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March 7, 2021

Conservative Americans Are Making Their Voices Loud And Clear - We Don't Have To Be A 'Karen' Or Rioter To Fight Back As People Bluntly Let Politicians Know They're Taking Their Freedom Back

- Time For Conservatives To Get Back On The Playing Field

(#FreeIdaho 'Burn The Mask' Event, March 6, 2021)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The image above is how conservatives protest, no buildings or cars on fire, and even at a mask burning event, no uncontrolled arson. No looting, no vandalism and no attacks against innocent bystanders.

Citizens in conservatives states made their voices heard loud and clear, that they want their states opened, their schools back in session, their lives reverted back to normal, and voila!!! Their state representatives and leaders listened and more and more states are opening.

States run by liberal leaders on the other hand, are still ignoring their citizens, while allowing their states' economies to be flushed down the toilet.

Despite seeing conservative residents make their voices heard in Idaho, there is still a massive disconnect as to how liberals "get their way," compared to how conservatives go about fighting for what they believe in.

Sadly, the liberals are winning the "culture war" fight.

That must end.

The question then becomes how?

How do you win a battle without becoming a screaming and screeching Karen, or rioting and destroying cities?

(Note: A Karen is a kind of person who is unhappy when little things don’t go their way. They are a, “Can I speak to your manager?” kind of gal. - Source)

One does not have to "cancel" someone or something, or riot, or screech and howl like a "Karen," in order to make their voices hear.

Plus, normal people have jobs or are looking for them and have no time to spend days and weeks out partying and rioting and destroying things. Antifa and BLM groups obviously do not have the problem of having to pay their own way, or they wouldn't have so much time on their hands to block streets, light fires and basically make utter fools of themselves.


To liberals, activism means cancelling Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, Dumbo and The Muppets, or burning down cities, or boycotting businesses for simply supporting an ideology that is not liberal leaning. 

When we wrote about businesses continuing their corporate authoritarianism in Texas and other states by mandating mask usage despite the Governors of the states lifting all restrictions, we did not recommend a boycott, those should be used sparingly, but rather calling, faxing, writing and visiting their headquarters to make their voices heard.

Those that choose to do business elsewhere, absolutely have that right.

The point is, activism does not have to be destructive to property or to the livelihoods of others by "cancelling" anybody or any thing, nor does it have to take time away from family, friends, work or play.

Let me provide a real life example: 2006-2007, George Bush, a RINO (Republican In Name Only) was prepared to allow an amnesty bill, with support from other RINO's like the late John McCain, and also support from liberal Democrats.

With some Republicans, most Democrats and the media in favor of the amnesty plan, it almost seemed like a done deal....yet it fell through.


Conservative Americans. They stood up and spoke out, loudly. Independent Media writers passed around thousands of phone numbers to congress and their aides and at one point, the congressional phone system literally crashed from too many calls.

The same tactic helped defeat immigration reform the last time lawmakers considered passing bills in 2006 and especially 2007, when a flood of angry calls shut down the switchboard in Congress.

That prompted supporters to pull the plug on immigration reform in favor of beefing up border security first.

The Tea Party movement was another example of conservatives Americans protesting with their voices, their pens, their blogs and in many cases, in physical protests at townhalls and other local events.

When the protests were over, the place was clean, nothing was destroyed, and no one was hurt.

The point here is that while liberals and conservatives have very different styles of "protesting," conservatives used to have the wherewithal to make their voices heard and to demand action or the blocking of actions, such as amnesty for illegal aliens.

We didn't have to screech, yell, throw temper tantrums, burn things down, loot or vandalize businesses and homes.

In other words, conservatives didn't have to act like the figurative "Karen," constantly trying to find something to complain about, very loudly.

Yet we still got things done.


The answer to that is quite simple really. 

When only one side is fighting, that side will always win. The other side will always lose because of their silence and their refusal to fight back.

Conservatives have spent too many years claiming the "high road," by assuming that both sides don't have to be heard for common sense to kick in, or worse, assuming defeat, always claiming it is "too late" to do anything, so they do nothing at all.

In a battle if one side is armed, and the other lays down their arms.... who wins?

When liberals first went into action to complain, write, call,  and boycott Mr. Seuss books, had conservatives countered by making their own calls, in conjunction with each other, speaking as one voice, giving the issue two sides being heard, Dr. Seuss Enterprises might have thought twice about cancelling six Dr. Seuss books.


Independent Media, and especially Independent Media readers, need to start highlighting liberal cancel culture campaigns, whether in articles by their writers, or by those commenting, and consider those "calls to action," to call, write, and make noise...without the screeching, howling and Karen-like behavior.

Choose the battles wisely, get family, friends and online associates to join in, making that one voice louder and louder, so both sides are represented to the entities in question.

We won't win them all, but more importantly, neither will they.

If we want to try to drag America back to some semblance of freedom, we are going to have to fight for it instead of simply complain about it.

I have lost count of the amount of times I sat here listening to Stefan make calls to his Congressman, Senator, corporations, to make sure his voice is heard.

Now imagine thousands, or tens of thousands, doing the same.

Activism comes in many forms, and it is time for conservatives to start entering the playing field.

Is this a shockingly novel idea or simply common sense which doesn't seem to be so common anymore?

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