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April 26, 2018

It's Time For Supporters Of The 2nd Amendment And The US Constitution To 'Strike Back' Against Corporate Gun Grabbers - Get The Message, Yeti?

'Dictators Always Take Guns Before They Take Lives'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While NRA supporters all across America happily blow up their Yeti coolers as seen in the first 2 videos below after Yeti became the latest US corporation to 'declare war' upon the US Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and the NRA, actor Matthew McConaughey, who actually took part in 'March for Our Lives' in his hometown, has 'seen the big picture' that so many are missing.

Warning that many people within the 'anti-gun movement' aren't merely looking to take away SOME guns from Americans but ALL guns as we read in this Time story, as those who have been paying very close attention have come to realize, the globalists war upon the 2nd Amendment is simply an extension of their war upon 'liberty' and 'America', with the 1st Amendment soon to follow if we continue along the totalitarian trajectory we've been set upon.

With Yeti just the latest globalist corporation to attempt to sabotage the US Constitution and the rights of Americans to protect themselves against corrupt governments and/or criminals (who could care less about gun laws and would never hand over their guns should the 2nd Amendment be abolished), reports that Pelican coolers is sweeping in, happy to take Yeti's lost business, by donating $10 per cooler sold to the NRA. Cooler makers RTIC and ORCA have also made their intentions known that they'll be happy to support the US Constitution while other corporations sh*t upon it. 

Yet with us now knowing that many within the anti-gun movement have every intention of turning the whole of America into a Constitution-free zone, it's time for Americans to begin 'striking back', peacefully of course, against ALL of the banks and other globalist corporations who have aligned themselves against the US Constitution and the rights of Americans. 

And while gun owners safely blowing up coolers makes great video, much more concrete actions needs to be taken and as we see outlined below, such actions are already being taken with nationwide boycotts of such corporations being launched. 


While Yeti quite literally just shot themselves in the foot with much of their base demographic purchasers being Conservative Americans, this new Yahoo news story gives us a great look at a number of different globalist corporations that should be boycotted by those who still support the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendement for their anti-2nd Amendment stance.

This list is very brief and recent, though, with a much bigger list of anti-2nd Amendment corporations being boycotted below it. 

Delta Air Lines
United Air Lines
Met Life
1st National Bank
Enterprise Rent A Car
Budget Car Rentals
Allied and North American Van Lines
Wyndham Hotels
Best Western
Paramount RX


As we see in the graphic above from the boycott list of 2ACheck, a much larger staple of companies and corporations all across America have received (F) grades on their support of responsible gun ownership in America with this proving that the list of anti-2nd Amendment companies in America goes on and on and on. From 2A Check.:

All companies we boycott have received a 2ACheck rating of “F” for their lack of respect for the rights of gun owners. Your experience with some of these companies will vary based on location, however, the boycott is based on the corporate policy toward responsible gun owners.

We believe guns in the hands of good people make everyone safer. We encourage freedom loving Americans to boycott anti-gun companies until they improve their policy. Please share this page.

We also strongly recommend everyone know the firearms laws applicable in their own state, and states they travel through. We recommend something like the Traveler’s Guide to Firearms Laws.

Print this image and post it publicly for all to see, take it with you, give it to friends, etc.


While those who not long ago were merely 'Tide pod' eaters at Parkland High School think they've suddenly become political experts on the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, having captured the attention of America after what could have very well been an "MKUltra-event", this recent story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan shows us just how badly their own anti-freedom activism has blown up in their faces with the NRA recently breaking fundraising records in the wake of gun control 'demands'. 

As Slavo reports, the "gun rights lobbying group broke fundraising records in March, largely thanks to the gun control crowd", with folks like David Hogg becoming some of the best gun salesmen in America as we report in more detail below. First, from Slavo: 

The numbers don’t lie either. The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund raised $2.4 million from March 1 to March 31 of this year, according to The Tampa Bay Times. As the March for Our Lives movement captured the mainstream media’s attention because it fit their carefully crafted pro-government narrative, in the weeks after the Parkland shooting, the other side of the gun control debate enjoyed a big month of its own.

The $2.4 million haul is the most money raised by the NRA’s political arm in one month since June 2003, the last month when electronic federal records were readily available. It surpasses the $1.1 million and $1.5 million raised in January and February 2013, the two months after the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Note that many of the NRA’s highest fundraising months are those after shootings when gun control Nazis seek to disarm the innocent over the actions of a lunatic. Another important tidbit to recognize about this particular fundraising month is that most of the donations, $1.9 million of the $2.4 million total, came from small donors who gave less than $200. That means regular, everyday Americans are paying what little they have to avoid having even more of their basic fundamental human rights stripped away.


While most Americans agree that the criminally insane should never be able to get their hands upon guns, as Brandon Smith reported soon after the 'Parkland High School event' in this must-read story over at Alt Market, mental health restrictions when it comes to gun ownership are a very slippery slope that could end in total tyranny. 

As Smith points out in this extended excerpt which we've republished below, there is now a 'mental health disorder' according to the so-called 'mental health experts' call 'Oppostional Defiance Disorder'. Applied to adults and those as young as pre-school age children who 'display resistance to authority', what if the 'authority' that they are displaying 'resistance' to is corrupt and rotten to the core and to NOT resist such corrupt 'authority' is giving one-self in to the devil? From Smith: 

Most important, is the issue of mental health parameters and how they will be used to restrict gun rights. The ATF already has rules regarding people “adjudicated as mentally defective,” which includes people ruled a danger to themselves and others by a “court, board or commission or other lawful authority.” Now, these guidelines themselves can be rather broad, but abuse by government so far has been limited (though some instances have been egregious). If the Trump administration seeks to broaden the guidelines even further, then we may have a problem.

Take for example the unacceptable abuse of military veterans and their 2nd Amendment rights by the Bureau of Veterans Affairs. The VA has in recent years placed restrictions on thousands of veterans, negating their gun rights without due process and without oversight. And all of this has been predicated on the claim that some veterans are “mentally defective” based on dubious parameters, including whether or not they let their spouse handle household finances.

This is what I am talking about when I bring up the dangers behind “mental illness” and gun rights. WHO gets to decide who is mentally ill and why they are mentally ill? Will this be done by a jury of our peers? Or, by an unaccountable and faceless bureaucracy? Will the guidelines for mental illness be strict and specific, or will they be broad and wide open to interpretation? Once a person has been labeled mentally defective, will they have the ability to appeal the decision, or will the label haunt them for the rest of their lives?

Gun rights activists should not put blind faith in the Trump administration to ensure that new mental health legislation will remain fair to the 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately, Trump is on record as supporting the “No Fly List” gun control bill. This type of bill is something liberty activists opposed vehemently under the Obama administration because it allows the government to erase the gun rights of almost anyone without due process merely by placing them on an arbitrary watch list. A list, I will remind readers, that is a matter of national security and not subject to public overview.

Would a list of “mentally defective people” fall under the same Orwellian standards?

What about the new and disturbing designation by the psychiatric community of oppositional defiance disorder? This absurd “illness” is being applied to people as young as pre-school age and suggests that adults with the illness often display resistance to authority figures and government.

What if your opposition is not to “authority” in general, but to CORRUPT authority specifically? Is this mental illness, or the very epitome of sanity?

In the Soviet Union, it was all too common for the government to abuse “mental illness” designations as a means to silence and imprison political dissent. Anti-government agitation and propaganda were criminalized under Soviet legal codes, and these codes were frequently applied in conjunction with the psychiatric system. This was sometimes referred to as “punitive medicine.”

The problem with government and psychiatric institutions joining forces to determine constitutional rights for individuals should be obvious. Government should be as separate from the medical establishment as possible yet they are often intertwined to terrible effect. If mental illness is not adjudicated by a jury of ones peers and with extreme oversight by gun rights groups, then abuse of such laws by government is almost guaranteed. The temptation to use backdoor bureaucracy in a totalitarian manner to underhandedly confiscate guns and sabotage the 2nd Amendment will be high.


As the American Thinker pointed out in this story from earlier in April, for those who really don't have a clue about what they've become involved in like David Hogg, the complex world of 'cause-and-effect' sometimes has a 'major recoil'.

While even CNN and CNBC once called Barack Obama the 'greatest gun salesman in America', that title has now been passed on to Hogg, the son of a former FBI agent who allegedly works for a CIA-linked defense contractor that specializes in 'crisis situations' and 'unconventional warfare training' with his mother a CNN VIP and anti-Trump activist. From the American Thinker story

The gun manufacturers of America have had a tough time since Barack Obama, dubbed the "greatest gun salesman in America" on CNN Money and "best gun salesman on the planet" on CNBC, left office. After the November 2016 election of President Trump, monthly background checks for firearms purchases tumbled by 500,000. The market was so grim that in February this year, legendary firearms manufacturer Remington filed for bankruptcy.

But suddenly the fortunes of gun manufacturers seem to have taken a turn upward, thanks mostly to David Hogg. AWR Hawkins reports at Breitbart:

Background checks for gun sales shattered a record in March while celebrities and Parkland gun control activists pushed for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

The previous record for March was 2,523,265 background checks in 2016, but FBI numbers show there were 2,767,699 background checks in March 2018.

David Hogg is now helping to increase the number of firearms in the hands of Americans, the very opposite of what he says he wants to accomplish.

One of the drawbacks of being a young crusader is the inability to predict complex cause-and-effect reactions. Everything seems so simple and clear when you are young and ignorant of human nature and cannot fathom in the least the ways of thinking of people who disagree with you.

While we certainly can't tell anyone what to do nor would we expect anyone to tell us what to do, with numerous globalists corporations making their intentions clear that they don't support the US Constitution and the rights of Americans, we'll continue to avoid putting any of our money into any such companies as if they were the plague. 

While the first two videos below show coolers being destroyed in the 'NRA Yeti Cooler Challenge', in the 3rd video below Ben Swann takes a look at gun confiscation in America and a candidate for Sheriff in North Carolina who said that he'll happily take guns from Americans, "from their cold, dead hands", a comment which he has since 'walked back. 

The final video below from Infowars takes a look at the much bigger picture, the 'globalists master plan for planet Earth'.  With the attempts to abolish the 2nd Amendment in America really a mad rush towards 'socialist' tyranny, with the right to speak freely already curtailed in the UK and much of Europe, we're urged to remember that history has proven dictators always take the guns before they take lives

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