off some kind of 'false flag' in America that brings Trump's vision for America screeching to a grinding halt.


As we learn in this new story out of Venezuela that the Drudge Report linked to on Thursday with his headline of "Threat of Widespread Violence Looms In Venezuela", global economic collapse is still in play for the globalists and we see them pushing for violence across America as well with George Soros paid protesters causing havoc in cities across the country another sign that America won't be back in the hands of a pro-America president until Trump actually gets INTO office.

And while the radical left is seemingly willing to go to war over a Trump presidency rather than being content that America and their safe spaces won't soon be consumed by a mushroom cloud, we're not the least bit surprised to now see the desperate globalists pushing a 'Hillary Clinton presidency' by hook or by crook, this time saying that the war criminal/murderer could still become president via the electoral college ignoring the will of the American people.

Imagine what America might look like if that happened and the electoral college decided to take it upon themselves to deny an America-1st presidency to America. Certainly all bets are off about what might happen in this country should the electoral college join the 'legion of crybaby Hillary voters' who have gone totally insane and try to give America back to the globalists and the CCF.


With Canada and Mexico already caving to Trump on NAFTA before he even gets into office and Trump also promising the end of the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership while also putting a stop to the United States financing of terrorism and the terrorists who want to kill us, it's clear that America is already moving in the right direction under Trump and he still hasn't gotten into office. But what's the 'right direction' for America is the 'wrong direction' for the globalists.

And with a smug mainstream media refusing to condemn the violence that has been unleashed by cupcakes and special snowflakes in their protests against our political system that actually worked for a change, we get more indications that these paid protests will continue and could lead eventually lead to the imposition of martial law across the country as also seen in the 2nd video below.


The map above left shows increase in immigration share of adult population while map above right shows violent crime rates across America. Just a coincidence? We understand that not all illegal immigrants commit violent crimes and some are wonderful people.

At a time when many celebrities and those who threatened to leave the US if Donald Trump won the presidency should be packing their bags to high tail it Northbound, we get a little humor in the 3rd video below in which we learn that Allan Jones, the CEO of Jones Airways in Tennessee, is offering free one-way tickets to Canada for the Trump haters. Calling out a list of celebrities by name, will any of them take Jones up on his offer?


As we hear in the final video below from Fox 23, the traffic director at the station also gives driving directions to Canada for those who don't want to live in America under a President Trump because 'he's not their president'. While hundreds of millions of Americans peacefully lived under a President Obama for 8 years even though Obama wasn't their president, it's clear that George Soros and the globalists are once again trying to complete their takedown of America. Why they aren't in prison for sedition is quite unclear to Alex Jones and Infowars as heard in the 1st video below.

Will the globalists be able to complete their overthrow of America before Donald Trump gets into office and puts America first? With globalists using snowflakes and cupcakes as tools against the Republic in continuing their destabilization efforts, we expect that the next 2 months until Trump gets into office will be as chaotic as the last year leading up to the election.

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