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September 20, 2016

Political Insider Warns: 'Hold On To Your Seats!' - 'Something Shocking Set To Rock Presidential Race'

- Is 'Truth Bombshell' About To Drop On 'Queen Of Blood'?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With former US president George H. W. Bush's recent announcement that he'll be voting Clinton rather than Trump proving to us that the 'prince of darkness' war criminals are aligning behind 'the queen of blood' for the entire world to see, we take a look at another warning from a globalist insider that America may soon have an October to remember.

Princeton University Professor of History and Public Affairs Julian Zelizer has been writing about politics for many years. He currently is a political contributor for CNN and has written books on the presidencies of Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton over the last several years.
In his latest story on CNN, Zelizer asks if we will soon witness an 'October Surprise' in America while warning us 'to hold on to our seats' as 'something shocking is set to rock the presidential race.'

Anybody who reads ANP is well aware that we are not expecting politics to run as usual over the next 50 days in America. We have warned again and again that the globalists who are attempting to overthrow US sovereignty have no intentions of allowing a 'pro-America' president into office. Coming straight from CNN, the mouthpiece of the globalists and the 'new world order', should Zelizer's warning be another sign of the direction that we're now heading? We also take a look below at a new video which suggests that martial law may indeed be the end result of all of this unfolding political turmoil.


As 'political insider' Zelizer warns us in this story, both the Democrats and the Republicans expect October will bring 'a shocking revelation' that could have a 'dramatic effect' upon the election. While Zelizer buffers this claim by stating that NO 'October Surprise' would be 'the biggest shocker of all', he tells us that 'for many reasons, the odds are pretty good that something shocking will happen next month.' What does Julian Zelizer know that the American people don't know?

Zelizer tells us that the biggest factor in the 2016 'October Surprise' will be 'technology' which he shares 'has created the most unpredictable political playing field we have ever seen'. Zelizer warns that with the click of a button, an anonymous person has the capability of causing immense damage by disseminating damaging or embarrassing information without editorial barriers.

It sounds to us like Zelizer is talking about Wikileaks and the still unknown bombshell that they've promised to drop on the Clinton campaign's heads. The fact that Zelizer also brings up Russia possibly intervening with our elections also shows us that he's pushing the globalists talking points as they prepare their 'final steal' of America.


What might this 'shocking revelation' be that throws part of the US political system into a nosedive? As this story from Infowars tells us, it could be any number of different things including a false flag terror attack on America blamed upon 'white supremacists' or a 'national security crisis' that unfolds in the next few weeks that causes Trump or Clinton or both campaigns to adjust their message. They also bring up the possibility of a global war breaking out with Russia.

As we hear in the final video below, we've been given many indications over the last several months and years that preparation is taking place on the highest levels for a total crackdown upon this country and the implementation of martial law. If political chaos erupts in October after information is released by Wikileaks that is so damaging to the Clinton campaign that she has no choice but to drop out of the race, or should some other event happen that throws everything into mayhem, might Obama declare martial law to deal with the chaos that unfolds?

In the 2nd video below, Dave with the X22Report tells us the reasons why he believes that the US government might soon postpone the election. Warning us that elements within government are attempting to create a 'national security scenario' that will allow Obama to postpone or cancel the elections altogether, we once again remind you that the globalists war criminals who have aligned themselves behind the candidacy of 'hitlery clinton' have no intention whatsoever of allowing an 'America-1st' president into office.


Might we soon witness something completely historical here in US politics? As we hear in the 1st video below from Infowars, the political campaign of Clinton may about to be rocked by a truth bombshell being dropped upon them by Wikileaks. Infowars reporter Margaret Howell shares with us the recent details from Princeton professor Zelizer that he expects 'something shocking' to be dropped in October that could be a 'national security crisis'.

According to this recent story from The Observer, there are 5 'October Surprises' that could shake up the race for the White House. While warning us to 'expect the unexpected', we're told Americans should 'brace ourselves for the nastiest and most negative presidential campaign in history.' With both main presidential candidates suffering from higher negative numbers than positive numbers, their story tells us that 'upside down candidates must drag their opponents down to win...which means this race will result in a race to the bottom.' Whoever strikes the bottom first loses.

Telling us between Wikileaks, another major terrorist attack, a candidate's health scare, a global or domestic economic development and a game-changing gaffe by one of the candidates, we see that it's quite possible that October brings us all five 'October Surprise' scenarios. Will any one of them be enough to 'take down' a candidate? In the race to the bottom that the Observer tells us this race has become, one person above all others should probably 'hold on to their seat', or anything else for that matter that will keep her propped up. For if an October surprise is dropped, we don't see a history of war crimes and crimes against humanity following around Donald Trump like we do the 'queen of blood'.

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