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September 25, 2020

Snowflake Meltdowns Prove President Trump Right When He Says That 'We're Dealing With Crazy People' - It Is Ugly Now And About To Get Much Worse 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

There has been no shortage of complete meltdowns by liberals since the 2016 election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America, from the screaming Mimi shown above on inauguration day, to the thousands of protesters wearing those stupid pussyhats and costumes that same weekend, to Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, saying they wanted to blow up the white house or Ashley Judd thinking it was a good idea to screech about being a "nasty woman."

That was just on inauguration day weekend.

Since then we have documented some very deranged liberals attacking Trump supporters, including teenagers and children, verbally and physically.

The speed with which strange and unusual behavior became dangerous and completely unhinged was shocking and it was initially believed, by us at least, that as the months wore on most liberals would move on.....but that never happened.

To this day, almost four years after the 2020 presidential election, we are still witnessing outright insanity being displayed almost daily by members of the left.


We'll start with a black woman, Cary Bueno, Ph.D, who took to Twitter to inform the general public of her complaint over an Airbnb rental.

Before detailing her "complaint" or to phrase it more accurately, document her incessant whining, a quick explanation of what Airbnb is. it is a service which offers you someone’s home as a place to stay instead of a hotel. The homeowners make their homes or apartments available for renters, which provides a more homey experience than a hotel or motel does.

Mrs. Bueno's husband rented them a place in Maine, and below is her description of something she found that caused her to be "immediately terrified."

Thread below:

• Disappointed @airBnb doesn’t understand the trauma of TRUMP signs on a @airbnb rental causes Black person— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

• My husband rented a place in Maine and when we arrived in the evening we saw Trump yard signs and other white nationalist symbols. I immediately was terrified and scared for my life and family safety— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

• We left and @Airbnb says they cant do anything. Prime example how white companies make a BLM statement but when Black person tells them they didnt feel safe they do nothing— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

• If they want to be racist they need to post a complete picture so BIPOC know not to stay there. We need a greenbook for @Airbnb where we know we are safe— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

• I shouldnt have to pay to stay at a place i dont feel safe and @AirbnbHelp at minimum should give me a full refund/voucher for all the trauma this experience has caused— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

• @Airbnb has a discrimination statement but its only words no action. What about believing a black person and making them retell a traumatizing experience. Do better— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

•This experience shows that people are unaware of signs and symbols used. Top symbols that invoke fear for Black people …list below— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

• 1 KKK symbols and flags - 2 confederate flags and symbols— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

• 3 police lights /blue lives matter flag - 4 trump signs and white terrorism slogans— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

• 5 USA Flag – yes this is a symbol used in many places to scare Black people— Cary Bueno, Ph.D (@CarycruzBueno) September 24, 2020

The reaction on social media was not exactly what she hoped for as people mocked her for being scared of a "sign" like it was going to get up on its own and attack her and her family, so she locked down her account so no one can offer further responses.

As a side note, someone should also explain to her that locking her account so only her followers can see or respond to her, so that she doesn't have to "see" the fallout or the mocking, doesn't do much good when she has her website linked in her bio, and on her website is her email address and phone and cell numbers.

I am not sure which is more unhinged,  the complete insanity of feeling "trauma of Trump signs," or the list of things this woman (I use that term loosely) considers fearful to black people. 

Ranting and raving over a sign, over someone supporting a political candidate, claiming that somehow that support equals a danger to her life, is a perfect example of how the media has terrorized liberals in America.

Another point is the woman screams racism because of a Trump sign, yet the homeowner had no problem renting their home to a black couple.

How racists of them!!!!!!!!!!

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Snowflake number two for this piece can be seen below. Language Alert.

Evidently no one explained the Second Amendment to this woman.

These are the type of temper tantrums and fits from liberals we have been documenting for the past four-plus years, yet every single time we think we have seen peak insanity, someone else decides to act even crazier.

Considering the utter meltdowns on the part of Democrat politicians, online and offline liberals, and the media, since the death of the liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, we aren't really surprised that people are acting even more unhinged, while still shaking our heads in wonder at exactly how much more craziness we are seeing each day, sometimes each hour of each day.


With every new meltdown, every act of violence, every deranged Twitter thread about signs and symbols "terrifying" liberals, we see proof of something President Trump said at his rally in Florida on Thursday.

Via CNS News:

"And this is the most important election in the history of our country. I believe that. It is because we're dealing with people that are crazy. They're going to raise your taxes; they're going to take away your Second Amendment. You know that. Your Second Amendment -- it's not going anywhere with me. That I can tell you.

"The Democrat Party has been completely taken over by socialist, Marxist, and far-left extremists. They have raised the policies of Communist Cuba, socialist Venezuela, they want to end the American Dream for Hispanic Americans. We love Hispanic Americans."

"Don't let them bluff you. Whatever it is. Get out there and vote. The Republican Party is the party of jobs, freedom, and safety and we will ensure that America never becomes a socialist or a communist country."

He is right, not just about the communists and socialists that have taken over the Democrat party, but with the word "crazy," as we have been following the increasing frequency of the meltdowns, freakouts and outright crazed, unhinged and deranged actions being seen every day by liberals from coast to coast.


With so many documented examples, by images and videos and direct quotes, of how crazy things are getting of late, we have to wonder where the media is? 

We know they skew liberal. We know they carry water for the Democrats, to the point where they will tell outright lies and report fake news to protect their party. 

If any of the behaviors we have been reporting on by liberals had been perpetrated by conservatives, the media would be all over it with wall-to-wall coverage, yet silence from the MSM as liberals meltdown publicly for the world to see.

Between the last four years of lunacy, the upcoming election and topped off  with the upcoming battle for a new Supreme Court justice to be confirmed, those already on the edge of "crazy," may finally tip over to join their already crazed brethren.

It is already ugly and about to get much worse.

Top 2020 liberal meltdowns:

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