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December 4, 2015

Something Is Terribly Wrong Here! Obama Says US Is Safe Against ISIS Attack As Media Destroy Terrorist Crime Scene!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Linked on the top of the Drudge Report was a strange story that seemingly made no sense at all as California becomes the center of the media and terror universe. Soon after the FBI declared the Santa Bernardino shooting were terrorism, the landlord of the murderous couple pried open the door to the home and in rushed HUNDREDS of journalists as you will see in the videos below.

When have you EVER heard of such a case before when the homes of dead terrorists (or ANY criminal for that matter) suddenly became a media circus stomping ground as seen in the videos below?

As Susan Duclos told me when she just heard about this, there is something terribly wrong here. Add to the fact that Barack Obama is now declaring that America 'is safe' against an ISIS attack as seen in the screenshot above while the FBI declares the San Bernardino shooting linked to terrorism and we have a huge disconnect going on. Not to mention, the media has just destroyed a terrorist crime scene. What in the world is really going on here?


Why would hundreds of journalists, nextdoor neighbors with their pets and children and countless other people be allowed into the home to rummage through personal items of terrorists, leaving a police spokesman totally stunned? Is there a method to the madness we're watching below? Is the mainstream media now complicit in destroying a crime scene where we could have learned the identities of many more terrorists who will come back to haunt us? Could this 'crime scene' now be contaminated with hundreds of journalists as seen below?

Other neighbors had said they'd seen 10 Middle Eastern men going into the house but decided not to say anything due to the fact that they might be seen as 'racisist'; this CLEARLY needs to be the END of political correctness in America despite recent threats made by Loretta Lynch on Muslims. Wouldn't Americans rather be alive and be considered 'racist' than dead because they didn't open their mouths about their possible terroristic neighbors?

This 1st video in particular is bizarre as we get a first hand view of what's going on in a terrorists house. Is this standard operating procedure or is there something more going on here? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. More videos of this 'high strangeness' also below as well as some Twitter tweets who live-mocked while this episode in madness was going on that should land CNN and MSNBC and others in HOT WATER for quite literally aiding terrorists and putting Americans in grave danger. CNN and MSNBC, thanks once again for nothing!

The 'tweets' seen below come to us from people who were 'live mocking' this obvious set up by MSNBC and CNN to aid terrorists seen below as well as photographs of the terrorists house.







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